Texas Sex Offender Registry—Search It the Easy Way

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A Guide to Searching the Texas Sex Offender Registry Quickly

Are you looking for a way to protect yourself and your loved ones from sex offenders in Texas? Searching for registered sex offenders near you is the best course of action. Luckily, spending hours trying to figure out how to do it isn’t necessary! Once you , you’ll be able to search the Texas Sex Offender Registry in no time and even get weekly reports if you wish to stay updated!

Texas Sex Offender Registry Laws

Since there is an alarming number of registered sex offenders in Texas (around 97,386), getting acquainted with the sex offender registry laws and protocols would be wise. We’ll break down the three main categories of registered sex offenders in Texas based on the severity of their offenses and the risk they pose:

Tier 1 (low-risk offenders)
  • Prostitution acts (consensual)
  • Indecent exposure
Tier 2 (moderate-risk offenders)
  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Sexual acts involving a minor
Tier 3 (high-risk offenders)
  • Frequent violent sexual acts
  • Kidnapping or human trafficking

If sex offenders continue committing violent sexual acts frequently, they are labeled as sexually violent predators. They may be diagnosed with a behavior abnormality, and they would have to go to therapy while being under close law enforcement supervision.

Under Texas sex offender law, every person who commits a sexual offense needs to register with their county’s authorities. The offenders have to provide personal information upon registering, such as names, aliases, addresses, and vehicle descriptions.

How Long Do Sex Offenders in Texas Have To Stay Registered?

Texas sex offenders must stay on the Registry for either ten years or for life, depending on their crimes. Check out the table below for details:

Offenders Registering for Ten YearsOffenders Registering for Life
  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Indecent exposure, second offense
  • Indecency with a child
  • Prostitution (if the person solicited is younger than 18)
  • Continuous sexual abuse of a child
  • Indecency with a child by contact
  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Possession or promotion of child pornography
  • Sexual assault
  • Aggravated kidnapping (if committed with the intent to abuse or violate the victim sexually)
  • Human trafficking
  • Prohibited sexual conduct
  • Compelling prostitution of a minor
  • Unlawful restraint or aggravated kidnapping
  • Obscenity

Texas Sex Offender Restrictions Explained

Registered sex offenders in Texas face certain travel and residential restrictions. Consult the list below for specifics:

  1. Travel restrictions—If a registered sex offender wants to move or travel to another state, he or she has to register in that state upon arrival and inform the law enforcement in Texas about it
  2. Residential restrictions—Certain sex offenders whose victims were minors at the time of the crime are not allowed to live within 500 feet of child safety zones, including schools, daycare facilities, parks, playgrounds, youth centers, and sports fields

Many sex offenders avoid registering because of the above-listed restrictions, which is considered a felony.

How To Search the Sex Offender Registry in Texas

Since the passing of Megan’s Law, the info about registered sex offenders became public, which means that everyone can access it. To search the sex offender registry in TX, you can visit the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) website. You can use either a sex offenders’ map or a registrant’s name to start the search. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the TXDPS website
  2. Enter the required info
  3. Click on Search

After you complete the above-listed instructions, you will get the info about the registered sex offenders near you, including their name, birth date, sex, race, and address. The only issue is that the website doesn’t get updated regularly. To help you stay on the safe side, we can provide weekly sex offender reports to help keep you informed and alert.

Use DoNotPay To Search the Texas Sex Offender Registry Quickly!

You don’t have to worry about a sex offender moving to your neighborhood without you knowing! With our Sex Offender Search feature, you can find registered sex offenders near you in a snap and get updates about the newly registered ones weekly! All you need to do is:

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DoNotPay can help you find registered sex offenders in any Texas county, including:

How To Stay Safe From Sex Offenders in Texas

To keep yourself and your loved ones protected from registered sex offenders in Texas, you should:

  1. Talk to your friends and family—Explaining the situation to your loved ones can help you have peace of mind and ensure they are aware of the offenders lurking nearby. That way, they can take precautions and know who to avoid
  2. Contact the authorities—Calling the local authorities and voicing your concerns will also help you stay calm
  3. Have an escape plan—Preparing a plan in advance can be especially useful if you run into a sex offender. If you already know what to do and where to go, you’ll be able to act quickly

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