Sex Offender Registry NJ—How To Use It Effectively

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Learn How To Search the Sex Offender Registry of NJ

Living in a neighborhood with one or more sex offenders can be downright scary, especially if you have kids. If you live in New Jersey, a good safety precaution is to check the sex offender registry of NJ to see who is living in your vicinity.

Knowing where the offenders live or work is enough for you and your loved ones to know which areas to avoid.

The problem is that checking the registry daily can be a chore, and that’s why DoNotPay created a better solution. and keep your family safe with DoNotPay.

The New Jersey Sex Offender Registry Laws You Should Be Aware Of

According to the New Jersey sex offender registration law, criminals who were convicted of sexual offenses must register with local authorities as soon as they are released from prison.

Consult the table to find out for which crimes sex offenders need to register after being released from prison or on parole:

Sex OffenseBrief Description
Sex crimes against children
  • Child rape
  • Exploitation
  • Kidnapping
  • Molestation
  • Production, distribution, or possession of child pornography
Crimes against adults
  • Any sexual offense against unrelated adults, including sexual assault and rape
Sex trade
  • All prostitution and sex trade acts
Family offense
  • Sexual crimes committed against family members, which are usually incestual in nature
Crimes against nature
  • Beastiality
  • Public indecency
  • Frotteurism
  • Voyeurism

To register, offenders must provide personal info, including their names and home and work addresses. Information on certain sex offenders (mostly Tier 3) is publicly available under Megan’s Law.

Many sex offenders avoid registering and face severe consequences if caught.

NJ Sex Offender Tiers Explained

Sex offenders are divided into tiers based on the chances of reoffending (recidivism) and the severity of their crimes, as follows:

  1. Tier 1 offenders are least likely to reoffend, and their crimes are mostly against adults and are non-violent
  2. Tier 2 offenders are usually those who committed nonviolent crimes against minors, and they present a moderate risk
  3. Tier 3 sex offenders pose a high risk, as they were convicted of brutal crimes against children and adults. Offenders who committed Tier 1 and Tier 2 crimes multiple times are also considered Tier 3 offenders

Restrictions Imposed on Every NJ Registered Sex Offender

Most states have residential restrictions for sex offenders, but New Jersey is not one of them. Sex offenders in New Jersey are allowed to travel to other states, but they are not allowed to:

  • Avoid registration in the new state after moving from New Jersey
  • Delay registration after arriving in New Jersey if they are from another state. They have ten days to register
  • Change address without notifying the authorities
  • Avoid verifying the address yearly. Repeating offenders and those who served a sentence in the Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center have to verify their address every 90 days
  • Skip alerting the authorities of their enrolment or employment in an educational institution in New Jersey

All of the restrictions and registration obligations are the same for juvenile sex offenders in New Jersey.

How To Search the NJ Sex Offender Registry

The online NJ sex offender registry can be searched by following the instructions below:

  1. Open the registry website
  2. Click on I Accept to accept the Terms and Conditions
  3. Hit Send Anyway when warned about security risks
  4. Confirm that you are not a robot
  5. Press Search for Offenders in Your Area to use the sex offenders map search
  6. Enter your address, city, state, and ZIP code
  7. Hit Search

You can also use the Search by Name, Search by Internet Name/Email, and Search by City features by clicking on them and entering the required information.

The registry website is not difficult to navigate, but if you want to stay in the loop at all times, you have to check it daily. DoNotPay has a better solution—automated weekly updates that will alert you of all newly registered sex offenders in your neighborhood.

Use DoNotPay’s Search To Stay Updated on New Jersey Sex Offenders Nearby

Knowing that there are sexual predators in your area is the first step to safety. DoNotPay can help you stay informed—whether you want to search for sex offenders once or enlist for our weekly updates.

Here’s what you need to do to be in the know about sex offenders nearby:

  1. Click on Sex Offender Search and input the search parameters
  2. Choose between the once-off check or the weekly reports

Can You Share the Info From the NJ Offender Registry?

You can share the info from the New Jersey sex offender registry with your loved ones to help keep them safe. The information found on the website shouldn’t be used for intimidating, stalking, or threatening the offenders.

Offenders’ names, personal details, whereabouts, and physical appearance are available solely for the protection of citizens and their families.

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