Utah Sex Offender Registry—Learn How To Stay Safe at Any Time

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Registered Sex Offenders in Utah—Risk Levels

In Utah, sex offender crimes are categorized in three levels according to their severity:

Level 1
  • Sexual battery of an adult victim
  • Intentionally exposing another person to AIDS
  • Sexual misconduct between an educator and a student
Level 2
  • Use of the internet to solicit images of a minor
  • The possession or production of child pornography
  • Human trafficking of a minor
Level 3
  • Forced or aggravated rape
  • Second-degree sexual battery
  • Kidnapping of a child
  • Incest involving sexual intercourse
  • Other violent sex offenses

By Utah law, each offender needs to register with the sheriff's department in the county they live in. Once the offender registers, the sheriff's office will notify:

  1. The people who live with the offender (level 1 crimes)
  2. Home, schools, and community groups in the offender's neighborhood and the offender's employers (level 2 crimes)
  3. The people who live with the offender, as well as the homes, schools, community groups, and the offender's employer (level 3 crimes); additionally, the sheriff will send press releases to the local television stations and newspapers

What Restrictions Do Registered Sex Offenders in Utah Face?

If you’re wondering what a registered sex offender isn’t allowed to do or how far from a school an offender must live, we’ll provide you with all the info.

Unlike most states, Utah doesn’t impose residential restrictions on registered sex offenders. Certain restrictions that registered sex offenders in Utah face are:

  • Not being allowed to date or talk to anyone under 18 years old
  • Being prohibited from visiting places where children congregate (schools, daycare centers, public pools or playgrounds, and public parks)

As for the travel restrictions, the registered sex offenders are allowed to travel to any state, but they have to register upon arrival.

How To Search the Sex Offender Registry in Utah

The best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from registered sex offenders is to search the Utah sex offender registry. The info on the Utah sex offender registry search is public, and it’s been made that way since the passing of Megan’s Law. The registry maps out the whereabouts of the offenders, which allows you to check whether there is one near you.

You can perform a search by completing these steps:

  1. Go to the Utah Department of Corrections website
  2. Choose whether you want to search by name, area, or city
  3. Provide the required information
  4. Click on Search

Once you get the results, you’ll be able to see the list of offenders, along with their photos and addresses. Although valid, navigating the Utah Department of Corrections can be confusing for some people. It can also prove problematic since a sex offender can move to your neighborhood at any time, and you wouldn't know it unless you performed the search every day. Don’t fret! DoNotPay can help you avoid such issues.

DoNotPay Helps You Do the Utah Sex Offender Registry Search With Ease!

With DoNotPay, you won’t have to worry about a sex offender lurking in the corner without you knowing. We can provide weekly updates and reports about the sex offenders near you!

The search process is super quick and simple! You don’t have to waste time figuring out what to do—follow our three-step guide and perform the search in minutes:

  1. and pick the Sex Offender Search feature
  2. Say whether you want to look for a specific offender or need a list of all the registered ones near you
  3. Set the search proximity radius (one, two, or three miles) and indicate if you want to get updated weekly reports from us

DoNotPay will perform the Utah sex offender search and provide you with a full report in no time!

Ways To Stay Safe From the Registered Sex Offenders in Utah

Learning that there is a registered sex offender near you isn’t pleasant, but it helps you keep you and your family stay safe. Check out the list below to see what you can do regarding a sex offender in your area:

  • Talk to your friends and family—You should tell your loved ones everything you know about the sex offenders close to you to ensure they are fully aware of the situation and ready to take precautions as well
  • Contact the authorities—If you see a sex offender doing something suspicious, you should inform the authorities in hopes that you can prevent a future crime. There could even be unregistered sex offenders lurking around, so make sure to contact a police officer and stay on the safe side
  • Come up with an escape plan—You can save yourself from panicking if you make a safety plan in advance. Figure out what to do, where to go, and how to act if you run into an offender

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