Search the South Dakota Sex Offender Registry Effortlessly

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Learn How To Search the South Dakota Sex Offender Registry in a Flash!

Are you looking for useful info about sex offender laws in South Dakota? Do you need a simple way to search the South Dakota sex offender registry? Are you wondering how to protect yourself and your loved ones from sex offenders? We provide you with answers to these and many more questions!

, and find all the sex offender registry-related info in a snap!

South Dakota Sex Offender Laws

South Dakota sex offender registry law dictates that all sex offenders have to register with their state. Upon registering, sex offenders have to provide personal info, including their names, addresses, and photographs. They also have to do it within three days of coming to any SD county to:

  • Reside
  • Domicile for a certain period
  • Attend school
  • Work

Offenders should register with the chief of police. In case he or she isn’t available, they can do it with the county sheriff.

SD Sex Offender Risk Levels

Sex offenders are divided into three tiers, according to the severity of crimes they committed and the level of risk they pose. Consult the table below for specifics:

Tier 1
  • Voyeurism
  • Public indecency
  • Sexual contact without the victim’s consent
  • Possession of child porn
Tier 2
  • Transportation and solicitation of minors for sexual purposes
  • Bribery of a victim to engage in sexual activity
  • Intimidation to get a victim to engage in sexual activity
  • Sexual offenses that fall under the Tier I sex offenders group
Tier 3
  • The kidnapping of a minor
  • Aggravated sexual abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Abusive sexual contact with a minor
  • Human trafficking

How Often Do Offenders Need To Stay on the SD Sex Offenders List?

South Dakota sex offenders, depending on the severity of their crimes, have to stay registered for:

  • Ten years—Tier 1 offenders
  • 25 years—Tier 2 offenders
  • Lifetime—Tier 3 offenders

What Restrictions Do SD Sex Offenders Face?

Some of the common restrictions that SD sex offenders face are:

Travel restrictionsRegistered sex offenders in SD are allowed to travel to a different state, but they need to notify the law enforcement in their original state of residence. They also have to register with the authorities of the state they travel to upon arrival
Residential restrictionsOffenders aren’t allowed to live in proximity of schools, parks, playgrounds, and similar places where children often congregate. According to recent changes, registered sex offenders in South Dakota have to keep a distance of at least 500 feet from such places
Employment restrictionsJobs that include contact with children can’t be given to sex offenders under any circumstances

Since many offenders don’t want to deal with the above-explained restrictions, they often try to avoid registration. Unregistered offenders risk getting fined or serving time in jail for failing to register with state authorities properly.

How To Search the South Dakota Sex Offender Registry

Megan’s Law made the info about registered sex offenders accessible to the public. You can search the SD sex offender registry online by following the next steps:

  1. Go to the South Dakota Sex Offender Registry website
  2. Choose Text Search, Neighborhood Search, or Full Registry for Export
  3. Provide the required info
  4. Initiate the search

You’ll gain access to a list of registered offenders near you, along with their names and addresses (including cities and ZIP codes). Note that online registries and sex offender maps aren’t updated regularly—if a new offender moves to your area, these websites may not provide you with the most accurate info. If you want to get weekly updates about sex offenders residing in your vicinity, DoNotPay is a perfect choice!

Search the South Dakota Sex Offender Registry With DoNotPay Quickly!

With DoNotPay, you won’t have to worry about following confusing instructions or not being informed about sex offenders lurking around the corner! We’ll help you find the offenders near you in a snap and alert you about the new ones weekly! Here’s how to get started once you :

  1. Pick the Sex Offender Search tool
  2. Clarify whether you want to search for a specific sex offender or get a report of all the registered ones in your area
  3. Set the search proximity radius and say if you would like to get weekly reports from us

Once you’re done with the above-listed instructions, DoNotPay will provide you with a full report of registered sex offenders near you!

How Do I Stay Safe From South Dakota Sex Offenders?

Have you discovered a registered sex offender residing near you and aren’t sure how to keep your family and friends safe? Follow these useful tips and learn how to stay protected:

  1. Talk to your loved ones—Making sure your friends and family are well aware of the potential threat is important since it helps them stay vigilant and keep an eye out for the offender
  2. Inform the police—Voice your concerns to the local authorities, especially if you see an offender doing something suspicious. You may be able to stop a future crime that way
  3. Come up with a safety plan—Think about where you can go and what you can do in case you run into an offender. Having a plan may help you stay calm and act quickly in such situations

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