Spot Any Change in Sex Offender Registry, RI

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Keep Up With the Sex Offender Registry, RI—Get Custom Notifications From DoNotPay

Are you worried that your neighborhood is not as safe from sex predators as you’d like it to be?

Megan’s Law has approved access to the local sex offender registries for all citizens. Exercise your rights and get the details of the individuals listed on the Sex Offender Registry, RI.

Note that the info on the official Rhode Island sex offenders list changes quickly. to keep up with the sex offender movements within your area. Set up your parameters and get weekly automated reports.

RI Sex Offender Registration Laws

The local sex offender laws require all Rhode Island sex offenders to register, regardless of their offense level (i.e., the recidivism potential). The community must be informed when an offender is being released. If an ex-convict fails to register or disregards other rules and regulations, they face consequences and penalties.

RI Sex Offender Registry—Offender Levels and Community Notifications

According to Rhode Island’s Sex Offender Registration and Community Registration Act, the local police departments must inform the public when a sex offender of any level is being released. What the assigned levels determine is how the community notification will be conducted.

Here are the rules, depending on the offender level:

Offender LevelRecidivism PotentialCommunity Notification Practices
Level 1Low chance of re-offenseInforming
  • Victims upon their request
  • Witnesses upon their request
Level 2Moderate chance of re-offenseInforming:
  • The same individuals as for Level 1 offenders
  • Schools and daycare centers
  • Other institutions the offender might visit
Level 3High chance of re-offenseInforming:
  • The same persons and institutions as for Level 1 and 2 offenders
  • Individual community members the offender might encounter (notification flyers or news releases)

Data Registration Timeframes and General Limitations for RI Sex Offenders

After the first registration, all offenders must update and report their data to local law enforcement agencies. Here are the main registration and verification requirements:

TimeframeType of Data
Seven daysAbsence from the reported address
Ten daysAny temporary change of address, and in this case, they need to provide:
  • Address of the temporary residence
  • Duration of the stay at the temporary residence
21 daysTraveling out of the U.S.
30 daysReporting upon entering the state they are visiting (applies to the out-of-state sex offenders required to register under their home state laws)

If they fail to inform the authorities of the changes, offenders will be prosecuted for a felony and may be imprisoned for up to ten years.

The registrants can also be put on trial if they disregard the residential restrictions prohibiting them from living within 300 feet of a school. If this happens, they can get up to five years in prison.

Searching the Sex Offender Registry, RI

RI Sex Offender Registry offers several manual search methods. They are arranged in tabs as follows:

  1. In your area—search based on the offender’s addresses (the first four fields are required)
    1. Address
    2. City
    3. State
    4. ZIP
    5. ZIP plus
    6. Offender Address Type (Home Addresses checkbox)
  2. Name—an offender’s name or alias
    1. First name
    2. Last name
  3. City
  4. Non-compliant

You can also apply to receive email notifications via the official RI Sex Offender website. The details you need to provide to set up these notifications are:

  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP
  • Email

The manual search is time-consuming, and the website states that the email notifications might fail to reach you or can get lost in your Junk inbox easily.

Unlike many other states, Rhode Island Sex Offender Registry doesn’t have an offender map feature that would pinpoint the locations of all the offenders in your area.

Cut Down on Browsing the Sex Offender Registry, RI—DoNotPay’s Automated Alerts Give You All the Info You Need

Browsing the RI sex offender list manually isn’t practical and can be inconvenient for a busy working parent, so DoNotPay has introduced a tool that makes gathering info about local predators fast and easy.

The advantages of the Sex Offender Search tool are:

  • Speed
  • Ease of use
  • Different search options—by an offender’s name or your address
  • Adaptable search radius—you can set the scans of one, two, or three miles around your location
  • Automatic weekly alerts

To start receiving your personalized reports, you should:

  1. and find the Sex Offender Search feature
  2. Pick to search by an offender’s name or your address
  3. Select the radius you want to scan (one, two, or three miles)
  4. Sign up for weekly notifications about the new offenders moving near your home

Our app needs you to enter your search criteria only once for all subsequent area scans. The weekly reports you get as a result will help you stay away from danger.

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