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Stay Safe From Sex Offenders in Corpus Christi

With over 1,200 sex offenders in Corpus Christi, you never know how many of them could be living close to you. You want to keep yourself and your family safe, but where do you start? In this guide, DoNotPay will show you how to search for sex offenders using the official Texas registry. We will outline the registration laws sex offenders in Corpus Christi need to abide by. You will also learn how to in a more accurate and organized way using DoNotPay.

Registration Laws for Sex Offenders in Corpus Christi

It's mandatory for sex offenders in Corpus Christi to register with the local law enforcement authority. Failure to register is a felony, and unregistered sex offenders will be labeled as absconded on the state sex offender registry.

Sex offenders need to register for ten years from the date of their discharge or court dismissal. If convicted of a sexually violent offense, they need to register for life.

The following table breaks down how often sex offenders need to update their registration based on their conviction:

ClassificationRegistration Update
Sex offenders with a one-time offenseOnce a year
Sex offenders with two or more sexually violent offensesEvery 90 days
Sexually violent predatorEvery 30 days

Residential Restrictions for Sex Offenders in Corpus Christi

In Texas, registered sex offenders are not allowed to live within designated child safety zones, which are the places where children congregate (e.g., schools, playgrounds, and daycare centers). Failure to comply with this rule will result in a citation or a revocation of a sex offender's probation.

A sex offender may also not reside on the higher education campus unless:

  • The offender is considered to be low-risk for the community
  • The campus approves the offender to stay

Travel Restrictions for Sex Offenders in Corpus Christi

Another restriction for Texas sex offenders is that they may travel to other states only to seek employment or a new residence. The offender's probation officer needs to obtain a permit request from the Offender Information Management System, which will allow out-of-state travel for up to 30 days.

Public Notifications About Sex Offenders in Corpus Christi

Megan's Law mandates that information on sex offenders is made available to the public. In Texas, the information can be found in the following ways:

  • Online—The local law enforcement authorities send information about sex offenders to the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS), where the information is imported into the DPS Sex Offender Database. Residents can search the official registry and map out the Corpus Christi sex offenders in their neighborhood
  • In printTexas sex offender law also permits the authorities to publish information in the newspaper or circular of the community that the sex offender lives in
  • By mail—If a sexually violent predator or a high-risk sex offender is moving into the community, the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) will send everyone in the community a postcard to notify them about it
  • At a local school—The local law enforcement agency may notify the superintendent of the public school or a private primary or secondary school if a sex offender is residing within the school district

Sex Offender Classification

In Texas, sex offenders are categorized by levels based on the likelihood that they might repeat a sex crime:

Level oneThe risk of the offender repeating a sex crime is low
Level twoThe offender is of moderate danger to the community but could still repeat a sexual offense
Level threeThe person poses a great danger to the community and will likely engage in criminal sexual conduct again

How To Search for Sex Offenders in Corpus Christi

To search for registered sex offenders in Corpus Christi, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the Texas Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registry website
  2. Select Registry Search from the menu
  3. Search using any of the following:
  • The offender’s name
  • Address of the offender
  • Institute of Higher Education that the sex offender is attending

You can download the entire Texas sex offender list by selecting Download Registry from the menu. To do this, you will need to create a TxDPS Public Website Account.

A More Effective Way To Search for Sex Offenders in Corpus Christi—With DoNotPay

You can use DoNotPay to find information on sex offenders near you in a quick and organized way. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Type in Sex Offender Search in the search box
  2. Specify your desired address and the mile radius you’d like us to cover

DoNotPay will search for sex offenders based on your input and generate a full report. You can choose to receive a comprehensive report every week.

We can also help you single out sex offenders in other places around Texas, such as:

Can I Share Information I Find on a Sex Offender in Corpus Christi?

You can share the information you find about a sex offender in Corpus Christi on a need-to-know basis. This could happen in the following instances:

  • Alerting the people in your neighborhood about the presence of a sex offender
  • Providing information to someone who is unknowingly involved with a sex offender
  • Notifying someone who is looking for a particular sex offender

You should be aware that sex offenders are protected by state law. You cannot harass, threaten, or perform any act of violence against them. If you do so, you will face criminal charges.

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