Female Sexual Offenders List—Don’t Let Kids Be Lured In by Sly Sweet Talkers

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Female Sexual Offenders List—Use DoNotPay's Alerts To Stay Vigilant

The state sex offenders registries in the U.S. are dominated by males, but female sex offenders can be grossly under-reported in the country. A 2016 survey on victims of sex crimes suggests that the actual number of female offenders may be six times higher than the official figures!

Analyzing the nature of any female sexual offenders list can be traumatizing once you realize the degree of passive manipulation used by female perps—they often prey on minors and vulnerable youngsters.

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Understand the Psyche of Female Sex Offenders

As per the findings released by a U.S.-based study on sexual assault by women:

  1. 40% of the male participants claimed to have been abused by a female during childhood
  2. 6% of the female participants claimed that their offender was a female
  3. 50% of convicted female sex offenders had a co-offender

Types of Female Sex Offenders

Based on the socially observed behavior of female sex offenders, they can be classified into four types:

Types of Female Sex OffendersCharacteristics
Women who target prepubescent kids
  • Such offenders can abuse their own kids and hunt victims outside their homes
  • They are prone to using violence
  • They display deviant sexual tendencies
  • Many offenders from this category have experienced childhood trauma or prolonged sexual exploitation
Women who prey on adolescent males—also called the teacher/lover or heterosexual nurturer subtype
  • These women instigate sexual relationships with adolescent males and view them as consensual
  • Their victims are dominantly outside their families
  • Such women are driven by dysfunctional intimacy needs
  • They often display signs of substance abuse
  • This type is less likely to prey on children
  • This type includes women who serve as an accomplice to another sex offender, often a male
  • They may not be involved in the actual act of sexual abuse
  • They use manipulation and coercion to recruit victims for the primary offender
  • Co-offending women may be victims of physical or emotional abuse
  • They are the ones most likely to reoffend among all subtypes
Women who sexually assault adults
  • These women are the least reported among female offenders
  • They tend to be involved in other criminal acts
  • They are more likely to target females

Sex Offenders Reports—Why Are Female Sex Offenders Under-Reported?

Female sex offenders fly under the radar due to multiple reasons:

  • Lack of awareness or research data on female sex offenders
  • The community trivializes sexual offenses committed by females
  • Social stigma plays a big part in reporting a female sexual predator
  • People wrongly perceive sexual abusers of children to be predominantly males
  • The twisted tendency of the public to eroticize female sex offenders, especially the ones victimizing adolescent males

Contrast in Images of Male and Female Sex Offenders

Male and female sex offenders are perceived differently when they can be equally dangerous to their victims. This table will help you recognize the distinguishing factors between male and female sex offenders:

Male Sex OffenderFemale Sex Offender
ApproachThey can be aggressive and straightforwardThey operate in a nuanced manner, often using a false sense of security to trap victims
ViolenceIt’s common for them to use violence to overpower victimsFemale sex offenders comparatively use less violence and more persuasion skills to entice victims
BackgroundFewer cases of trauma, abuse, or deprivation in an offender’s childhoodMore likely to come from a disturbed and abusive childhood
TargetThey tend to target more adult females than childrenThey are known to target more children than adults

Laws To Curb Female Sex Offenders

Megan’s Law mandates every state in the U.S. to maintain public registries that display records of both male and female sex offenders. The database can tell you:

  • The type of crime committed by any convicted female sex offender
  • The tier or risk level assigned to her as per state registration laws
  • The offender’s residential, employment, and other personal details
  • Her current mapping status, if maintained by law enforcement

A female sex offender who has been convicted of a minor’s sexual abuse may face:

Female Sex Offenders List—Registry Search May Be Ineffective

Using the government registry to keep tabs on female sex offenders can be exhausting and unproductive because of:

  • The website having a slow and chaotic search mechanism or unfriendly user interface
  • A lack of search options to filter out female offenders
  • Data lapses on unregistered sex offenders due to mismanagement or update lags

Prioritize Safety—Use DoNotPay To View Female Sex Offenders’ Pictures

Female sex offenders don’t give off the vibes of your run-of-the-mill criminal. They can be well-groomed, sweet-talking manipulators hiding in plain sight, waiting to get to their next young victim. If you are frustrated by the incompetent search and alert services of your state’s sex offender registry, rely on DoNotPay to back you up.

DoNotPay’s AI-powered search mechanism can extract the information you seek from any sex offender registry. All you need to do is this:

  1. and go to Sex Offender Search
  2. Tell us what you’re looking for—a specific female sex offender or a comprehensive list of all offenders in your area
  3. Specify a proximity radius
  4. Let us know if you want to use our weekly scan service

Our app will immediately let you view the latest data from the source registry—complete with mugshots and other visual identifiers of the offenders. If you opt for our routine scans, we will run a weekly search for your given address and keep you updated with our automated alerts.

Don’t let deceptive female sex offenders violate your loved ones. You can visit DoNotPay’s Sex Offender Registry guides to learn more about the predators in each state:

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