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Vermont Sex Offender Registry—Stay Safe in the Green Mountain State

You may not be able to find info on unregistered sex offenders in Vermont, but the Vermont sex offender registry provides details on all 1,438 registered ones. While you have the option of searching through the official registry on your own, we have a better alternative.

and let DoNotPay send you weekly updates on all sex offenders in your neighborhood and inform you about the Vermont sex offender registration laws and restrictions.

VT Sex Offender Registry Laws and Regulations

The Vermont Crime Information Center introduced the Vermont sex offender registry in 1996, with the passage of Vermont Statutes Title 13, Chapter 167, Subchapter 3. Most U.S. states made their respective sex offender registries available for the general public around this time due to the passing of Megan’s Law.

The Vermont state law dictates the following registry use rules:

  • The information on registered sex offenders is available to the public if there are safety concerns
  • Requestors can perform name-based, town, and county searches
  • The details on sex offender victims are not available
  • The restrictions to the use of registry serve to prevent the lynching of offenders

Who Else Can Use the Vermont Sex Offender Registry?

The following institutions, agencies, and persons may also use the Vermont sex offender registry:

Entity Allowed To Use the RegistryUse of Registry
Sex offenders themselvesMay review the registry to check the accuracy of their records
Any employer authorized by lawCan request sex offender records to protect the public interest
State and federal government agenciesCan use the registry while conducting background checks
Law enforcement agencies of all levelsMay use the registry for carrying out their official duties

Vermont Sex Offender Registration Rules

The state law imposes the following requirements on sex offenders in Vermont:

  • Offenders have to register within ten days of staying in Vermont, even if they are from another state
  • They have 24 hours to report any changes to their registered info
  • Sex offenders may move to other states if they:
    • Inform the Vermont Crime Information Center of their new address
    • Register in the new state within three days of relocation

Offenders are not allowed to avoid registration unless their registration term ends or they are pardoned.

A person needs to register if they committed or attempted to commit the following crimes:

  • Multiple counts of voyeurism
  • Lewd and lascivious behavior
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual abuse of vulnerable adults

Vermont law is much more lenient on juvenile sex offenders, who don’t have to register after committing sex crimes against minors.

Vermont state law doesn’t impose any employment or residential restrictions on sex offenders.

Details on the Vermont Sex Offender Levels and Types

Certain types of sex offenders have to register for life because they:

  • Had a prior conviction for a registrable sex offense
  • Were convicted of aggravated sexual assault
  • Are an established predatory offender
  • Were convicted of sexual assault against minors under the age of 14, and they were over six years older than the victim(s)

Vermont doesn’t classify these offenders under any official names, but they are called tier 3 or level 3 sex offenders in most states. All other convicted sex offenders need to remain in the Vermont sex offender registry for ten years.

How To Search the Vermont Sex Offender Registry

You have to be careful while searching through the Vermont sex offender registry—if you misuse the information found on it, you can face criminal prosecution. Here’s how to search the registry:

  1. Open the Vermont Sex Offender Registry website
  2. Read and accept the terms and conditions
  3. Click on Continue
  4. Tap on Click Here To Search for Offenders in Your Area
  5. Enter the offender’s first and last names, city, or county
  6. Press the Search button

Even though the official registry is a handy tool, it’s flawed because:

  • The so-called sex offender maps or address searches are not accessible
  • You have to perform manual searches
  • You can’t get safety alerts or updates on sex offenders near you
  • The Vermont law doesn’t allow the public to look up the offender’s home address freely (which is allowed in most other states)

Don’t worry—DoNotPay has a solution you can use to keep your household informed on any predator offenders nearby.

DoNotPay’s Can Run an Automated Sex Offender Search for You

The sex offender recidivism rate is around 12% for treated and close to 17% for untreated offenders. If a registered offender moves in close to you, it’s always best to know about it.

DoNotPay has a better alternative to manually checking the sex offender registry. Unlike the Vermont registry, we perform address-based searches! Here’s what to do:

  1. using a web browser
  2. Select the Sex Offender Search feature
  3. Enter the radius around your address that you want to be checked
  4. Opt to get the weekly updates or perform the once-off check

That’s it! Once you complete these steps, our app will generate a detailed report of sex offenders near you and send it your way. If you opt for weekly reports, you’ll get updated on a regular basis without having to lift a finger!

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