Alaska Sex Offender Registry—Everything You Need To Know

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Having a sex offender neighbor is not so uncommon, which can be scary, especially if you have kids. One of the ways to keep you and your family safe is to be aware of sex offenders in your area. DoNotPay is here to tell you all about the Alaska sex offender registry and help you perform a sex offender search in a few clicks.

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Alaska Sex Offender Laws Explained

Alaska has over 1,849 registered sex offenders. Although the categorization and the nature of their wrongdoings make all sex offenders ill-famed, their crimes are not the same. Sex offenders in Alaska are categorized as follows:

Tier One
  • Low risk of recidivism (i.e., reoffending)
  • Guilty of voyeurism, sexual imposition, stalking, or pandering obscenity
Tier Two
  • Moderate risk of recidivism
  • Convicted of child endangering, compelling prostitution, and gross sexual imposition with victims younger than 13
Tier Three
  • High risk of recidivism
  • Guilty of rape, sexual battery, murder with sexual connotations, kidnapping for sex trafficking, and violent pregnancy termination of others

State of Alaska Sex Offender Registry From A to Z

Alaska has strict sex offender registration laws that strive to prevent convicts from reoffending.

All released sex offenders must provide their personal info to the sex offender registry the next day following their release from prison.

Offenders are required to report to local law enforcement regularly after the initial registration. Sex offenders who committed their crimes after January 1, 1999, have to report quarterly, based on a ruling from the Alaska Supreme Court. Prior offenders need to register annually and stay on the registry for life if they have two or more convictions. They must provide valid, current home address information. If they move, change jobs, or similar, they must update their registration the following day.

Registered Sex Offenders Alaska—Restrictions

Registered sex offenders face many residential, employment, and other restrictions—they:

  • Are prohibited from spending time near parks, bars, schools, and many other public places
  • Can’t live near public places and facilities frequented by children
  • Undergo serious background checks when applying for jobs and typically can’t get a job that requires them to be near children
  • Must follow the registration rules of their destination state when traveling

Many sex offenders avoid placing themselves on the registry to avoid these strict rules.

How To Search the Sex Offender Registry in Alaska

You can browse the Sex Offender/Child Kidnapper Registry of the State of Alaska on the Department of Public Safety website since the registry was made public after the passing of Megan’s Law.

There are several search options on the registry website, namely:

  • Search by name—Enter the name of the offender in the Search bar above the table on the first page
  • Search by address—Use the registry Search page and enter the address, ZIP, and city to pinpoint the offender
  • Search with map—The sex offenders map of Alaska shows you the geolocation of every registered offender in the state. You may use the satellite view, choose the zoom-in option, and set different search parameters

Use DoNotPay’s Sex Offender Search for Your Area

The official sex offender registries are far from perfect—they can be slow, full of unnecessary info, and they are not always accessible to everyone. There is a better alternative—DoNotPay. We can help you track any sex offenders in the area easily or send you weekly updates if you choose to receive them. The info we provide is up to date and helps you have peace of mind.

Follow the instructions below to use our service:

  1. using your preferred web browser
  2. Click on the Sex Offender Search and tell us whether you want to search for a specific offender or all of them near you
  3. Enter the radius for the scan and choose whether or not you want to enable weekly notifications

How To Keep Your Family Safe if There Are Sex Offenders in Your Area

Has your Alaska sex offender registry check uncovered that there’s an offender living near you? If you are concerned about it, you can take some precautions to keep yourself and your family and friends safe:

  1. Talk to your family and be transparent, especially when talking to your children, younger cousins, or siblings
  2. Tell your kids to inform you if a stranger tries to engage with them
  3. Join or form a neighborhood watch
  4. Report any suspicious activities to the police, but don’t confront the offender on your own

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