ND Sex Offender Registry From A to Z

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Keep the Peace in the Peace Garden—ND Sex Offender Registry Explained

Sex offenders are a potentially dangerous presence you do not need in your neighborhood. If you live in North Dakota, the state’s system for mapping sex offenders’ whereabouts can help you keep yourself and your family at a safe distance.

DoNotPay has all the info on how to use the ND sex offender registry to maintain your security!

How Do North Dakota Sex Offender Laws Work?

North Dakota classifies all sex offenders according to an individual risk assessment.

Upon conviction, each case is examined by a risk assessment board made up of attorney general representatives, department of correction and rehabilitation staff, and other law enforcement stakeholders.

Each offender is classified according to the risk they pose to the community, as follows:

Sex Offender ClassificationExplanation
Tier IThis tier includes first-time offenders and those considered unlikely to reoffend
Tier IITier II encompasses all repeat offenders convicted of non-violent sex offenses. Alternatively, the crimes could involve a minor less than three years younger than the offender
Tier IIITier or Level III includes serial offenders or criminals guilty of violent sex crimes or crimes against minors under 12. This is the category considered to involve the highest risk of recidivism

As soon as sex offenders are released into community care after they have served their sentence, they are required to register on the ND sex offender registry.

What Is the North Dakota Sex Offender Registry?

The ND sex offender registry lists details of convicted sex criminals living in North Dakota. When they register, sex offenders in ND have to supply the following information:

  • Full name, including aliases
  • Address
  • Employer details
  • Date of the last update
  • Details of all previous criminal convictions

Depending on their assessed risk level, offenders have to update their information:

  • Annually for tier I
  • Every six months for medium-risk offenders
  • Quarterly for tier III criminals

The assessment of an offender’s risk level also has an impact on how long they are required to stay on the registry, as follows:

Risk LevelPeriod on Registry
Tier I15 years
Tier II25 years
Tier III and repeat offenders of any levelUntil death

Under the terms of Megan’s Law, the public is allowed access to the sex offender registry in each state.

North Dakota also notifies local community organizations, such as schools, housing authorities, and childcare facilities, when a sex offender moves into the area. There is no state law insisting that this is done, but county officials are empowered to decide on a case-by-case basis:

  • Whether to proactively notify the community
  • What information to disseminate
  • Who to inform

What Restrictions Do ND Registered Sex Offenders Face?

Being on the state sex offender registry in North Dakota not only stigmatizes the offender but also brings with it several restrictions, namely:

  1. Residency
  2. Travel
  3. Work


A low- or moderate-risk sex offender in North Dakota is allowed to live anywhere, with no restrictions on living near places where children congregate. High-risk sex offenders may not live within 500 feet of a:

  • Pre-school
  • Middle school
  • High school

This restriction applies irrespective of whether their crime involved children.


All sex offenders in North Dakota are required to register any change of address within ten days of moving.

Registered visitors to the state must also register with state authorities if they stay overnight for more than ten days, but there are no further restrictions on ND offenders traveling out of the state. The destination state may require registration within a certain time, though.

International travel is a different matter. An ND registered offender has to notify authorities of international travel plans at least two weeks before they leave.


North Dakota sex offenders are prohibited from entering any school or pre-school facilities, which means that they cannot work in that sector.

In other areas of employment, while employers may not discriminate against a registered sex offender, they are free to make their own choice as to the suitability of the registrant for the job.

North Dakota professional associations also regularly disbar sex offenders from membership.

What Should You Do if You Are Worried About Sex Offenders Nearby?

If you are worried about living near a registered sex offender in North Dakota, you need to take action quickly.

You can search the ND sex offender registry by town or county to find the registered whereabouts of offenders near you. The search function also allows you to look for the last known locations of delinquent or unregistered sex offenders.

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