Easy Steps to Find Top Scholarships for Doctoral Students

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Easy Steps to Find Top Scholarships for Doctoral Students

A doctorate or a Ph.D. is a highly sought-after career-boosting degree for professionals, pioneer educators, and trailblazing researchers—but getting one is no cakewalk.

Most doctorate programs demand huge time commitment and can wipe out your savings. Some students even give up on the idea of getting an advanced degree because they fear losing their income source if they leave their current job.

If you’re a Ph.D. candidate struggling with finances, you should look into scholarships for doctoral students. If you’re worried about where to find them—we can take you to all the right places!

Why Are Scholarships for Doctorate Programs Beneficial?

Unlike young and starry-eyed high school seniors, adult learners have a lot to consider before enrolling in a course. Most people go for graduate school degrees because they:

  • Have a genuine drive to make an original contribution or become an expert in their niche
  • Want to diversify their job prospects or progress into high-paying jobs
  • Seek to get published for their analytical work
  • Desire a career rooted in the academic world
  • Hope to advance their skills before pursuing a professional degree
  • Want to team up with renowned and like-minded researchers
  • Are community college degree holders looking to improve their portfolio

The problem with advanced studies is that they are ridiculously expensive. It can take between $28,000–$55,000 to cover your annual tuition costs, and you’ll still need to work part-time or full-time to manage your boarding and living expenses. Many hardworking doctoral students from low-income groups get expelled when they’re halfway through the course—only because they failed to pay the tuition on time.

Doctoral scholarships are lifesavers as they make up for all potential funding shortages and let you focus on your studies alone. Earning these scholarships not only ensures a hassle-free completion of the course but also proves your credibility as a student and enhances the value of your degree.

Scholarships for a Ph.D. Student—Where To Find the Right One

While information about college scholarships is readily available to students, the same cannot be said about doctorate scholarships. You need to reach out to multiple sources to get the info on such programs—like the ones in this table:

GovernmentYou can browse through state and federal financial aid websites and bulletins to find local or national scholarship opportunities offered to doctoral degree aspirants
Schools and universitiesMany public and private schools offer scholarships and grants to advanced learners—but the opportunities offered are for a specific field of study only
EmployersIf you’re already employed at a university or a research-centric institution, you can always request your employers to sponsor your Ph.D. studies
Organizations promoting minoritiesTo promote diversity and inclusion among doctoral candidates, many organizations, religious bodies, and local communities offer Ph.D. scholarships to students with:
  1. Diverse ethnic and religious roots—Hispanics, Filipinos, Indians, Africans, Asians, Muslims, Catholics, Christians, or Jews
  2. Alien backgrounds—international students, transfer students, immigrants, etc.
  3. Other underrepresented demographic backgrounds—women, black women, women over 40, mothers, veterans, senior citizens, foster youth, adopted children, and transgender individuals
Non-profit organizationsMany non-profit organizations issue Ph.D. scholarships for a specific cause. For example—scholarships exclusively meant for disadvantaged students who:
  • Suffer from a physical handicap, such as hearing loss
  • Live with mental health or psychological setbacks, like autism, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or any type of learning disability
  • Survive adversities like cancer or domestic violence
CompaniesMany companies offer doctoral scholarships to promote industry research or pre-recruit talent for their R&D or managerial departments. Such opportunities are mostly found in:

Find a Consolidated List of Scholarships for Doctoral Degrees With DoNotPay

Currently, many students use scholarship search engines to look for scholarships scattered across the internet, but this doesn’t always work for doctoral degree candidates. Popular search engines only focus on undergraduates, so their search results may exclude opportunities relevant to you.

If you want to find scholarships or grants tailored to your level of education, using DoNotPay’s scholarship finder is your best bet! Our AI-powered app can get you a consolidated list of all scholarships that match your student portfolio within five minutes. We update our database regularly, so you’ll never have to deal with misleading or irrelevant search results.

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Scholarships for Doctorate Degrees—What Should I Look For?

Doctoral scholarships don’t have a fixed structure—they can be issued on various terms and conditions. Did you know that scholarships for doctoral students in education or educational leadership are often disguised as fellowships? As these fellowships come with additional teaching responsibilities, many students fail to recognize them as lucrative funding opportunities.

Having that in mind, we have compiled some tips to help you in your search and application process:

  • Be specific while entering your chosen subject or interest details into our search engine—that way, we can show you the best options available for higher studies in the following fields:
  • Look for doctoral scholarships with service requirements—you can get stipends and even permanent employment after successful completion of the service
  • Keep an eye out for fully-funded scholarships if you’re looking for research opportunities
  • Be authentic in your approach while writing essays or cover letters for scholarships—try to express your values and ethics as a learner
  • Keep the following documents handy for quick application:

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