Learn Where To Find Scholarships That Suit Your Needs

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DoNotPay’s Valuable Tips on Where To Find Scholarships

You have ambitious plans for your future education, but you don’t have the necessary funds to pursue those ambitions?

Different types of financial aid can resolve this problem for you, but it is often tough to figure out where to find scholarships that cover your needs. Plenty of info is scattered around the websites of different organizations, foundations, or schools. Investing a lot of time and effort to find exactly what you need is frustrating.

DoNotPay helps you find your perfect fit! Take a few minutes and learn a couple of browsing tricks that will help you be a more efficient scholarship hunter!

What Types of Financial Aid You Can Apply For

There are different subtypes of financial aid you can find, but the two main types are:

  1. Grants
  2. Scholarships

Education Grants

Grants are a need-based type of financial aid. This means that they are created for and awarded to students who are from:


Scholarships are usually merit-based, which means they are awarded to students who show excellence in one of the fields. Scholarships can be:

Type of ScholarshipDescription
  • You can apply if you play football, basketball, lacrosse, or any other sport, and you excel in it
  • Usually doesn’t cover the full expenses of studying
Community service
  • You are eligible if you demonstrate dedication to community service
  • Experience in volunteering in different institutions for people in need is necessary
Musical talent

You can apply whether you are a singer, instrumentalist, or composer

Unique traits

Any unique hobby or a skill recognized by a major company or organization can get you a scholarship

Where To Look for Scholarships and Grants

There are numerous ways to get informed about available scholarships. Before you start looking, keep in mind that many scholarship providers ask for recommendation letters or admission essays as a part of your application.

Here are several suggestions on where you should look for available scholarships:

  1. The school you’d like to attend
  2. Corporate and non-profit organizations
  3. Your academic advisor’s office
  4. Bulletin boards and newspapers
  5. Scholarship search engines

Visit the Website of Your Dream School

The best place to begin looking for scholarships is the school you would prefer to attend. Whether you are looking for a college or a graduate school scholarship, the institution likely offers a list of available scholarships on its website.

Check Big Companies and Non-Profit Organizations Websites

There are different non-profit organizations, companies, and state/federal institutions that offer scholarships.

If you are aware of any of the past scholarship offers, make sure to check the websites of these providers as there is a high chance they have annual award schemes. You should also check your state’s department of education website for any available state-funded scholarships.

Ask Your School’s Academic Advisor

Academic advisors often have significant intel when it comes to active scholarships, so make sure you check with them. They have insight into your academic and other achievements and may be aware of the scholarship that fits your profile.

Check Bulletin Boards and Newspapers

Bulletin boards and newspapers are a bit outdated, but that’s what makes them great.

They are often overlooked by your peers, which gives you a great opportunity to apply for a lesser-known scholarship. This is an excellent way to learn, for example, about local scholarships awarded to teenagers, or high school juniors or seniors residing in the city.

Browse via Scholarship Search Engines

Doing your scholarship research via scholarship search engines can leave you disappointed. The data provided by these engines is not always up-to-date. These platforms usually don’t have access to the full list of U.S. scholarships, so you’ll still need to dig further on your own.

Not into falling down the Google rabbit hole? Want to try a simpler method?

and get detailed info on all active scholarships in the country. You can get a comprehensive list of all scholarships and grants that fit your profile in a few clicks.

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DoNotPay helps you find all scholarships that correspond to your education level, ambitions, interests, and other parameters in a couple of minutes. Applying is even easier. All it takes is a few clicks, and our app will automatically send your applications for all no-essay scholarships you find interesting.

Here is what the scholarship search and application process looks like with DoNotPay:

  1. and select the Apply for Scholarships tool
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  3. Give us the name of your current school/college

Our app will also let you mark the type of financial help you are interested in, such as:

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  • Grants
  • Prizes

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