Best Tips for Writing a Killer Cover Letter for Scholarship Applications

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Write the Best Cover Letter for Your Scholarship Application Without Any Fuss

Scholarships and grants can help you graduate debt-free. Whether you are a high school senior, college student, or graduate school student, your opportunities are endless. To secure a scholarship, you often have to show why you deserve it by writing a cover letter. This guide will teach you how to write a killer cover letter for a scholarship that will help you stand out.

Do You Need a Cover Letter for a Scholarship?

Every scholarship program has its own application guidelines, which will dictate if you need a cover letter or not. Other requirements for applying for a scholarship usually include:

A cover letter is an added chance to convince the scholarship committee that you deserve the award.

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How To Write a Cover Letter for a Scholarship

A cover letter for a scholarship should explain your interest in the particular award and prove that you deserve to get the money. It should also outline how financial aid will help you achieve your education goals.

Make your application a success by following these tips on how to write a scholarship application letter:

  1. Review the scholarship information
  2. Use the right formatting and structure
  3. Write a compelling introduction
  4. Explain why you are the best candidate for the award
  5. Close with a call to action

Review the Scholarship Information

Before you can write the first word, you need to know what to include in a cover letter for a scholarship. Start by reviewing the scholarship requirements and note any specific guidelines provided.

You also need to identify what the scholarship provider is looking for in the ideal candidate. Aligning your application with the ideal candidate description makes the difference between a generic scholarship cover letter and one that impresses the interviewing committee.

Use the Right Structure and Formatting

If no structure guidelines are provided, you should use the standard cover letter structure and formatting, as follows:

  • Cover letter header
  • Salutation
  • Introduction
  • Body paragraphs
  • Closing paragraph and a call to action
  • Signature

Write a Compelling Introduction

This is where you get the attention of the interviewing committee—show your passion and understanding of your field of study. You should outline the value you will add to the community after completing your studies and align it with the scholarship provider’s values. Be sure to mention the specific scholarship program you are applying for because some organizations offer several programs.

Explain Why You Are the Best Candidate for the Award

The next paragraphs should explain why you deserve the award. Don’t just write that you deserve the opportunity—talk about your strengths, education goals, career plans, and community impact. Explain how winning the scholarship will help you achieve each of those goals.

Remember that the goal is to match your personal story with the provider’s mission. Ensure that you use examples where need be. For instance, you can emphasize your work ethic and drive by mentioning your accomplished projects, community work, and internships. This will set you apart as someone who has a bright future and possibly get you the award.

Close With a Call to Action

The ending of your scholarship cover letter is a chance to create a lasting impression. It should entice the interviewing committee to invite you for an interview.

You can show appreciation for their time and say that you are open to or looking forward to further discussing your achievements and suitability for the award in person.

After that, use a formal and respectful closing and add your signature at the end.

Extra Tips on How To Write a Scholarship Application Letter

Here are a few more tips to help you submit the best cover letter for a scholarship:

  • Don’t wait to write the letter a few days or hours before the deadline
  • Use keywords from the scholarship requirements, for instance, stellar grades, leadership skills, etc.
  • Keep your letter short—one page is usually enough
  • Be respectful and humble, but don’t use a begging tone
  • Don’t make it all about yourself

How To Avoid the Common Cover Letter Mistakes

Here’s how you can avoid some of the common mistakes that applicants make when writing their cover letters:

Common MistakesWhat To Do
Poor spelling and grammarMake sure you proofread your letter before submitting
Informal toneYou should use a formal tone but express yourself with confidence
Messy formattingAim for readability. Use shorter paragraphs and consult cover letter templates if you need to
Emotional detailsDon’t complain about your personal circumstances, but instead show how you have persevered and how much you’re determined to chase your goals in spite of all the challenges

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