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How to Find the Right Computer Science Scholarships For You

It is predicted that the computer and information technology industry is going to witness 11% job growth between 2019–2029. This is almost three times higher than projected rates for any other occupation. Most computer science positions demand at least a bachelor’s degree, so going to college is a smart decision—and using computer science scholarships to pay for your studies is even smarter.

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Find out what type of non-repayable aid is offered to computer science students and how you can apply.

Possible Scholarships for Computer Science Majors

Types of scholarships are numerous as you can get one based on special characteristics and situations—such as being a minority or a child of a single parent. Besides looking for scholarships for a computer science major, you can narrow the search down to find more sources of funds.

Different organizations, foundations, and even government entities offer scholarships to computer science students. The purpose is to fill the growing demand for these professionals.

You can start your search by looking into the following categories of scholarships within the computer science major:

  1. Scholarships for women in computer science
  2. Computer engineering scholarships
  3. Computer science scholarships for high school seniors
  4. Computer science scholarships for minorities
  5. Other scholarships in computer science

Scholarships for Women in Computer Science

Women account for only 20% of computer science professionals. To increase the inclusion of women in this field, there are scholarships awarded to female students specifically. Some of the most prominent scholarships are:

  • The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship
  • Admiral Grace Murray Hopper Memorial Scholarships
  • Association for Women Scholarship for Women in Computing

Computer Engineering Scholarships

If you are enrolled or plan to enroll in a computer engineering program, you can also apply for scholarships that target this field. Here are a few options you can consider:

  • Richard E. Merwin Student Scholarship
  • SMART Scholarship
  • Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) Cyber Security

Computer Science Scholarships for High School Seniors

You can apply for a computer science scholarship while you are in high school. To do that, you need at least a 3.0 GPA, and you need to be accepted into a computer science major. If you meet those requirements, revise these scholarships:

  • Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
  • Northrop Grumman Foundation Scholarship
  • Pitney-Bowes Scholarship

Computer Science Scholarships for Minorities

Minorities are outnumbered when it comes to jobs in computer science. Recent research shows that only 7% of students who took the AP Computer Science Principles exam were African-Americans. To restore the balance, certain foundations and organizations provide financial aid to specific groups. Here are some of the scholarships for minorities:

  • Vice Admiral Samuel L. Gravely, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • The HP Scholar Program
  • Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship

Review different minority groups in the table below:

Black female studentsAfrican studentsAsian studentsIndian students
Native American studentsHispanic studentsItalian American studentsFilipino students

Other Scholarships in Computer Science

College scholarships for computer science majors are also provided to students who identify with a specific group. You should think about what makes you stand out as that can open new doors for scholarships. For example, you can search for scholarships for Muslim students, out-of-state students, disabled students, and so on.

Take a look at the following examples of scholarships to understand the variety of this aid:

  • The Paul and Ellen Ruckes Scholarship—For legally blind
  • $2000 “No Essay” Scholarship—For students who don’t want to write a scholarship essay
  • Joseph P. and Helen T. Cribbins Scholarship—For members of the military or veterans
  • $15,000 UC Edison International Scholarship Program—For transfer students
  • $5,000 Verizon Scholarship—For freshmen applicants
  • Microsoft Tuition Scholarship Program—For the U.S. and international students

Where To Look for Computer Science Scholarships

Information about scholarships and grants is scattered across the web. You will need to resort to extensive research to surface different aid you qualify for. Here are a few ways to approach the search:

  • Go to the websites of schools you are interested in
  • Use the U.S. Department of Labor online scholarship search tool
  • Ask organizations that correspond to your interests about their offers

The more scholarships you find, the better your chances will be to cover the education expenses.

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Who Can Get Computer Science Scholarships?

High-school students, undergraduates, and graduate students can all apply for and get a computer science scholarship. The general requirement is that a student must be:

  • Accepted in computer science major
  • Enrolled in computer science major
  • Working towards computer science degree—bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate

Other criteria can include a strong academic record, demonstrated financial need, or expressed leadership potential. You need to revise every scholarship individually to find whether you meet the requirements.

How To Get Computer Science Scholarships

The application processes can differ. If you find a scholarship you are eligible for, follow the instructions for that specific aid to apply.

What most students are asked to do is:

  1. Complete the FAFSA form
  2. Write a scholarship essay on a given subject
  3. Provide letters of recommendation
  4. Supply documents that prove how you meet the set requirements

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