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Empower Yourself With Scholarships for Victims of Domestic Violence

Every year, over three million people in the U.S. are subjected to some form of domestic violence—with women being the victims in 95% of the cases. Even after escaping their abusers, domestic violence survivors have to live with long-term post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms that bring their personal and professional progress to a standstill.

Scholarships for victims of domestic violence can be a launchpad for those who are struggling to put their life together after enduring debilitating abuse. If you are one of those victims striving to get an education and carve a career path, you’re a true hero, and this article was always meant to find you!

Why Are Certain Scholarships Earmarked for Domestic Violence Survivors?

Continuing education is challenging for domestic violence survivors due to the severe socio-economic repercussions of abuse. Finding suitable scholarships can help the victims recover financially and regain the confidence to pursue their dreams.

The socio-economic damage suffered by a victim depends on three factors:

  1. The age of the victim—As per national statistics, a large number of domestic violence victims are students who were abused by an intimate partner over their schooling years. These victims often fall behind on their education—typically because they don’t find scholarships to help with one or more of the following struggles:
    1. Adolescent pregnancy and related complications
    2. Chronic pain or other disability because of sexual assault
    3. Clinical depression or anxiety
    4. Psychological triggers

High school or college scholarships can help teens and young adult victims restart their education without financial struggles

  1. Loss of earning opportunities—Almost 60% of domestic abuse victims face problems at work or lose their jobs because of the impact of abuse. Scholarships or grants act as the much-needed push to help them rebuild their careers
  2. Dependency on the abuser—Many dependent domestic abuse victims are left homeless and penniless after separating from their abuser. These victims gain employability by pursuing relevant education, and academic or professional financial aid options support them throughout their pursuit

Available Scholarship Opportunities for Victims of Domestic Violence

At present, domestic abuse victims can find graduate, undergraduate, or doctoral scholarships in a multitude of fields—we have listed some examples in this table:

Academic FieldProfession

Scholarships for Domestic Violence Victims—Where To Find Them

Unlike national or state-sponsored scholarships and grants, victim-oriented scholarships are not readily available. You can find them by checking the websites and bulletins of groups such as:

  • Organizations that work to protect human rights
  • Non-profit organizations focusing on uplifting women
  • advocacy groups
  • Companies involved in domestic violence awareness campaigns
  • Certain universities (for example—the University of Kentucky and Ashford University)

Scholarships for Abuse Victims—What To Look For

While looking and applying for scholarships for abuse victims, pay attention to options that prioritize helping minorities and marginalized communities, such as black women, women over 40, senior citizens, mothers, single parents, transgender people, international students, veterans, or foster teens.

Most of the common scholarships for abuse victims focus on women and children—here are some examples:

  • The R.O.S.E. Fund scholarships that help with tuition, housing, and other living expenses for vocational students
  • Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation For Women And Children only offers help to battered mothers
  • Accounting Scholarships For Women In Transition are offered to female abuse victims who are the sole breadwinners of their families
  • The Hendrick Scholarship Foundation awards full-ride scholarships to all survivors, irrespective of gender
  • The General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) awards eight scholarships every year (worth $1,000) to students with recommendation letters from various non-profit domestic violence service agencies

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Scholarships for Victims of Domestic Abuse—Use DoNotPay To Apply Now

Living with domestic abuse can scar your mind and your soul to no end—but getting out of a toxic situation and starting an education is already a move in the right direction. The right scholarship will surely help you rise like a phoenix!

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Scholarships for Sexually Abused or Rape Victims—Special Requirements

Did you know that majority of domestic violence cases also double up as sex offender or stalking cases?

Many top educational institutions offer supportive scholarships to rape or sexual assault victims who want to enroll in a course. To qualify for these scholarships, the applicants may need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be legally separated from the abuser
  • Stay away from the abuser for a specified period before applying
  • Agree to attend counseling sessions
  • Show resolve towards building a career
  • Provide proof of prior education
  • Submit income certificates (if the financial award is tax-free)

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