Scholarships for Moms Explained

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Affording Education Made Easy With Scholarships for Moms

If you have children, then you know how parenting can put your life and education on hold. Affording college is a challenging task on its own, but the situation becomes even trickier when you are a mother.

Returning to school as a mom is difficult but not impossible. Fortunately, a plethora of scholarships exists to help women who have children afford college.

To help you resolve your financial hardships, DoNotPay delivers a guide explaining the process of finding and applying for scholarships for moms!

What You Should Know About Scholarships for Mothers

While scholarships created explicitly for mothers exist, they usually fall under either awards for adults returning to school or financial aid for female students. If you’re a teenage mom or over 40 years old, don’t be discouraged, as there is a scholarship for every student category imaginable.

Here are some ideas to help you understand how you can qualify for more scholarships:

  • Yours, your spouse’s, or your parent’s veteran status could help you secure more aid
  • Scholarships for your field of study can provide significant financial relief. Many associations, especially in STEM fields, offer generous financial support to women as they are underrepresented
  • Every school offers institutional awards, often dedicating a part of available funding to scholarships for moms going back to school
  • Various scholarships and grants are available for students of different ethnicities
  • Religious groups, such as Christian, Muslim, or Jewish ones, for example, often offer financial aid for their supporters
  • Your company might offer support for working moms as well as single parents in the form of scholarships

Where To Find Scholarships for Moms

Before looking for awards elsewhere, call the financial aid consultant at your school to ask about institutional scholarships for moms returning to college.

Other resources that lead moms to scholarships include:

How To Apply for a Scholarship for Mothers

Application requirements are different for every award, but most entail that you need to submit a:

  1. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  2. College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile

For both applications, it’s crucial to include your school’s federal code. That way, your school receives your request and creates a financial aid package for you.

Some scholarships might require you to put in extra effort and submit additional documentation, such as:

If you don’t have the time to bother applying for scholarships that require more work, no-essay ones are an easy way to get additional financial support. Because so many of them are available, keeping track and applying for each can be time-consuming.

That’s why you should ! Our app offers a feature that allows you to apply for no-essay scholarships automatically when they appear, saving you precious time and energy!

What Are Some of the Best Scholarships for Moms?

Take a look at the following table to learn about some of the best scholarships for moms:

ScholarshipWho Is This Scholarship For?
The Jeannette Rankin Foundation Scholarship ProgramLow-income women over the age of 35 looking to return to college
Society of Women EngineersMoms attending an ABET or CSAB baccalaureate or accredited graduate program to pursue a career in STEM
The R.O.S.E. ScholarshipWomen seeking empowerment and support after surviving abuse or other hardships
The Health Corps ScholarshipMoms interested in earning an undergraduate degree in the following fields:
The AARP FoundationMothers who are having family-related issues and financial difficulties that deter them from returning to school
Patsy Takemoto Mink Memorial Scholarship for Low Income Women and ChildrenMoms with low-income jobs
The Denny's Single Parent Student ScholarshipMothers with Hispanic backgrounds
Brookhaven Women in ScienceSingle moms looking to complete a degree in:
  • Geology
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

DoNotPay Helps Find Scholarships for Moms Going Back to School

From high school seniors to international students and even moms—our app helps students look for extra funding for their education, regardless of age or background.

You receive a list of scholarships created according to your qualifications and preferences. The list updates frequently, so you don’t miss out on any opportunities that show up!

The best part is, if you go for a no-essay scholarship, you can apply through our app.

To secure funding that will enable you to complete your degree:

  1. Enter Apply for Scholarships in the search bar
  2. Answer a few brief questions about your field and level of study and any other special circumstances that would make you qualify for scholarships

After completing all steps, your list will be waiting for you to:

  • Compare scholarship awards
  • Learn about the requirements of different scholarships
  • Submit individual applications at your own pace by answering another set of questions for each scholarship you apply for

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