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The T.J.Maxx Holiday Return Policy Made Easy

Making a return during the holiday season can be a challenge. This is where the T.J.Maxx holiday return policy comes in.

So what exactly does their policy say? This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about returning items to T.J.Maxx during the holidays. If you’re unable to—or don’t want to—handle the hassle on your own, and leave it to us!

What Should I Know About the T.J.Maxx Holiday Return Policy?

The T.J.Maxx holiday return policy is quite similar to the regular one. You can return items that you are unhappy with within 30 to 40 days of purchase, although the company accepts returns that fall outside that window.

The policy contains information about items that were purchased:

  1. In store
  2. Online

Products purchased from T.J.Maxx can only be returned to an official T.J.Maxx outlet. Sister stores such as Marshalls cannot process these returns.

Returning In-Store Purchases to T.J.Maxx

For items purchased in store, the T.J.Maxx return policy states that the return window is 30 days. If you are able to return items within this time frame, T.J.Maxx will issue you a refund. You will get store credit or a gift card if you:

  • Request to return a product after the 30-day window has closed
  • Are unable to show a receipt
  • Want to return an item with a gift receipt

To return a product without a receipt, you will need to show a government-issued photo ID and provide a signature. These details will be used to issue you merchandise credit, and only the person whose ID matches the name on the credit receipt will be able to use it.

You will not be able to return products bought in a store by mail.

Returning Online Purchases to T.J.Maxx

You can return items bought online to a T.J.Maxx store or by mail. The key points to know about returning an online order by mail are:

  • The package must reach a T.J.Maxx warehouse within 40 days from your order date, or you will get store credit
  • You are required to include a receipt or the order confirmation email in the package
  • Shipping is not free

The rules for returning online purchases to a store are similar to the ones for the store-bought products—you will have to show a receipt, email confirmation, or a valid photo ID to make a return. The only difference is, you have 40 days to return an item, and you must provide a signature to return your online order to a store.

Items That Can’t Be Returned to T.J.Maxx Stores

T.J.Maxx has a few policies in place that prevent a customer from returning certain items.

You will be unable to exchange an item or request a refund or store credit if the item in question is used or damaged—regardless of whether the purchase was made online or in store.

The following table shows a breakdown of when an item will be considered ineligible for an in-store return:

ItemCannot Be Returned If
HandbagsThe bag costs more than $499.99
Makeup and other beauty itemsThe package is opened, or the item is used
Other itemsThe product costs $1,000 or more

You will also not be able to return long occasion gowns to stores.

Getting a Refund From T.J.Maxx

If you want to return an item bought in store, you can receive a refund to the original payment method as long as you have a receipt and make a return within 30 days of purchase.

If your payment was made through check, you might have to wait ten working days to receive a cash refund.

These are the general rules that are followed for refunds for online purchases:

Form of PaymentMethod of ReturnRefund TypeRefund Is Issued
Credit cardIn storeCharge creditWithin 10–14 working days
By mailImmediately—may take a few days to reach you depending on your bank
PayPalIn storeStore creditImmediately
By mailCharge creditImmediately

If you return a product by mail, $9.99 will be deducted as shipping and handling fees.

Feeling Confused by T.J.Maxx’s Return Policy? DoNotPay Can Help

Making returns is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. If you want to cut down the time spent on trying to decipher T.J.Maxx’s return policy, we have the perfect solution!

You can use our app to initiate return requests in just a few clicks! and:

  1. Look for the Return My Purchase feature
  2. Tell us about the item you want to return and include pictures, if possible
  3. Submit your request

We will generate a custom-made return request letter and send it over to T.J.Maxx on your behalf. The letter will detail the product you want to return, explain why you want to return it, and include a deadline to speed up the process. We will also get you a free return label so that you don’t have to pay extra for shipping!

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