Wrong Tires? No Problem—A Simplified Guide to the Tire Rack Return Policy

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Tire Rack Return Policy Made Easy

Tire Rack offers wheels, tires, and accessories at wholesale prices, serving customers throughout North America. With so many orders crossing the continent, a few are bound to be incorrect or damaged.

Navigating the Tire Rack return policy is complicated because it has unique rules for each product. With our simplified Tire Rack return guide, you can skip the complications and get back on the road quickly.

DoNotPay also offers a convenient way to process your return in a few simple steps!

Getting To Know the Tire Rack Return Policy

The Tire Rack return policy allows customers to return tires, wheels, and accessories within 30 days of delivery.

All returns are thoroughly inspected for damage or wear. For a product to be deemed returnable, it must appear unused and undamaged.

Most returns are facilitated through customer service by calling 1-888-981-3953. Once you get in touch with a customer support rep, you will be provided with a return authorization number and will have to describe your reason for the return.

All tires being returned must be:

  • Wrapped together
  • Individually labeled with return information
  • Unmounted from wheels
  • Intact in original strapping

All returns are credited the amount spent minus freight return charges. In the case of tire and wheel packages, an additional $60 is deducted for dismount labor charges.

You will get your money back through a credit card or by mailed check, depending on your purchase method.

Ways To Initiate a Tire Rack Product Return

There are several ways to initiate a return to Tire Rack, such as:

Return Initiation MethodsYes/No
In personYes

to return tires and avoid long phone queues, complicated customer support conversations, and confusing return restrictions.

Returning a Distribution Center Order

If you purchased and picked up your tires and wheels directly from a distribution center, your return must be processed the same day.

If you fail to return to the distribution center on the same day, a return specialist will first need to review the return order before any exchange takes place or credit is sent.

Credits for distribution center returns occur within 2–3 days of the return.

Returning Through Your Tire Warranty

Tires covered by a manufacturer’s warranty require you to process your return through the manufacturer. Tire Rack helps facilitate these exchanges.

To initiate a warranty return, you must access the information on each individual tire from the company’s product page. Select the Warranty tab, and search for your tire by brand. Use the Tire Rack return phone number to organize your warranty return with an agent.

Explore the Return Power of DoNotPay

Rather than going through an otherwise lengthy return process with Tire Rack, use our app to simplify returns and tackle a variety of other tedious issues!

To use the app, you must:

  1. Select the Item Return Request product
  2. Tell us about your purchase
  3. Submit the request form

As you submit your request, DoNotPay creates a bespoke letter to be sent to Tire Rack on your behalf, including a deadline to expedite the return and refund processes.

DoNotPay also creates a free return shipping label, ensuring your product gets where it needs to go quickly and efficiently.

Our platform provides simplified guides to a wide assortment of brands’ return policies, including:

Initiate a Return With:
Hot TopicLululemonHPPoshmark

Use DoNotPay To Demand a Refund for Problematic Products

If you have returned tires or wheels to Tire Rack and want to request a refund, our app can help. Once you have signed up for DoNotPay, follow these steps to make your request:

  1. Click File a Chargeback
  2. Choose Get Protected
  3. Answer our chatbot’s questions
  4. Select Sign and Submit

If tire damage occurred during shipping, Tire Rack reports it to the shipper on your behalf and ensures a replacement or exchange.

You can get in touch with Tire Rack’s customer service at 1-888-981-3953 to report shipping damage.

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