PartsGeek Return Policy Demystified in Minutes

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Explore the PartsGeek Return Policy and Get the Parts You Need

Obtaining the right auto parts is important. With PartsGeek, you can get individual parts and accessories at the touch of a button, but what do you do if the wrong part arrives?

DoNotPay has the solution—a digital tool that takes the stress out of the return process.

Forget the complex procedures and focus on getting back on the road. Our easily digestible PartsGeek return policy guide will guide you through the process with ease.

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Getting To Know the PartsGeek Return Policy

The PartsGeek return policy offers returns on all parts and cores within 30 days of the original sale. When you file a return request, you will receive an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). You should receive your RMA number within one or two days of submission.

The RMA must be included in your return, or the part will be deemed non-returnable. There are no exceptions to this rule.

If your RMA is not delivered to you by email within five business days, contact PartsGeek for further instruction.

Other rules associated with the PartsGeek return policy include:

  • Keep all RMA numbers organized to accompanying parts as each return has a unique RMA number
  • Return individual parts to the correct location as parts are returned to different PartsGeek locations
  • Leave all electrical parts unopened and unused as items with broken seals may not be returned

You can minimize the stress and cost of the PartsGeek return policy by !

Shipping PartsGeek Parts Back

Returning unwanted auto parts to PartsGeek requires you to pay for and ship all returning parts and cores. PartsGeek does not reimburse return costs, no matter the issue with the part or the party at fault.

The PartsGeek return policy suggests you should follow these steps to ship your items back:

  1. Select Manage my Order from the PartsGeek website
  2. Enter your email address or order number in the space provided
  3. Check your email for your RMA number
  4. Ensure all the parts being returned are included in the RMA email
  5. Choose a shipper with tracking access
  6. Fill out the return shipping address with the correct RMA number
  7. Prepay for freight return
  8. Send the unwanted item back to PartsGeek

As you prepare your product for return, do not write on product packaging—it will be deemed unfit for resale.

If you are unable to access the Manage my Order page, you can submit a support ticket to obtain your RMA number.

PartsGeek Return Policy Timeframe

If you do not receive the RMA in the allotted time, it could mean a delay in your return process.

The PartsGeek return policy also varies in timing based on the shipping method you choose. As PartsGeek leaves the return process at the discretion of the customer, you may decide to spend more on expedited shipping or save money on a basic shipping rate.

You can expect a refund within 14 days of your returned item being received at the PartsGeek warehouse.

All refunds are supplied in the manner paid. Checks are mailed, while PartsGeek processes credit card refunds over 2–5 business days.

When your refund is processed, PartsGeek sends an email confirmation.

Ways To Process a Return Through the PartsGeek Return Policy

Some companies—like Target, Macy’s, Sephora, and Walmart—offer a variety of return initiation methods, but those of PartsGeek are limited.

Can You Initiate a PartsGeek Item Return Via:Yes/No
By phoneNo
In personNo
Snail mailNo

Forget the Messy Returns and Try DoNotPay!

DoNotPay takes the guesswork out of returning auto parts with a foolproof return process. Rather than searching for the correct forms, RMA numbers, and appropriate return documents, DoNotPay streamlines your efforts through four simple steps:

  1. and log in
  2. Select Item Return Request
  3. Enter information regarding your auto parts
  4. Submit the return request

DoNotPay handles all the heavy lifting from here, generating a bespoke return request with PartsGeek, including a seller deadline to speed the process along. You will also receive a free return label for easy, mess-free return shipping.

The information you enter in the question fields of your item return request will let PartsGeek know what’s wrong with the product you received. This eliminates much of the back and forth required during your return.

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