A Guide to the Total Wine Return Policy

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Master the Total Wine Return Policy With Our Simplified Guide

With more than 8,000 wines and 3,000 spirits in stock, it’s unsurprising that Total Wine processes several returns.

Having trouble navigating the Total Wine return policy? DoNotPay has answers.

Whether you choose the wrong red or the rosé is spoiled, our app is here to facilitate an exchange or a refund.

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Discovering the Total Wine and More Return Policy

The Total Wine return policy differs depending on state law. In California and Georgia—for example—Total Wine only accepts returned items that are spoiled or bought by accident. In Wisconsin, you can initiate a return only if what you bought is unsafe to drink. Alcohol may not be returned in these states for any other reason, leaving you in a lurch if you’ve changed your mind and want to try something different.

The Total Wine and More return policy also depends on the purchase method. With so many rules and restrictions, navigating a simple return is not so simple anymore.

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No Step-by-Step Returns at Total Wine

It isn’t just the multitude of rules that makes Total Wine’s return policy tough to follow. Total Wine also leaves customers guessing with vague directions on how to process your return. Rather than offer step-by-step instructions, customers are told to return to a store or contact customer service. You need to get in touch with the support team if you placed your order online.

If you purchase your Total Wine products in store, you need to return them to that retail location.

The return policy also fails to mention the return timeframe. This leaves you wondering whether you need to return your Total Wine purchase immediately, within 30 days, or any other timeline.

Avoid unclear return instructions by opting for DoNotPay!

Ways To Initiate a Return With Total Wine

Unlike other companies—such as Walmart, Ulta, Costco, and eBay—Total Wine doesn’t provide many methods for return initiation.

Wondering how to initiate your Total Wine return? Check out this table:

Can You Initiate a Return to Total Wine ViaYes/No
In storeYes

Use DoNotPay To Beat the System

Returning alcoholic beverages is complex. Rather than spending time and energy arguing with Total Wine, let DoNotPay complete the return for you.

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To return your Total Wine products with our app, follow these easy steps:

  1. Find the Item Return Request feature
  2. Answer our chatbot’s questions about your product
  3. Submit your request

DoNotPay will draft a customized request letter, proposing an expedited refund deadline. Our app will also provide you with a free return shipping label if required.

DoNotPay can help with returns to other retailers, such as:

Sunglass HutBirkenstockGymsharkTarte

Beat the Total Wine Return Policy and Get Your Refund Fast With DoNotPay

If Total Wine refuses to give you your money back, turn to DoNotPay for assistance! We'll help you avoid the back and forth and compose an airtight refund request in a split second!

Once you have logged in to your DoNotPay account, follow these steps:

  1. Select File a Chargeback
  2. Choose Get Protected
  3. Answer our chatbot’s questions about your purchase
  4. Click Sign and Submit

Using this option, you:

  • Reduce time spent talking to Total Wine
  • Avoid sifting through complicated refund policies
  • Receive your refund in a timely manner

Our assistance doesn’t stop there—we can also help you find your lost shipment!

According to the Total Wine return policy, if you want to receive retribution for lost items, you must file a report within 60 days of your shipping confirmation email. This means waiting two months before the company will help. DoNotPay will help you avoid long waits and complex policies.

Show Total Wine You Mean Business in Small Claims Court

Has Total Wine left you feeling wronged? As a leading AI Consumer Champion, DoNotPay will help you right these wrongs in small claims court.

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