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Discover the Inner Workings of the Topshop Return Policy and Shop Risk-Free

Topshop is a well-known fashion retailer serving customers from around the world through ASOS online. With a global consumer base, it’s unsurprising that products sometimes arrive damaged, in the wrong size, or not as expected. The Topshop return policy allows customers to return these items for a refund or a gift voucher.

Returning an item, especially through an online service, can be daunting. There are policies to observe, forms to fill, and specific customer service channels to contact.

While Topshop continues to grow and evolve, it has a complex return process.

DoNotPay will help you discover the ins and outs of the Topshop return policy and file your return request stress-free as soon as you

Topshop Return Policy and Restrictions

Now owned by ASOS, Topshop adopted the same return policy. This provides U.S. customers with 45 days to return unwanted products, but there are several restrictions to consider.

  • Returned items must be received within 28 days of sale for a full refund
  • Unwanted purchases returned between 29 and 49 days qualify for gift vouchers only
  • Faulty items may be returned but will not result in replacements
  • Damaged items may not qualify for a refund if the cause is overuse
  • Final sale products are ineligible for return
  • Incorrect items may be returned and refunded, but the original item must be reordered if you wish to purchase it
  • Gift card purchases may only be returned for an ASOS account credit.

Wondering which return initiation methods apply to the Topshop return policy? Check them out:

Can You Initiate a Topshop Return Via:Yes/No
In personNo

Step-by-Step Topshop Return Procedure

To return a product to Topshop, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your ASOS user account and select My Orders through the My Account tab
  2. Select Create Return and click the items listed which are being returned
  3. Express your reason for returning through the provided drop-down menu
  4. Find the most convenient UPS ground post shipping location
  5. Select Create Return and check your email for a shipping label
  6. Check your junk mail filters if you do not receive your shipping label in your primary inbox
  7. Print and adhere the label to the shipping bag
  8. Bring your package to the UPS site specified in your return document for shipping

Packages shipped through UPS for a Topshop return must be under 44lbs.

In the past, ASOS offered multiple return options, but currently, each item being returned must be shipped individually.

How Long Does a Topshop Return Take?

UPS oversees all Topshop returns within the United States and ships seven days a week. Your return request is processed within 14 days from the date of arrival at the Topshop sorting facility.

Topshop and ASOS Recycled Packaging

As you plan around the Topshop return policy, it’s nice to know that ASOS uses 100% recyclable packaging, minimizing its carbon footprint on the planet. When you send your product back, you can also return any unwanted packaging to be recycled.

The materials themselves are crafted using 65% recycled ingredients, perpetuating the system of eco-friendly packaging.

ASOS encourages consumers to return packaging to continue green initiatives.

Streamlining the Topshop Return Policy With DoNotPay

DoNotPay facilitates your return to Topshop, letting you avoid complications relating to company restrictions. Rather than spending your time investigating the Topshop return policy, DoNotPay does the legwork for you.

Requesting a return through DoNotPay is as simple as ABC:

  1. and log in
  2. Find the Item Return Request product
  3. Type in some information about your purchase and add photographic evidence if necessary
  4. Submit the request form

Once you submit the form, we will forward your request to Topshop. DoNotPay includes a seller deadline to ensure you get what’s rightfully yours in a snap!

DoNotPay then sends your return request to Topshop on your behalf. Our app can also provide a return shipping label free of charge. Check out how we can also help you return items to:

DoNotPay’s scope of advantages consists of more than expedited returns. You can benefit from a variety of our service perks, such as:

  • No more searching through websites and policies
  • Less contact with merchants
  • Free return labels

With so many rules to consider, using a return service like DoNotPay streamlines the process, reducing room for confusion and minimizing steps needed to get rid of unwanted items.

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