What You Should Know About the Best Mattress Return Policy

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The Complete Best Mattress Return Policy Guide

Did you buy a mattress recently, but it isn’t as comfortable as you thought it would be? Would you like to return or exchange it? Read our guide to find out about the ins and outs of making use of the Best Mattress return policy.

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What Is the Best Mattress Return Policy?

Best Mattress has a somewhat strange return policy. They believe it takes time for a body to get used to a new mattress. To make sure you have the one that suits you, they require that you sleep on the mattress for thirty days. You can return the mattress within 120 days of purchase, given that you meet their 30-day requirement.

All returns are inspected by their pick-up person, and you cannot return a product if:

  • The item is soiled or damaged
  • The item gives off a foul odor (e.g., from food, pets, etc.)

You can also choose to exchange a mattress for another of the same or higher value and pay only the transportation fee (minimum $79). Once you make an exchange, you become ineligible for additional returns or refunds.

If you want to exchange a box foundation, you can only do so for another brand, and you will have to pay a 20% restocking fee and a transportation fee starting at $79. The full price of promotional, discounted, and “free with purchase” items will be taken off your refund amount as well.

Can You Return Other Items to Best Mattress?

The short answer is no. Best Mattress will not accept returns for the following products:

  • Floor models
  • Pillows
  • Mattress toppers and protectors
  • Sheets and other accessories
  • Special order purchases
  • Power/electric or adjustable bases

Can I Get a Full Refund From Best Mattress?

Best Mattress will send you a refund once the returned items reach them, but a full refund is unlikely since you have to cover at least the transportation fee. Here’s how refunds are made:

Method of PaymentReturn MethodHow Long Does the Refund Take?
Cash or checkA check is sent to the address of the original order15 working days
Credit cardThe amount is credited back to the original card used to make the purchase. Store credit may also be offered10 working days

Best Mattress will also not issue refunds for the following items:

  • Adjustable beds and daybeds
  • Headboards
  • Mattress covers and pillows

Orders that have not been picked up or left open for more than ninety days are automatically deemed non-refundable. Customers in this situation may opt for in-store credit that stays valid for up to one year.

How To Return Items to Best Mattress on Your Own

Best Mattress does a good job of hiding their returns procedure on their website. While you are unlikely to find a form or an email address to initiate your returns with, you can choose to contact their customer service. You can call them at 887-759-8155 or email them at service@bestmatt.com.

You can also locate a store near you and go over to talk to someone about making a return. They have a query option on their contact page that you might find helpful as well. Enter your name, phone number, email address, and type in your order details and return request in the message box.

How To Use DoNotPay To Initiate a Return Request

If any return policy and process seem vague and confusing, you can skip the hassle and use DoNotPay to initiate a return request. Here is what you need to do:

  1. for a DoNotPay account and locate the Item Return Request product
  2. Answer a few questions
  3. Click Submit

DoNotPay will create a custom return request letter and send it over to the company in question. The letter will let the merchant know the details of your return—such as why you are returning the product—and include a deadline to speed up the review-and-respond process. We will also get you a free shipping label so you don’t have to worry about paying extra.

Want To Return Products to Other Retailers?

If you’re having trouble sending return requests to other retailers, our learning center has a full list of stores we can help you with. Here’s a glance at a few of the most popular retailers DoNotPay can help you return products to:

Nasty GalGoogle StoreAnthropologie
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Make Refunds Easier With DoNotPay

Worried you won’t get a refund? You can use DoNotPay to file a refund request as well! Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Find the File a Chargeback option and click on Get Protected
  2. Answer a few questions
  3. Click on Sign and Submit

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