Casper Return Policy Explained and Simplified

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An Essential Guide to the Casper Return Policy

Casper has a variety of items for you to choose from—sheets, bed frames, and pillows—but mattresses are its forte. With the number of products the company sells, dissatisfied customers are not uncommon.

If you aren’t happy with your Casper mattress and find the Casper return policy confusing, this simple return guide will help you. DoNotPay can even initiate a return on your behalf so that you don't have to deal with such a mundane chore.

How Does the Casper Return Policy Work?

Casper has a straightforward and client-centric return policy. You purchase an item, start a trial period, and if you aren’t satisfied with your product, you return it and get a refund.

The trial period lasts 100 nights, but you can return an item after 30 nights. The company has a 30-night-adjustment-period policy as it claims your body needs 30 days to get used to a new sleeping product.

If you don’t feel 100% happy about your Casper item, you can start the return process. What you need to know about the return policy is:

  • The item doesn’t need to be in its original packaging
  • The limit for returns is no more than two items of the same product
  • The item has to be in donatable condition

Casper will donate the returned product to a charity, so it needs to be in good condition. The company won’t give you a refund for worn-out or damaged products.

Casper Return Policy for Smaller Products—How Does It Work?

Casper has different return policies for:

  1. Smaller items
  2. Mattresses

How To Return Smaller Items

To return smaller items—sheets, pillows, or dog beds—you need to take these steps:

  1. Visit the Casper Return Center page
  2. Print the prepaid shipping label
  3. Pack your item in a box
  4. Attach the return label to the box
  5. Drop off the box at UPS

If you don’t have the original packaging, there’s no need to worry. Pick up a sturdy box, pack your item, and attach the label, and it will be ready for shipping.

Casper will check whether the item is in donatable condition, and if it passes the test, you’ll get a full refund. The refund process starts when the product arrives at their facility.

Casper Mattress Return Policy Explained

If you’ve given your Casper mattress a try but you still don’t sleep like a baby after the 30-day-adjustment period, you can give it back.

To return a Casper mattress, you need to get in touch with Casper customer service. The company allows you to start the return process in two ways:

  1. Call their representatives at +1 888-498-0003
  2. Email them at

Casper’s customer service agents are available from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. and on weekends between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Once you give them a return reason, they will organize a pick-up at your address. Casper’s recycling partner or a local charity will collect the mattress on the agreed date.

You can expect the refund within two weeks after the pick-up. Casper will also refund your shipping costs if you had to pay for shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.

We summarized all the return methods in the table below.

Can You Initiate a Casper Mattress Return Request ViaYes/No
In personNo

How To Return a Casper Mattress Within Minutes With DoNotPay

DoNotPay can be your personal assistant for returning the uncomfy mattress or any other Casper product. We will take care of the entire process if you take the following steps once you :

  1. Choose the Item Return Request option
  2. Fill out the questionnaire about your product
  3. Include images if necessary
  4. Submit your request

After this, your job is done. DoNotPay will take over, generate your return request letter, and send it to Casper.

To speed up the return process, DoNotPay gives the merchant a deadline for processing the return. Once Casper reviews the return, you will get your full refund. Having the return request in writing is proof of your correspondence with the seller if any issues arise.

Need Help With Other Returns? DoNotPay Can Take Over

If you don’t want to exchange emails or talk to customer reps, you can choose a different return method—. We’ll act as your mediator in any tedious return process.

If you have some other items waiting to be sent back to the seller, ask DoNotPay to take over. We explain and handle the returns to other companies, such as:

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