The Staples Return Policy and Easy Return Methods Broken Down

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Get Insight Into the Staples Return Policy, and Let Us Request a Return for You

Is Staples being hard on you? Read our Staples return policy guide, and you’ll get a refund or an exchange in a jiffy. The best way to return any item is to —a staple for handling bureaucratic nightmares. Our method is the fastest for initiating the return process. We can resolve any other issue you may have with Staples, such as using their fax service or checking your gift card balance.

What’s the Return Policy at Staples?

Staples allows returns for products in mint condition, with original packaging, including all parts and manuals. The return policy for items purchased in store and those purchased online is nearly the same. You can even return items shipped by Staple’s suppliers.

If your items are wrong, damaged, or defective, you can return them at no extra cost, but make sure to place an updated order if you’re exchanging items online.

Here is a table with rules for returning different types of items:

ItemReturn Policy
AppleCare PlusRefundable within 30 days of purchase
Electronic softwareNon-refundable
FurnitureReturnable within two weeks
Ink and tonersReturnable at any time if not expired
Office suppliesAlways returnable
Software on diskRefundable within 30 days
Technology and business machinesRefundable within 14 days
Prepaid cardsNon-refundable

How Do Staples Returns Without a Receipt Work?

It’s always easier to return an item with a receipt, whether you’re returning it to Staples, Walmart, or Target. If you don’t have the receipt for the item you want to return, it’s helpful to bring the card you used for the purchase. This way, the cashier will be able to find the receipt in the Staples system.

There are certain restrictions regarding requesting a Staples return without a receipt, such as the following:

  • Staples can reject returns. It is within their right to reject any suspicious ones
  • You need to present a valid government-issued ID during a return
  • You can’t get a refund but only get store credit in the value of the lowest selling price for your item in the past 30 days

How To Request a Return From Staples

You can use these three methods to request a return from Staples:

  1. Via the company website
  2. In person
  3. Via return request letter with the help of DoNotPay

The Online Method of Initiating the Staples Return Process

Staples suggest that you initiate a return request online for your online purchases. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Staples Online Returns page
  2. Enter your ZIP code and order number
  3. Click on Look Up to find your order
  4. Request to return the items from that order

After submitting your request, you can return the items in question to any Staples store.

The In-Person Method of Returning Items to Staples

If you’d rather request a return in person, you can do so by visiting the nearest Staples in your area. There are Staples stores in over 1,050 locations across the U.S. You can use the Store Locator to find the closest one. Follow the link and provide Staples with access to your location.

The Best Method—Use DoNotPay for All Your Returns

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Start your return now by following the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Item Return Request feature
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The Most Important Staples Refund Policy Restrictions

Returns to Staples with a receipt imply the following refund rules:

  • Cash, check, and debit card purchases are refunded in cash
  • Credit card purchases are refunded through the linked bank account
  • Items over $500 pretax are refunded via a corporate check
  • Products returned without promotional gift cards or promotional items will have the value of the promo card or item deducted from the refund

How Long Does the Staples Return Processing Take?

The processing time of the Staples returns varies depending on the payment method and the refund method:

Payment and Refund MethodEstimated Waiting Time
CheckSeven to ten days via mail
Gift cards72 business hours via email or seven to ten days via mail
Major and prepaid credit cardsThree to five days
Refund coupons72 hours via email or seven to ten days via postal mail
Staples credit accountsThree to five business days

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