Learn To Navigate the BLICK Return Policy With DoNotPay

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Explore the BLICK Return Policy

With more than 90,000 products available online and many daily orders in place, it’s not surprising that BLICK frequently encounters customer returns.

The BLICK return policy makes returning art supplies a time-consuming process, especially when multiple items need to go back.

In this guide, we’ll show you the ins and outs of the BLICK return policy and offer a more convenient solution to sending any product back—DoNotPay. to streamline the process!

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Discover the BLICK Return Policy

BLICK will process a customer return up to one year following the purchase. The company requests items are in original packaging and like-new condition for resale.

Restrictions to the Dick Blick return policy include:

  • Returns due to customer error incur a 15% restocking fee
  • BLICK is not held accountable for lost or stolen deliveries
  • The customer is responsible for returns sent by freight delivery
  • Overages or shortages in deliveries must be reported within 30 days

The BLICK return policy gives you the option of a refund or product exchange, depending on your preference.

Canceling Your BLICK Order

Sometimes, you know a purchase needs to be returned before it even arrives. If you want to cancel a BLICK order, you will be charged up to 15% in restocking fees. If the item ships before you cancel the order, it must be returned in original packaging within 30 days of receiving it.

BLICK always charges the full 15% restocking fee for orders of $300 or more. This applies to learning institutions and other organizations ordering in bulk.

How To Return Your BLICK Products

Returning your art supplies to BLICK requires you to take the following steps:

  1. Download the BLICK Return Form from the website
  2. Complete the form
  3. Arrange return shipping with your choice of delivery service
  4. Send your faulty items and the return form back to the BLICK distribution center

If you received your BLICK items through factory shipping, you must contact BLICK customer support for separate return instructions.

Once BLICK receives your return package, it will review and process your order. This can take up to two weeks.

Ways To Initiate a BLICK Return

You can initiate a return with BLICK using one of the following methods:

Can You Initiate a Return to BLICK ViaYes/No
In personYes

In-person returns are only applicable if the product was purchased in store or if the online order is available through retail stores. Otherwise, the item must be returned to the BLICK distribution center it shipped from.

Want to avoid the hassle? Use DoNotPay for a quick and streamlined return!

Avoid Lengthy Procedures and Use DoNotPay Instead

Return procedures are often tedious and time-consuming. With that in mind, DoNotPay created a product that simplifies the whole process and streamlines it to a tee!

If you face a lengthy return process with BLICK, our app is here to reduce the time and energy needed to complete the task—you can do it in just a few clicks!

To use DoNotPay for your BLICK return, follow these steps:

  1. Find the Item Return Request product
  2. Answer questions about your BLICK product and the reason you want to return it
  3. Submit your request

DoNotPay creates a bespoke return letter including an expedited refund timeframe. You also receive a free return shipping label.

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DoNotPay Can Also Speed Up Your Refund

Unsure if BLICK will send you your money back in a timely fashion? Use DoNotPay to demand a refund from the company quickly.

All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Log in to our app
  2. Select Chargeback Quickly
  3. Answer our chatbot’s questions
  4. Click on Sign and Submit

Once you do that, our app will create an airtight refund request letter that will ensure you get what’s rightfully yours in a snap!

Take Action in Small Claims Court With DoNotPay’s Help!

Is BLICK pushing back against your return and refund attempts? Has the company disrespected or wronged you in any other way? Seek justice! DoNotPay can help you file a lawsuit in small claims court to fight for your right.

DoNotPay was recognized by the American Bar Association as the world’s first AI Consumer Champion. Our app can help with:

  • Drafting your demand letters
  • Filling in documents
  • Collecting required forms
  • Scripting court arguments

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