Find Out the Office Depot Passport Photo Price

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Office Depot Passport Photo Price—What You Need To Know

An essential requirement for international travel is having a valid passport. The first step to getting one is having your photo taken. Various places provide these services, and Office Depot is one of them.

This article will explain everything you should know about the Office Depot passport photo price and other relevant info. We’ll also show you how to avoid the hassle and get a digital passport photo at home .

Office Depot Passport Photo Information

Before choosing any vendor, it is crucial to confirm that they are aware of the official passport photo requirements.

Here’s what you need to know about Office Depot’s service:

  • Two passport-sized photos cost $14.99
  • Their business hours are from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week

Since they do not provide more information about the passport photo procedure on their website, you should call them to find out more about the matter.

How To Get Your Passport Photo Taken at Office Depot

Get your passport picture taken at Office Depot by following these instructions:

  1. Dress up in everyday clothes
  2. Go to the nearest Office Depot
  3. Ask a staff representative to guide you to the passport photo booth or studio
  4. Get your picture taken by a professional photographer
  5. Pay for the two passport-sized photos

If you take the passport photos at home, you can get them printed at Office Depot on 4 x 6 paper for $0.29.

Other Places To Get Your Passport Photos

If Office Depot does not seem like a convenient location, there are other places you can go to:

Places To Get Your Passport Photo TakenExamples
Retail stores
Drug stores
Shipping centers

You can also take the passport picture at home by setting your camera on a tripod or asking a friend or family member to take it for you.

Passport Photo Requirements—Take the Photo Yourself

Whether you’re hiring a professional photographer or taking a passport photo at home, you must get acquainted with all the requirements. The essential ones are listed below:

  • Date of the photo—Your passport photo needs to reflect your current physical appearance, so it should be six months old at most
  • Size—The measurement of the photo needs to be 2 x 2 inches (5 cm x 5 cm). Your head should range between 1 and 1 ⅜ inches (25 mm to 35 mm)
  • Resolution—The digital image should be high resolution—600 x 600 at least and 1200 x 1200 pixels at most
  • Paper—The photo should be printed on matte or glossy photo paper
  • Background—The background should be white or off-white. Other colors or patterns are forbidden
  • Pose—You should sit up straight, with your face turned directly towards the camera. Keep your eyes open and your mouth closed
  • Expressions—Passport photo requirements mandate that you cannot frown, grimace, or have a wide smile, but that does not mean you should look grim or sullen. Keep a natural expression with a slight smile
  • Selfies—Taking selfies for passport photos is forbidden
  • Filters—Filters and digital enhancers tend to change physical appearances, so you shouldn’t use them. In case there is a red-eye effect in your photo, you must retake your picture
  • ClothesWear everyday clothes or business attire. Don’t wear:
    • Hats or head coverings unless you wear them due to religious beliefs
    • Sunglasses or tinted glasses. In case of prescription glasses, present a signed doctor’s statement verifying that you can’t take them off
    • Uniforms, costumes, or camouflage attire
    • Face masks or veils
    • Heavy makeup. You can use light makeup to hide blemishes and dark circles, but you can’t change your features
    • Chunky jewelry. Permanent facial jewelry and tattoos are allowed

Want a Better Alternative to Having Your Passport Photo Taken? Use DoNotPay

If you want a passport photo that fulfills all the official requirements, use DoNotPay to generate a picture-perfect passport photo online.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. from your web browser
  2. Choose the Passport Photos tool
  3. Snap a headshot or upload one from your phone

Our AI-powered tool will adjust the picture and email it to you. We can also ship printed copies within three to ten business days if you provide your shipping details.

Want More Info About Passport Photo Services?

Do you want more info on passport photo services? DoNotPay’s learning center can provide answers to common questions, such as:

Find your place of residence in the table below to see where you can have your passport photo taken:

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