How Many Passport Photos Do I Need for the Adjustment of Status, and How Can I Get Them?

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How Many Passport Photos Do I Need for the Adjustment of Status—Explained

Filing the adjustment of status means applying for permanent residence—a green card—in the U.S. if you have a nonimmigrant immigration status. Like any other application, it requires specific documents and some passport-sized pictures.

How many passport photos do I need for the adjustment of status? Where can I get the appropriate photos? What should they look like? Read our guide to find the answers to all these dilemmas and learn how to create a great passport-size image at home in a snap !

What Is the Required Number of Passport Photos for the Adjustment of Status?

The I-485 Form, also known as Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, requires two passport-sized pictures. You may also need a few additional copies depending on the supporting documents you should submit. The rest of the forms you must fill out depend on the category you are applying for.

Make sure to prepare:

  • Two passport-style photos if completing the I-765 Form (Application for Employment Authorization)
  • Two more passport-style images if completing the I-131 Form (Application for Travel Document)

What Requirements Should Your Photos Meet?

Whether you need the photos for a passport or a green card application, they must be taken according to the U.S. Department of State’s requirements. The table below explains the essential rules you must adhere to:

Size2 x 2 inches (51 mm x 51 mm)
Head size in the photoBetween 1 and 1 ⅜ inches from the top to the bottom of the face
Size in pixels600 x 600 to 1200 x 1200 pixels
TakenIn the last six months
Printing paperTop-quality matte or glossy 4 x 6 inch paper
Background settings
  • White or off-white
  • Shadow-free
  • Blank face expression
  • Open eyes and closed mouth
  • Direct look at the camera
  • Mild smile allowed
Unacceptable clothing
  • Uniforms
  • Garments that look like a part of a uniform
  • Camouflage clothes
  • National costumes
Unacceptable accessories
  • Glasses and other eyewear—prescription glasses allowed only if you have a signed statement from your doctor
  • Headgear, head coverings, and hats—except for the ones worn for religious reasons
  • Bulky hair accessories
  • Scarves or high collars
  • Huge pieces of jewelry or piercings that cover the face
Other unacceptable flaws

What Are the Ways To Get a Passport-Sized Photo?

There are three methods of getting pictures for your document:

  1. Taking and editing a photo yourself
  2. Visiting a photo store or a studio
  3. Having the picture taken at specific locations in the city

Check out the details of each option in the table below:

Taking a photo yourselfWhen creating a passport picture, you must take care of all the steps and do everything yourself. You should:
  1. Ask someone to take a photo in your stead because selfies aren’t acceptable
  2. Ensure that all the proposed requirements are completed
  3. Transfer the image to a PC or laptop
  4. Edit the picture online or via a photo app by:
    1. Cropping
    2. Resizing
    3. Adjusting other settings
Having your picture taken by a professionalPhoto studios and photo stores usually have professional equipment. The staff knows how to take a good photo, which means you probably won’t need to worry about meeting the established standards. The disadvantage of this option is that it’s quite expensive
Getting your photo at designated locationsMany national companies and retailers also offer photo services. All you should do is find their branch in your vicinity and visit it. You can try with:
  • Pharmacies
  • Store chains such as Walmart or Target
  • Courier companies
  • Passport acceptance offices in your city

DoNotPay Generates a Flawless Photo for Your Application in a Jiffy!

Not only is getting a proper passport-size photo expensive, but it’s usually quite challenging. If you don’t want to waste a lot of money on a simple small picture in a photo store, subscribe to DoNotPay and get a suitable image at home within minutes!

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Here’s what the procedure of creating a perfect photo with us looks like:

  1. from any web browser
  2. Search for the Passport Photos product
  3. Attach the photo
  4. Input your email address and also your shipping details (if you want us to send physical pictures to your home address)

Once you complete these steps, check your inbox—you should receive digital photos in a matter of minutes! In case you prefer to have physical copies too, choose one of the three available mailing methods:

  • Economy Shipping (five to ten business days)
  • Expedited Shipping (four business days)
  • Rush Shipping (three business days)

Find your place of residence in the table below to see where you can have your passport photo taken:

San DiegoSacramentoBostonAlbuquerqueRaleigh
HoustonAtlantaPhoenixSan FranciscoDenver
CincinnatiRochesterLos AngelesColumbusScottsdale
HonoluluMinneapolisChicagoTallahasseeKansas City
New York CityPortlandPhiladelphiaAustinRockville
SeattleCharlestonSan JoseSan AntonioCharlotte
HerndonColvilleIndianapolisLas VegasBrooklyn

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