Does FedEx Take Passport Photos? Find Out Where and How!

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Does FedEx Take Passport Photos? Don’t Suppose—Let’s Diagnose!

When getting a passport for the first time or renewing the current one, you’ll need to check the latest passport photo requirements and other government standards. Once you’ve determined these, you’ll have to make a plan.

Can you take the photos yourself? Should you turn to a professional service? Does FedEx take passport photos? We provide the answers along with a convenient passport photo product that will help you get a flawless picture.

Does FedEx Take Passport Photos?

You can have your passport photos taken at FedEx, and the company can also print and ship your passport renewal application. Here’s how you can get your passport pictures taken at FedEx:

Steps You Need To TakeSteps a FedEx Employee Takes
  1. Find a suitable FedEx location
  2. Get the contact information and business hours
  3. Confirm that they provide passport photo service
  4. Visit the venue
  1. Takes your photo
  2. Shows you the digital photo
  3. Prints your passport photos in the required size

Visit a FedEx Office Print Ship Center for Passport Photos

FedEx Office—formerly known as FedEx Kinko’s—provides printing, copying, and binding services. You can visit this center if you’d like to have your passport photos taken or printed.

How Much Does FedEx Charge for Passport Photos?

FedEx charges $14.95 for taking and printing your passport photos.

If you already have a digital picture, you can take it to FedEx for passport photo printing. In this case, you’ll pay less because you’ll only get the printing service. You should call a convenient FedEx Office location for the precise cost.

Take a Passport Photo at Home and Let FedEx Print Your Passport Photo

If you’d like to save some money, you could take a passport photo at home using your phone, digital camera, or tablet.

Ask a family member, roommate, or friend to help you since selfies aren’t allowed. If no one is available, you can use a tripod.

To make sure your passport photo doesn’t get rejected, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Size—While a passport photo must be 2 x 2 inches (51 mm x 51 mm), your head needs to measure between 1 and 1 3/8 inches (22 mm–35 mm)
  • Background—You should stand in front of a white background. Make sure there are no patterns, objects, or other people around you
  • Facial expression—While a neutral expression is best, you can have a slight smile
  • Quality of the photo—Your digital photo has to be of high resolution, and the printed pictures need to portray your actual skin tone
  • Clothes—You should wear your everyday clothes and avoid uniforms, eyeglasses, and facial and head coverings

If you have a home printer of high quality, you can even print your own passport photo. If not, you can opt for printing services at FedEx or some other convenient facility.

Where Else Can You Get Your Passport Photos Taken?

Besides FedEx, other shipping providers offer passport photo services, including USPS, UPS, and PostalAnnex.

Aside from postal companies, here are some other places where you can have your passport photo taken:

Where To Have Your Passport Photos TakenExtra Information
Retailer storesYou can get your passport photo taken at some retailers, such as Walmart and Target. You could also have a digital photo printed there in the following way:
  • Walmart—You can upload your digital photos online and have them delivered or collect the photos within an hour. Walmart charges $7.44 for this service
  • Target—You could upload your picture and pay $12.99 to get your photos delivered
Pharmacy storesAs some pharmacies offer passport photo services at selected locations, you should try there. Here are some you can consider:
Passport acceptance officesAside from submitting the required documentation at a passport facility, you might be able to have your photo taken and printed there at the same time. Here’s how you can find a convenient location:
  1. Access the Passport Acceptance Facility search page
  2. Enter your ZIP code
  3. Click the Search button
  4. Call to confirm they provide the passport photo service
Professional photographersA photography studio in your neighborhood might provide a passport photo service. You should inquire about the cost since the service can be pricey

Another option is to take your own passport photo, and let our app help you prepare your passport photos quickly and smoothly.

Use DoNotPay’s Passport Photos Product From the Comfort of Your Home

You don’t have to search for, get in touch with, or visit a place to get your passport photos taken or printed. Taking and printing them on your own is not a risk you need to take. If you’re not sure how to do it alone and whether your camera and printer are reliable, we can help you!

With DoNotPay, you can stay home, save your time and energy, and get government-compliant passport photos easily!

and follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the Passport Photos product
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  3. Pick if you’d like to get a digital photo via email only or physical photographs delivered via mail as well

Find your place of residence in the table below to see where you can have your passport photo taken:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Any FedEx Take Passport Photos?

FedEx only can take passport photos from FedEx Office locations. Unlike FedEx warehouses and distribution centers, FedEx Office locations are smaller and are set up like typical retail stores. To inquire about passport photos, just ask an available specialist when you enter the store.

Can I Print Passport Pictures At FedEx Without A Specialist?

When you go to the FedEx Office, you can use an available computer workstation to print photos, such as for a passport. However, they need to meet government regulations, and talking to a specialist regarding your photos can assure you that they're acceptable for a passport.

Additionally, you can use a computer workstation at the FedEx Office to create and print a passport, but you’d also like to have a way to have it approved, which FedEx can do with RushMyPasport.

How Much Are FedEx Passport Photos?

It costs $14.95 to take, print, and deliver passport photos from FedEx Office. The services are for two 2-in x 2-in square photos intended to go inside your passport.

Can I Apply For A Passport At FedEx?

If you don’t have a passport, FedEx Office can definitely help you get one. FedEx Office uses RushMyPassport to gather your credentials to create and certify your passport, and FedEx will take your photo and deliver your passport and other materials to you once they’re ready.

You can also have FedEx Office and RushMyPassport renew your current passport if it expires or will expire in the near future.

Can I Get A Discount On FedEx Passport Photos If I Take Them Myself?

FedEx passport photos are always priced at $14.95. While you can take your own photos with your own smartphone or camera and at a location of your choosing, FedEx will still need to have the photos printed and shipped. So, unfortunately, the photos cost money to print and ship, but taking the photos does not.

Where Can I Get A FedEx Passport Photo Near Me?

Passport photos are available at any FedEx Office location in the United States. Simply visit FedEx’s Find A Location page to determine the closest locations near you.

Why Go To FedEx For Digital Passport Photos?

Many stores and locations such as Walmart also take passport photos for lower prices than FedEx does. Why it’s worth going to FedEx however is to ensure your photo meets government standards and you get your passport ready sooner than later. One of the biggest reasons passports are delayed is due to the photos taken, so with one trip to FedEx, you not only make sure your photo is acceptable, but FedEx also has RushMyPassport to ensure your passport is ready sooner than later.

Can I Book A FedEx Passport Appointment?

FedEx Office does not offer appointments for passport inquiries. Simply visit the store once you’re ready to have your passport created and/or photos taken.

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