Where Can I Get a Sephora Gift Card? DoNotPay Lists the Options

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Where Can I Get a Sephora Gift Card? Get Your Answers Here!

What a terrific present a Sephora gift card is! Your daughter, sister, friend, or colleague can pick anything from cosmetics and beauty products to fragrances. Who would not like such a fantastic gift?

So, where can I get a Sephora gift card? We will list all the available options and help you cash out the remaining balance if a few dollars don’t get spent.

Select a Suitable Sephora Gift Card

Depending on the person and the occasion, you can choose three Sephora gift cards in a variety of designs:

Sephora Gift CardsExtra Info
Plastic gift cardsPhysical cards with:
  1. A gift card number
  2. The PIN

You can pick one of the following designs:

  • Classic black and white
  • Happy birthday
  • Heart
  • Lips
eGift cardsVirtual cards with a gift card number and the PIN come in different designs suitable for various occasions, such as:
  1. Birthdays
  2. Celebrations
  3. Mother’s Day
  4. Thank you events
  5. Teacher appreciation

You can:

  • Pick from the offered designs
  • Upload your photo
  • Choose English or Spanish
  • Enter the amount that suits you—anything between $10 and $500
  • Type in your message
  • Provide the recipient’s email address
  • Select the delivery date
Corporate gift cardsCompanies order Sephora gift cards for their employees or clients to:
  • Build loyalty
  • Celebrate success
  • Show appreciation
  • Increase motivation

Where To Get a Sephora Gift Card

You can get a plastic Sephora gift card in the following ways:

  1. In Sephora stores
  2. Via Sephora mobile app
  3. On the Sephora website
  4. From Sephora customer service by calling 1-877-737-4672
  5. At authorized retailers, including Walmart, Amazon, and Staples

Sephora eGift cards are available online on the:

  • Sephora website
  • Websites of authorized retailers

As you cannot get a refund for a Sephora gift card, make sure you pick the appropriate one before completing the purchase process.

Combine Sephora Gift Cards

If you have more than one Sephora gift card, you can combine up to:

  • Two gift cards during online purchases
  • Ten Sephora gift cards for your online orders, but you must first get in touch with customer service

Your gift card can also be combined with other methods of payment, like cash or credit cards.

Check Your Sephora Gift Card Balance

To make sure you have enough funds to make a purchase, check the remaining balance on a Sephora gift card in the following ways:

  1. Online
  2. At a store
  3. Via phone—call 1-888-860-7897
  4. By logging in to your Sephora account

Can I Add Money to an Existing Sephora Gift Card?

You can add money to an existing plastic gift card in any Sephora store, but only if you bought the card:

  • On the Sephora website
  • In a Sephora retail store
  • Via Sephora mobile app

Keep in mind that you cannot add extra funds to eGift cards.

Sephora Gift Card Specifics

Before ordering a card, you should know that Sephora gift cards:

  • Cannot be redeemed
  • Have no expiration date
  • Will not be replaced when lost or stolen
  • Cannot be exchanged for cash unless required by law

To bypass the annoying no cash back policy, to collect the unused balance of your Sephora gift card smoothly!

DoNotPay Helps You Get the Remaining Balance From Your Gift Cards

If you have a Sephora or any other gift card lying around your home because there are only a few dollars left on it, and you cannot use them for new purchases, do not give up on your money!

As some U.S. states require companies to reimburse the unused amount of up to $5 or $10 (depending on the state), you can get your money back easily!

You do not need to waste any time checking your state legislation since DoNotPay created a product that automatically determines whether your state has a cash back policy.

If your state does not have the policy in place, we will check whether the gift card issuer has an office in one of the states that mandate cash back and send the request there!

What should you do? and go through these easy-breezy steps:

  1. Opt for the Gift Card Cash Back feature
  2. Provide the required information, e.g., the card number, company name, and date of purchase

That’s it! DoNotPay takes over and sends your refund request to the gift card provider.

Resolve Gift Card Issues in the Blink of an Eye

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