The Rundown on the Best Buy Gift Card Exchange

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The Ins and Outs of the Best Buy Gift Card Exchange

Did you use your Best Buy gift card for one purchase, and now you don’t know how to spend the remaining funds? One of the options is to exchange your gift card for cash.

In this article, we will explain how the Best Buy gift card exchange works. to redeem the leftover money in a flash.

How Does a Best Buy Gift Card Work?

Best Buy offers three types of gift cards:

  • Physical gift cards
  • Digital (eGift) gift cards
  • Corporate gift cards

For selected customers, the company provides promotional gift cards for free.

Best Buy gift cards come in amounts between $5 and $500. There is no purchase fee or expiration date. You can use your gift card for shopping online on the official Best Buy website or for in-store purchases in any U.S. and Puerto Rico retail location.

What Is the Best Buy Gift Card Exchange Policy?

Whether you have a Best Buy gift card or one of the third-party gift cards they sell, the company does not allow:

How To Convert Your Best Buy Gift Card to Cash

Did a Best Buy gift card balance check uncover some funds? If you don’t know how to use the remaining balance on your card, there are some unofficial ways to exchange it for money:

  1. Buy items at Best Buy and return them for cash
  2. Purchase items at Best Buy and sell them
  3. List your gift card on an eMarketplace
  4. Use Reddit
  5. Ask a friend or family member to buy it from you
  6. Use a reseller website to sell the card
  7. Locate a Coinstar exchange kiosk

Buy Items at Best Buy and Return Them for Cash

You can use your gift card to buy products online or in-store and return them later for the cash value. Try not to overdo it, though! Buying and returning too many products may cause suspicion.

Purchase Items at Best Buy and Sell Them

While it can be risky, reselling items can bring you more money than expected. Use your gift card to buy items at Best Buy and sell them online or to your friends and acquaintances.

List Your Gift Card on an eMarketplace

By listing your Best Buy gift card on an eMarketplace, you can get more money than it’s worth. Craigslist and eBay are the best online options, but you can also list your card on the Facebook marketplace.

Use Reddit

There is a gift card exchange subreddit where you can list your Best Buy card and exchange it for money or another gift card. While on the website, you can also check other people’s experiences and recommendations regarding the gift cards from Best Buy and other places.

Ask a Friend or Family Member To Buy It From You

You may not need anything from Best Buy, but there must be someone who does. Ask your friends or family members if they want to buy the gift card from you or use it and repay you in cash.

Use a Reseller Website To Sell the Card

Many websites specialize in gift card resale. Even though Best Buy does not allow it officially, you can sell your gift card on one of those websites. Keep in mind that there are certain risks, and do thorough research to avoid getting scammed.

Locate a Coinstar Exchange Kiosk

One of the safest ways to exchange your gift card for cash is to use an exchange kiosk, and Coinstar has a lot of them throughout the states. Note that this method works only if you have a physical gift card.

Use DoNotPay To Get Leftover Cash From Your Best Buy Gift Card in a Flash

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  2. Enter the required gift card information, such as the number of the gift card, your remaining balance, and the name of the company

We'll check the company’s cash back policy and whether they have a branch in one of the states where returning the leftover money from gift cards is required by law. You can expect your cash within 14 business days after we’ve sent the request to the company.

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