Check Your Ross Gift Card Balance and Get Your Cash Back Fast

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Check Your Ross Gift Card Balance and Turn It Into Cash in No Time

After a shopping spree at Ross, you might be unsure of the remaining balance on your used gift card. DoNotPay presents the easiest way to check your Ross gift card balance and turn it into cash in the blink of an eye.

Ross Gift Cards Explained

Ross gift cards are available for purchase:

  • Online
  • In-store

The company doesn’t sell its gift cards through any third-party retailers.

Note that Ross doesn’t offer e-cards. When you purchase a gift card online, Ross ships a traditional plastic card to the person whose contact info you enter during checkout. Upon ordering, Ross will charge you a postage fee to cover card shipment expenses.

You may want to get rid of your Ross gift card because:

  • You can’t reload it after spending the entire balance—Using reloadable gift cards is more convenient because you don’t have to throw them away and get new ones once you spend the loaded amount
  • Ross doesn’t have an online store—You can forget about the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home
  • You can replace a lost or stolen gift card only if you present the original receipt—If you got a Ross gift card as a present, you probably don’t have the receipt, making it impossible to get a replacement
  • Ross’s gift card terms of use aren’t entirely clear—You will most likely learn about the unfortunate terms of use only after losing your card or trying to reload it at a Ross store since the company website doesn’t offer much information
  • You can’t check your gift card balance online—You will have to resort to other ways to inquire about your remaining funds

How To Check Your Ross Gift Card Balance

Ross doesn’t offer many options when it comes to gift card balance checks. There are only two ways to do so:

  1. In-store
  2. By phone

How To Check Your Ross Gift Card Balance In-Store

To check your Ross gift card balance:

  1. Visit your nearest Ross store
  2. Approach a staff member
  3. Ask them to check your remaining gift card balance
  4. Provide all information they ask for

How To Perform a Ross Gift Card Balance Check by Phone

To check your gift card balance by phone:

  1. Call Ross customer service at 800-335-1115
  2. Ask the customer service representative to check your remaining balance
  3. Provide necessary information

What Can I Do With the Leftover Funds on My Ross Gift Card?

According to Ross, customers in California can get their cash back if the remaining balance on their gift card is under $10.

If you aren’t from California and the leftover funds can’t cover anything you want at Ross, don’t worry—you can still make use of your gift card using one of the following methods:

Exchange your gift card onlineMany websites enable you to exchange your gift card for another one with the same balance but from a different store
Sell your gift card onlinePlenty of websites offer to buy your intact or partly used gift cards
Exchange your gift card at a card kioskSome department stores have card kiosks you can check out to sell your gift cards for cash quickly

All of these methods require extensive research, and you’ll never get your entire card’s worth back. DoNotPay offers a solution that saves your precious time and gets you your money back! balance using our Gift Card Cash Back feature!

Redeem Your Ross Gift Card Using Our New Product!

DoNotPay can help you claim your leftover gift card balance in cash! To do that, follow these steps:

  1. in your preferred browser
  2. Select our Gift Card Cash Back product
  3. Enter the required information regarding your gift card

Ross has stores in the following states that enforce cash back gift card laws:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • New Jersey
  • Oregon
  • Washington

We will find a Ross store in one of those states and forward your request there. You will receive your cash back in a maximum of 14 business days.

Keep in mind that states with this policy in place have cash back limits that are usually up to $10, so you may not be able to redeem your gift card if it’s unused.

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