Check an Ulta Gift Card Balance With Zero Hassle

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The Beauty of Gift Cards—Check Your Ulta Gift Card Balance With DoNotPay

Ulta gift cards are a great way to pamper yourself and boost your feel-good factor.

Too often, though, you find yourself with a few dollars left on your used card—too little to buy anything good, but too much to throw out.

DoNotPay can help! Here’s how to check your Ulta gift card balance and convert your remaining bucks into cash!

The Possibilities Are Endless With an Ulta Gift Card

Ulta gift cards enable you to buy beauty products online and in any of the company’s 1,196 stores countrywide.

You get plastic or electronic gift cards in-store or on Ulta’s website in any denomination up to $500. The cards do not expire and are transferable.

Where Can You Check the Balance on an Ulta Gift Card?

Checking the balance on your Ulta gift is easy. Your options are:

Balance CheckExplanation
OnlineGo to Ulta’s online balance checker and enter your card details to check your remaining balance
In-storeAny Ulta associate will be able to check your remaining balance by swiping your card

Ulta does not list a phone-in service, but you may be able to check your balance by calling Ulta’s customer service line on 1-866-983-8582.

The best news you can get is that your card is fully loaded with enough cash to spend to your heart’s desire.

What is less exciting is finding out you only have a few dollars left on your gift card—this is where DoNotPay can help!

What Can You Do if Your Ulta Gift Card Is Almost Empty?

If you only have a few dollars left on your Ulta gift card, there are still a few things you can do to get the maximum value out of it.

Your easiest course of action is to use the card in part-payment of your next Ulta purchase and make up the balance with another payment method.

If you don’t need anything from Ulta, you can look at converting your gift card into cash—there are several places you can do this:

  1. Gift card kiosk
  2. Online card merchant
  3. Card exchange

Gift Card Kiosk

You can find vending machines in many grocery and department stores that will give you instant cash for your part-used gift card.

Online Card Merchant

Several websites will make a cash offer to buy your gift card. The offer you get will depend on the popularity of your card type and the size of the remaining balance.

Card Exchange

You can exchange your Ulta gift card for a card of similar value from another vendor. The swaps available to you will depend on the current desirability of your Ulta card and the amount of money still on it.

All these methods have one major drawback—the amount of cash you get will not match the true value remaining on your card. At most, you can expect to get 85–90% of the real dollar amount you have left on your Ulta card.

Your next course of action is to go directly to Ulta to claim cash back on your gift card.

Can You Get Cash Back From Ulta?

Ulta does not offer a cash back option on its gift cards, but the law may be on your side.

Across the U.S., laws exist that require vendors to give you cash for small balances on gift cards. The redeemable amounts are:

LocationCashback Limit
Rhode Island$1
New Jersey$5
Puerto Rico$5

The only drawbacks of this option are:

  • It is only available if you are in one of the cash back states
  • You have to visit an Ulta store to get your cash
  • You may struggle to explain the law to store staff

The good news is that DoNotPay has a way around all these problems. We can wherever you are!

Get Cash Back With DoNotPay

DoNotPay is the master at making your life simpler—getting cash back on gift cards is the latest example of what we can do to help!

With our Cash Back product, we can release the remaining balance on your Ulta gift card without you losing money or leaving your home. We can even help you get free gift cards that you may be able to exchange for cash.

Getting your cash back is easy—here’s what you need to do:

  1. in your web browser
  2. Click on our Cash Back on Gift Cards product
  3. Enter your Ulta gift card details

If you live in one of the cash back states, we will send your claim to your nearest Ulta store for reimbursement. If you live elsewhere, we will find the best location in one of the cash back states and send your claim to them to process. You should get your money within 14 days.

Ulta Is One of Many

DoNotPay can help you with many gift cards besides those from Ulta—here are a few examples:

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