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Cancel CVS CarePass Fast

CarePass is a paid membership program by the CVS pharmacy. For a small monthly fee of $5, members get numerous in-store and online benefits such as free one- to two-day shipping, free prescription delivery, 24/7 pharmacist helpline, and many others. Cancel CVS CarePass membership with DoNotPay We [. . .]
Cancel Any Service or Subscription

Cancel Amazon Digital Services Fast

Amazon Digital Services is a U.S-based conglomerate technology company focused on e-commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Two years ago, its two-day delivery service surpassed 100 million subscribers worldwide. Cancel Amazon Digital Services subscription with DoNotPay [. . .]
Cancel Any Service or Subscription

Canceling Planet Fitness Membership

Planet Fitness is one of the most famous health clubs in the US. Its spacious areas, a wide range of facilities and equipment, and group classes often attract people to work out in these fitness clubs. Planet Fitness entices people by offering lower enrolment and monthly fees for an extended membership [. . .]
Cancel Any Service or Subscription

Canceling Epoch Payments

Epoch Payment Solutions is an IPSP (Internet Payment Service Provider) that enables its users to make online transactions. How to cancel Epoch Payment membership manually Can you cancel with Yes / No DoNotPay Yes Email Yes Phone Yes Letter No In-person No Online Yes Cancel Epoch Payment online Visit [. . .]
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⭐ Canceling Audible

How to Cancel Your Audible Membership Easily Audible is a subscription service owned by Amazon that produces and sells audiobooks, audio versions of newspapers and magazines, and [. . .]
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How to Cancel Walmart Plus Effortlessly

Walmart Plus is a subscription plan offered by Walmart to help members save money on everything from shipping and pickup to prescriptions and fuel. The cost is about $12.98 a month or $98 a year — which may be worth it for those who shop at Walmart often, or want a little discount on gas now that [. . .]

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Cancel Smile Direct Club Services Fast

Smile Direct Club is a teeth-straightening service that promises to deliver similar results as Invisalign—at a fraction of the cost. There are two ways to go about getting your teeth straightened through Smile Direct Club: in-home kit or at one of their affiliated dentists. The problem? If something [. . .]

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How to Cancel Duolingo Plus Hassle-Free

Duolingo is a popular language-learning app that uses fun and ease to teach users how to speak different languages. While Duolingo has a free edition, it is limited, prompting many to sign up for a free trial or subscribe to the Duolingo Plus service, for more in-depth teaching. This post aims to teach [. . .]

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How to Cancel Simply Piano Effortlessly

Learning how to play the piano is a skill that many people want to learn, but may not have access to the right tools to get the job done. With Simply Piano, anyone can learn from an app with a subscription. If this method isn't right for you, you may need to know how to cancel a Simply Piano subscription. [. . .]

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Cancel Your Vegamour Subscription Easily

If you signed up for Vagamour to get all of your vegan hair products delivered, you may no longer be satisfied with the product or not have the extra cash to spend each month. How can you cancel your Vegamour subscription quickly and without any hidden fees? If you want to cancel a Vegamour subscription [. . .]

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How to Cancel Cerebral in 3 Steps

Cerebral offers online medication prescriptions, care counseling, and treatment for anxiety, depression, and anxiety. They offer these and other services for a monthly fee. Unfortunately, you probably have more subscriptions than you can count. You probably have subscriptions for streaming services, [. . .]

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How to Cancel Zoom Tan Membership

Since Zoon Tan's establishment in 2008 in Naples, FL, it has expanded to different locations, including Georgia, Pennsylvania, and New York. You can enjoy UV tanning bed services and spray tanning services at these locations. However, some customers wish to cancel  Zoom Tan  membership to save some [. . .]

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How to Cancel Robinhood Gold Fast

Customers often cancel their Robinhood Gold subscriptions because the world of stock trading can be too overwhelming. If you need to take a break and focus on other things, you shouldn't keep paying for the service. Even if a premium service only charges a few dollars a month, those small amounts can [. . .]

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How to Cancel NBA League Pass Fast

Some would argue that NBA basketball, not baseball, is America's game. ESPN says that viewership was up significantly the first few games of the 2021-22 season, hitting an average of 1.44 million viewers in each game. What's more, adults 18-49 are watching 28% more, and women are tuning in 26% more [. . .]

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How to Cancel Fitbit Premium Easily

Fitbit provides a fun and interactive way to stay on top of your health. The health-conscience company currently has over 30 million active users and that number does not appear as if it will be shrinking any time soon. People who would like a more advanced experience with their Fitbit choose to get [. . .]

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How to Cancel CubeSmart Now

For most people, storing excess possessions in a self-storage facility is only a temporary solution. It could be that you desired a place to keep your furniture while renovating your home, or perhaps you sought to declutter your residence temporarily while preparing it for sale. Whatever your reason [. . .]

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How to Cancel Your PDFSimpli Subscription Hassle-Free

Services and subscriptions are a necessary part of life. However, sometimes we need to cancel them. Maybe you no longer need the service, or the subscription has expired. Whatever the reason, canceling a service or a subscription can be a difficult task. For instance, when you decide to cancel your PDFSimpli [. . .]

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How to Cancel HBO on Amazon

HBO provides a wide range of content for children and adults. Many people subscribe to the service, whether through HBO directly or through a third-party service . If you have HBO through Amazon, you may be wondering how to cancel HBO on Amazon so you can find the right streaming service for you. Because [. . .]

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The Fastest Way to Cancel Causebox

If you are a fan of subscription boxes, you are probably familiar with Causebox. It’s a subscription box for women full to the brim of products such as jewelry, home goods, and beauty products that are made by socially conscious and/or eco-friendly companies. Recently, Causebox changed its name to [. . .]

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How to Cancel Gobble Subscription Hassle-Free

Gobble is a meal subscription service that gained popularity with its 15-minute meal promise, but it is not for everyone. Since there are so many subscription meal service options, and since they seemingly all like to offer huge discounts to try to get people to subscribe, wanting to cancel your meal [. . .]

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Cancel People Magazine the Easy Way

If you love celebrity gossip, and you like keeping up with red carpet looks and who wore what best, you've probably flipped through the pages of a People magazine before. They're conveniently displayed in check-out lines at the grocery store, massage salons, and kids sell People magazine subscriptions [. . .]

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Cancel Your CRTV Subscription the Easy Way

CRTV LLC is an American-based company with its headquarters in Las Vegas. The company operates in the telecommunication industry and has an estimated 26 employees across all its locations. CRTV generates annual revenue of $4.12 million, ranking it among the best profit-making companies in the United [. . .]

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How to Cancel AARP Membership in 3 Easy Steps

AARP is a non-profit organization for those approaching retirement age in the United States. Discounts on everything from healthcare and travel to financial services, retail, and entertainment are available to members. The club also offers career counseling, caregiving assistance, and other issues relevant [. . .]

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How To Cancel Flo Premium Effortlessly

Flo Premium is a popular app that helps women track and document their periods and cycles. While the app is the number one female OB-GYN recommended app, canceling its premium features can be confusing. Many customers have reported frustration when trying to cancel Flo Premium accounts. DoNotPay offers [. . .]

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Cancel CamScanner in 3 Easy Steps

As an easy option for converting photographs of important documents to PDF or JPEG files, CamScanner can be a helpful app for users who have a high level of need for this service and will use it consistently. However, if you find that you are not using it enough times each month to justify the cost, [. . .]

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How to Cancel Peoplewhiz Subscription

There's a reason many companies rely on a subscription model these days. Though subscriptions are easy to get into, figuring out how to cancel Peoplewhiz or another service can be surprisingly challenging. Instead of trying to figure out how to cancel on your own, DoNotPay can step in and facilitate [. . .]

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Cancel Fit Republic in 3 Easy Steps

Your gym membership with Fit Republic is something that you should not take for granted at any point in time. The reality is that you may be paying money on this membership without getting much use out of the gym at all. If that has been the case for you, then you need to know that there are ways that [. . .]

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The Easy Way to Cancel an NFL Game Pass

The NFL game pass is a great idea if you are a football fan because it allows you to watch live and archived NFL games. It offers you a free trial if you want to give it a shot and see if you end up watching it enough to justify the cost. It also enrolls you in auto-renew, which means that your service [. . .]

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How to Cancel DocuSign Stress-Free

We think subscriptions are great things to have. We also think canceling unused subscriptions is important, like that DocuSign subscription you don't use. Why have more clutter in your financial life? Use DoNotPay to cancel unused subscriptions, such as your DocuSign subscription. DocuSign is a great [. . .]

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Cancel Newsday Subscription Stress-Free

Newsday is a daily suburban newspaper servicing the greater New York City area, including the Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, and Westchester counties. Newsday features local and national news, entertainment, lifestyle, and sports information. Readers can subscribe to Newsday’s print edition for delivery [. . .]

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How to Cancel IPVanish Easily

You thought you needed a VPN, but now you're stuck trying to cancel an IPVanish subscription . Signing up was easy. And you had 30 days to cancel, but life got in the way, and here you are, on the hook for recurring charges. IPVanish promotes itself as the best way to enjoy a secure environment in everyday [. . .]

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How to Cancel HBO Max Effortlessly

Do you need to learn how to cancel an HBO Max subscription? Perhaps the streaming service is not quite what was promised, or the price per month is more than the monthly price you agreed to. Whatever reason you may have, you want to cancel your HBO Max subscription, and you need a fast and easy solution. [. . .]

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How to Cancel Bitdefender Hassle-Free

It might be time to cancel Bitdefender and upgrade to new antivirus software. You might be looking for an antivirus software program with a basic plan that works on Macs, a better VPN, with computer software programs, the landscape is always changing. No matter the reason, getting subscription services [. . .]

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The Best Way to Cancel Fishbrain

If you are an angler who signed up for a free trial of the Fishbrain app, you may be wondering how to get out of the deal before you get charged for a full subscription. Fortunately, it's fairly easy to learn how to cancel a Fishbrain subscription if you let DoNotPay handle the situation. What Is Fishbrain? [. . .]

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How to Cancel PetPlan Effortlessly

There is something particularly useful about knowing how to cancel services that you no longer require. People don't always think about things like this, but it is incredibly helpful to have the ability to cancel services when you no longer need them. After all, why are you continuing to pay for things [. . .]

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How to Cancel Thriveworks in a Snap

Counseling and therapy are very beneficial for individuals, couples, and families. It can help you or your family deal with trauma, grief, depression, family and relationship problems, or other concerns. Thriveworks is different than many counseling services because it involves a membership that provides [. . .]

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How to Cancel Frndly TV Without the Hassle

For television viewers wanting to cut the cord, there are many choices for affordable video streaming services. Frndly TV is one such service that offers over 30 channels with subscription plans starting at $6.99 a month with a seven-day trial period. The popular service works on all devices and plans [. . .]

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How to Cancel Google Fiber the Easy Way

Subscriptions tend to be easier to sign up for than they are to cancel. If you need to cancel Google Fiber service , doing so may or may not be straightforward and will depend upon how far into the process you are. No matter what type of subscription you have, however, DoNotPay can simplify the process [. . .]

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How to Cancel Apple TV in a Snap

The Apple TV Plus app is a popular way to watch movies and TV shows on any Apple device. Many people get this subscription for the original content that drops regularly or the convenience to watch TV on the go. That said, if you're wondering how to cancel Apple TV Plus membership easily, you're in the [. . .]

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How to Cancel Keeps the Easy Way

Probably, you are curious about the best way of treating hair loss if it is part of the challenges you are facing. Getting over-the-counter products from your local drugstore may be an option, but you can also consider online subscription services to save money and time. Before delving into Keeps review [. . .]

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How to Cancel Your OmegaXL Membership in a Snap

OmegaXL capsules contain a number of omega fatty acids which are supposed to be good for treating inflammation and joint pain caused by aging or exercise. The makers of OmegaXL suggest that you should take four capsules of it in one day. But what do you do if OmegaXL doesn't work for you and you want [. . .]

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