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Cancel CVS CarePass Fast

CarePass is a paid membership program by the CVS pharmacy. For a small monthly fee of $5, members get numerous in-store and online benefits such as free one- to two-day shipping, free prescription delivery, 24/7 pharmacist helpline, and many others. Cancel CVS CarePass membership with DoNotPay We [. . .]
Cancel Any Service or Subscription

Cancel Amazon Digital Services Fast

Amazon Digital Services is a U.S-based conglomerate technology company focused on e-commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Two years ago, its two-day delivery service surpassed 100 million subscribers worldwide. Cancel Amazon Digital Services subscription with DoNotPay [. . .]
Cancel Any Service or Subscription

Canceling Planet Fitness Membership

Planet Fitness is one of the most famous health clubs in the US. Its spacious areas, a wide range of facilities and equipment, and group classes often attract people to work out in these fitness clubs. Planet Fitness entices people by offering lower enrolment and monthly fees for an extended membership [. . .]
Cancel Any Service or Subscription

Canceling Epoch Payments

Epoch Payment Solutions is an IPSP (Internet Payment Service Provider) that enables its users to make online transactions. How to cancel Epoch Payment membership manually Can you cancel with Yes / No DoNotPay Yes Email Yes Phone Yes Letter No In-person No Online Yes Cancel Epoch Payment online Visit [. . .]
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⭐ Canceling Audible

How to Cancel Your Audible Membership Easily Audible is a subscription service owned by Amazon that produces and sells audiobooks, audio versions of newspapers and magazines, and [. . .]
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Cancel the Finbox IO Subscription the Easy Way

Finbox is a stock market research platform that offers tools for analyzing data and gaining insight into 100,000 stocks on more than 135 stock exchanges around the planet. They promise to provide up-to-date information on publicly traded companies. If you’re displeased with their services, DoNotPay [. . .]

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Cancel Sonic in a Few Easy Steps

Sonic is one of California’s fastest internet providers, boasting low prices and excellent customer service. If you signed up for Sonic but didn’t find it fast or reliable enough, we can provide you with multiple options to terminate your subscription easily. Want a Convenient Cancellation Process? [. . .]

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Cancel vidIQ in No Time

vidIQ is a marketing tool that helps YouTubers organically increase their target audience and build a loyal fanbase. Subscribing to vidIQ might be a piece of cake, but canceling it has proven to be a hassle. If you want to cancel vidIQ because it’s not the right fit for you, we’ve created a comprehensive [. . .]

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Do Good and Cancel DoYouGoodyBox!

420 Goody Box, a Do You Goody Box product, is a monthly subscription box for smokers. Did you subscribe to 420 Goody Box but have sworn off smoking and want to cancel? Or do you want to unsubscribe because 420 Goody Box is not as impressive as you thought it would be? This straightforward guide provides [. . .]

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How To Cancel Leadpages Like a Pro

Leadpages is a website builder for small business owners to generate leads and build a customer base. It is primarily suitable for online retailers and service providers. Did you sign up for the Leadpages free trial that automatically renewed into a paid subscription, and now you’re being robbed of [. . .]

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How To Cancel Body Groove in No Time

Body Groove is a video library for fitness lovers, with 5-minute dance routines to promote body health and fitness. Did you sign up for a free trial of Body Groove and realized it’s not really your groove? Or did you join Body Groove and got bored with dancing to the same rhythm every day? Whatever [. . .]

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How To Cancel Carbonite in a Few Clicks

Available for Windows and macOS users, Carbonite provides online backup services for documents, emails, music, and photos. We realize that every service is not suitable for every user, no matter how practical or popular it is, so we have created a how-to guide to help you cancel your Carbonite subscription. [. . .]

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Cancel Billie and Stay Pretty

Billie, a beauty brand promoting body positivity, provides body hair removal products free from sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, GMO ingredients, drying alcohols, synthetic dyes, and unstable silicones. They claim to donate 1% of their revenue to support women globally and have also donated to causes [. . .]

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How To Cancel Ge Tracker in No Time

GE Tracker provides detailed pricing information, real-time price alerts, and profitable items progress tracking to over 450.000 users. It allows you to view your profit margins and use calculators like Decant Potion and Item Sets. Did you grab a free trial opportunity from GE Tracker and then forgot [. . .]

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How To Cancel Identity Guard

Although Identity Guard acts as a “guardian” of your personal information and credit card details, performs dark web scans, alerts you in case of suspicious address change and other potential problems, many users are left unsatisfied with the service. The company also lacks a complete money-back [. . .]

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How To Cancel MerchantWords

Although useful for keyword research, MerchantWorks is a costly subscription. If you feel that the service is not worth the buck, the good news is that DoNotPay can help you cancel in a few clicks. How Can I Cancel Subscription Manually? You can only cancel your [. . .]

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How To Cancel Smule Effortlessly

Smule is an American karaoke music app. Although the app is fun to use because it’s designed for you to sing along with top artists or connect with friends across the globe, it's way too expensive for a karaoke app. Whether you are looking for info on how to cancel Smule or terminate a free trial for [. . .]

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How To Cancel Purple Carrot in No Time

Purple Carrot is a plant-based meal delivery service that encourages people to eat more vegetables and have a high-protein vegan diet. Sounds healthy enough, right? Energized, you sign up for weekly deliveries of vegan meals from Purple Carrot, but it turns out vegan food is not your thing. You want [. . .]

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How To Cancel is an online platform where people can create petitions on different social, political, and economic issues to drive decision-makers towards solutions. It is used by over 200 million people in 196 countries. Petitions from often show up on your Facebook newsfeed, with friends urging [. . .]

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Cancel Times Union in a Few Easy Steps

An ad for Times Union, an American daily newspaper available in both digital and print versions, pops up on your social media. You get intrigued and sign up for a free trial because it covers local topics from Albany and its suburbs, and you live in the neighborhood. After looking through a few articles, [. . .]

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Cancel Malwarebytes in No Time

Malwarebytes is software designed to protect computers from malware, ransomware, and other cyber attacks. You might have opted for a Malwarebytes subscription only to realize it’s not something you want to keep paying for. Do you need help canceling Malwarebytes? We can provide you with multiple options [. . .]

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How To Cancel Dove Channel Effortlessly

Dove Channel is a faith-based, family-friendly television and movie streaming service ideal for families and devout Christians. If you are fed up with always watching the same content with the Dove Stamp of Approval and are looking to broaden your horizons, DoNotPay can help out! We can cancel Dove Channel [. . .]

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How To Cancel Autonews

Although Automotive News (Autonews, in short) is considered a one-of-a-kind publication among many automobile manufacturers, suppliers, and aficionados—with its unique team of reporters and editors working worldwide—it may not be up your alley. We understand the frustration of being stuck with a [. . .]

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How To Cancel Relief Factor

Relief Factor specializes in the manufacture of natural supplements made of fish oil. The products have been around for over 15 years and are 100% drug-free. Have you, like many other customers, found Relief Factor ineffective and overpriced ? Are the supplements not offering the expected pain relief? [. . .]

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How To Cancel Lynda (LinkedIn Learning) in Minutes

While LinkedIn Learning (formerly called Lynda) offers training, business, creative, and software courses and seems like a comprehensive learning platform, it might not have lived up to your expectations. If you realize your Linkedin Learning subscription is no longer serving you any purpose, there are [. . .]

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How To Cancel 7Cups in Under a Minute

7 Cups is an emotional counseling website that allows people to talk to volunteer listeners, read self-help guides, and get online therapy from licensed therapists for a monthly subscription of $150. If this service isn’t working for you, sign up for DoNotPay and cancel 7 Cups within a minute. We will [. . .]

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How To Cancel CinchShare in a Snap

CinchShare is not everyone’s cup of tea, and if you don’t want to waste your money on the subscription anymore, it’s time to cancel it. If you want the easiest way to cancel any online service, DoNotPay is your best choice. You can cancel CinchShare in less than a minute if you follow our guide! [. . .]

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How To Cancel Mbrace in a Flash

Mbrace is a Mercedes-Benz suite of apps and services, and it comes in various packages. These packages are available for 2016–2018 models, and a similar set is offered for 2010–2015 models. Mbrace is offered for free to new-vehicle owners in a six-month trial, but even pre-owned vehicle owners can [. . .]

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Cancel ProGuides Like a Pro

ProGuides is a coaching platform for video games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Valorant, Fortnite, Hearthstone, etc. It offers tier lists, written guides, video guides, and live online coaching from pro players and highly ranked individuals in their respective games. The coaching part is [. . .]

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How To Cancel Evernote in a Few Steps

Evernote is an all-in-one note-taking app that allows users to manage tasks and organize media files. These notes can be geotagged, labeled, synced, and emailed across a range of devices. Evernote has a free version and several premium versions with larger upload capacities, which integrate with other [. . .]

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How To Cancel a FastSpring Membership

Using FastSpring ’s services may have sounded like a good idea before you got to see how much the company charged you. If you want to cancel FastSpring fast, DoNotPay has your back. Note that there is a difference between canceling and deactivating the service, which you are about to learn more about! [. . .]

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The Easiest Way To Cancel Showtime

Showtime is a premium television network owned by ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks. The company was founded in 1976 in Dublin, California, but the headquarters are currently in New York City. It offers a streaming service available on numerous devices. If you are trying to cancel your Showtime subscription [. . .]

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Cancel EarthLink Effortlessly

EarthLink is a major internet service provider with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Since it was founded in 1994, the company managed to extend its network to over 50% of homes in the USA by 2019. Whether you are using residential or business internet access, canceling EarthLink should not be an issue. [. . .]

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How To Cancel Effortlessly provides cloud-based software that automates back-office financial processes for small and mid-sized businesses. It connects businesses with their suppliers and clients to help them manage their cash inflows and outflows. More than 80% of the top 100 U.S. accounting firms use to move [. . .]

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Cancel in an Instant is an online retailer based in Idaho, specialized in dietary, sports, and bodybuilding supplements. Since 1999, evolved into the number one online sports nutrition retailer with more than 10,000,000 workouts tracked. It offers subscriptions to: All [. . .]

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How To Cancel LoopNet

LoopNet is a global online service for commercial real estate. It has a hefty subscription fee, so it’s not a surprise you’ve decided to cancel it. We will help you with every single step of your termination. How To Cancel LoopNet Manually You can cancel LoopNet by yourself in three ways: Online [. . .]

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Cancel 8tracks in a Few Simple Steps

8tracks is a music streaming service launched in 2008, offering playlists consisting of at least eight tracks. You can subscribe to 8tracks Plus on their website or your mobile phone (iOS). 8tracks Plus offers a 14-day free trial for new users who want to try it out. If you did and found it not worthy [. . .]

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Cancel FlixFling in a Few Easy Steps

FlixFling is a streaming service specialized in movies and television shows and offering a subscription plan and a pay-as-you-go service. You can rent or buy a movie or television show, but you can only use them for personal, non-commercial purposes. FlixFling offers a seven-day free trial. If you realize [. . .]

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How To Cancel All You Can Books

All You Can Books is a platform that gives you unlimited access to over 40,000 ebooks, audiobooks, and language courses. The website says that you can keep the material that you download during your free trial—which lasts for 30 days—even if you decide to cancel the service. After the free trial [. . .]

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An Easy Way To Cancel Project Fi

Project Fi —also known as Google Fi—is a wireless service provider operated by Google. It offers data packages on three mobile networks that your phone can switch between: T-Mobile Sprint U.S. Cellular If you are looking to cancel the Project Fi service, there are several ways to do it. Cancel [. . .]

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How To Cancel Digit

Digit is an app that helps you save money by analyzing your income, spending, and financial habits. The app’s algorithm calculates the amount you can save from your budget after you pay your bills or settle other financial needs. The app regulates your savings by withdrawing small amounts from your [. . .]

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An Easy Way To Cancel Sheer Cover

Sheer Cover sells a wide range of makeup products. The company offers the Sheer Cover Studio membership with which you can have your favorite products delivered to your doorstep. If you don’t want to have the company deliver you products anymore, there are several easy ways to cancel your membership. [. . .]

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Cancel PWI Help Fast and Easy

PWI Help is a customer support service assisting in a range of issues—from billing questions about your order to charges on your credit card and refund requests. Using its service seems easy—you locate your order through the company’s website by typing in the order’s ID and then contact PWI Help [. . .]

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How To Cancel Xcel

Xcel Energy is a Minnesota-based company specialized in providing electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy to its clients. Currently, Xcel Energy operates in eight different states and supplies about 3,5 million people with electricity and almost two million customers with natural gas. If you are [. . .]

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How To Cancel MeUndies in No Time

MeUndies is a company that sells underwear, sleepwear, and loungewear for men and women, but it conquered the market with its men briefs. Besides shopping for individual pieces, you can become a MeUndies member and get new MeUndies products delivered to you monthly. If you’re not satisfied and wish [. . .]

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Cancel Great Fun in a Few Easy Steps

Great Fun is a membership-based service providing discounts for various restaurants, purchases, travel, and leisure activities. It is part of the Trilegiant corporation that got caught up in a class-action lawsuit. Many users have dubbed Great Fun a scam. If you want to dodge Great Fun having fun with [. . .]

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The Easiest Way To Cancel Nicor Gas

Nicor Gas is one of the largest natural gas distributors in the U.S., with headquarters in Illinois. Whether you’re one of many livid customers or you have other reasons to cancel Nicor Gas, you’re in the right place! DoNotPay will help you get rid of Nicor Gas services in a jiffy! How Can I Cancel [. . .]

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How To Cancel FameAssist

FameAssist is a third-party billing service provider for various website subscriptions. If you have noticed charges on your credit card from this company and you are not sure what they are charging you for, it may be a scam or a fraud. Many users have a difficult time canceling this service. If you don’t [. . .]

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How To Cancel Soapy Joe's

Soapy Joe’s car wash is a company based in San Diego, with many other operations in California. It offers car wash subscriptions, as well as single washes. If you aren’t satisfied with your subscription and would like to cancel it and save money, DoNotPay can help you. What Is Soapy Joe’s Cancellation [. . .]

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How To Cancel POPSUGAR Must Have

POPSUGAR Must Have is a subscription-based service that sends a box of beauty, home, food, fashion, and fitness products worth at least $250 to its subscribers every three months. It boasts being the number one female lifestyle brand with more than 32 million followers and fans. If the items don’t [. . .]

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Use DoNotPay To Cancel SquareTrade

SquareTrade is a California-based warranty company specialized in protecting various home appliances and electronic devices. It has been around since 1999 and has gained more than 100 million users so far. How To Cancel SquareTrade Protection Plan by Yourself The company proposes two ways to cancel [. . .]

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How To Cancel Ritual With DoNotPay

Ritual is a company that produces and sells vitamins online, with a focus on daily prenatal multivitamins. If you are done with spending money on unused vitamins and want to cancel your Ritual subscription in an easy way, we can help you save money with our cancel service. How To Cancel Ritual Vitamins [. . .]

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How To Cancel Cooper's Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk is a popular winery and restaurant that offers a monthly subscription for their handcrafted wines. Their all-inclusive monthly membership offers you newly released wines and members-only benefits. If you are tired of Cooper’s Hawk wines and want to give a break to your taste buds and [. . .]

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How To Cancel BookPagez

BookPagez is an educational website that offers print and digital resources for teaching elementary level readers using award-winning children’s books. It is subscription-based, with a monthly or yearly membership option. How To Cancel BookPagez On Your Own BookPagez does not have many options to [. . .]

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Learn How To Cancel Nutrafol in Under Five Minutes

Nutrafol is a company that sells nutraceutical supplements for women who have issues with hair thinning and hair loss. Nutrafol supposedly stimulates hair growth by rebalancing stress and androgen hormones. The product’s effects are slow, which requires a lot of patience on the user's part. If you [. . .]

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Cancel Writers Work Effortlessly

Writers Work is a platform for freelancers, offering a vast selection of writing gigs and handy project organization tools. It’s a membership-based service, and users can choose between two types of subscriptions: Monthly—$15/month Lifetime—$47 Can You Cancel Writers Work App With DoNotPay? [. . .]

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Cancel Hallmark Movies Now

Hallmark Movies Now —formerly known as SpiritClips and Feeln—is a family-oriented streaming service with headquarters in California. Thanks to its feel-good content and commercial-free program, the platform has reached more than a million members so far. What Membership Plans Does Hallmark Movies [. . .]

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Cancel LinkedIn Premium in No Time

LinkedIn is a world-famous social networking platform whose purpose is to facilitate professional connections and communication. It counts more than 722 million users and offers countless job opportunities. This platform has four Premium membership plans: Premium Career Premium Business Premium Navigator [. . .]

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Learn How To Cancel 1Password Fast

1Password is a digital vault where you can save all your sensitive information like passwords, licensing information, and more. 25% of Fortune 500 companies use the service along with 500,000 other users. In case you’ve found another service that you like more or don’t want to keep using 1Password [. . .]

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Learn How To Cancel FileThis

FileThis is a virtual storage company that allows you to keep all your essential information in one place, making the data easy for you to find. If you are not happy with the service, you can cancel your membership without losing any of the documents that you’ve uploaded. Learn more about how DoNotPay [. . .]

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How To Cancel Model Mayhem in Three Simple Steps

Model Mayhem is an online platform that artists such as actors, models, filmmakers, and photographers, use to connect with other people in the community. If you no longer want to pursue a career in the industries based on physical look, we will help you cancel your Model Mayhem membership in a few clicks. [. . .]

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Learn How To Cancel Juul Subscription in Three Steps

Juul is an electronic cigarette that contains nicotine. It is produced and shipped by Juul Labs. Consumers use this e-cigarette as a more affordable and less harmful alternative to cigarettes. Take note that Juul can cause addiction even though it’s supposed to be less harmful than regular cigarettes. [. . .]

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How To Cancel Sprint Long Distance Quickly

Sprint was a telecommunications company that merged with T-Mobile . It used to be the fourth-largest service provider in the U.S. It served around 54.3 million customers. The company kept its name, but it is a part of T-Mobile now. Spring long distance is an add-on that allows you to get discounted international [. . .]

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How To Cancel Jagex Subscription

Jagex is the mastermind behind RuneScape and the Home of Living Games. Over 260 million gamers have accounts with Jagex. How To Cancel Jagex Jagex generally only allows you to cancel through the payment method that you use for the subscription. Can You Cancel With Yes/No DoNotPay Yes Email Yes Phone [. . .]

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Cancel Humble Bundle Subscription

Humble Bundle is a subscription service for games. You can sign up for different levels of subscriptions and receive a monthly bundle of games according to your level. Pausing Or Canceling Your Account Humble Bundle allows you to pause your account instead of canceling. This option is useful if you’re [. . .]

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How To Cancel MotorTrend Subscription

MotorTrend is a subscription service that allows you to access exclusive information, hit TV shows, and live motorsports. The service has attracted more than 100,000 subscribers. How To Cancel MotorTrend on Your Own If you’re no longer interested in the exclusive content that you can access through [. . .]

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How To Cancel Crew Carwash Membership

Crew Carwash is an Indiana-based company that sells an Unlimited Pass, which gives you access to dedicated lanes and special service when you have your car washed. The Unlimited Pass is designed to save you money if you’re a frequent customer. Cancel Crew Carwash Crew Carwash offers minimal options [. . .]

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How To Cancel KingsIsle Subscription

KingsIsle is the home of the award-winning Wizard 101, a family-friendly multiplayer game with more than 25 million players worldwide. You can play the game for free, but the membership unlocks various perks and levels that the free version doesn’t have. How To Cancel Wizard101 Membership KingsIsle [. . .]

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Cancel Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global non-government human rights organization headquartered in the United Kingdom. The organization has over seven million members around the globe. While its goals are virtuous, the way Amnesty International coerces people into donating is far from pure. Many who sign up [. . .]

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Cancel FameAdvice With No Issues

Some individuals might have noticed charges on their credit cards made out to a company called FameAdvice or FameHelp. The charges can be legitimate or fraudulent, depending on the company that used the billing service. If FameAdvice is billing you, the chances are that you’ve either purchased something [. . .]

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Cancel Trulia Easily

Trulia is a real estate listing company based in San Francisco, California. It assists prospective buyers and renters in finding properties across the U.S. while also providing detailed information about listings and neighborhoods. The company offers a monthly subscription for information about relevant [. . .]

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How To Cancel LeapFrog

LeapFrog is an educational entertainment company that produces games and gaming consoles for kids. The most prominent game is the one the company plays with your bank account when it makes it difficult to cancel. If arguing with customer support agents isn’t your forte or you don’t want to wait weeks [. . .]

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How To Cancel Hiyamedia

Hiyamedia is an online media platform that allows its users easy and unlimited access to millions of songs, movies, books, and game titles, for a monthly fee. Some users claim it’s a scammy, phishing website that offers little to no useful information and charges you even if you don’t make a purchase. [. . .]

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Cancel MightyText in No Time

MightyText is a messaging app that allows users to send and receive text messages and MMS on their computer, using their current phone number. It is like the iMessage for Android users. The app can be used for free, but it comes with limitations. You can send only 75 messages from your computer per month, [. . .]

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How To Cancel Protect America

Protect America is a home security company with 25 years of experience. Other than home security products, they offer GPS, home automation, and surveillance products. They’ve been rated as the best home security service on many review sites. Ever since Brinks Home Security acquired over 100,000 of [. . .]

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How To Cancel Zillow Fast

Zillow is an online real estate database and marketplace. Although it offers services for purchasing, selling, financing, renting, and other real estate information you might find useful, receiving a lot of emails from them can be a burden sometimes. When you’re tired of fighting off emails you don’t [. . .]

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Cancel the Zeus Network With DoNotPay

With more than 100 million subscribers, The Zeus Network is a site where you can access exclusive content from top social media influencers. Can You Cancel Your Zeus Subscription on Your Own? The Zeus Network allows you to cancel your subscription using the following methods: Method Yes/No DoNotPay [. . .]

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Cancel the Tai Lopez Subscription Fuss-Free

Tai Lopez is an entrepreneur and investor that sells subscriptions to courses and platforms for making your own fortune and living a healthy life. He has viral ads on YouTube showing off his mansion, book collection, and garage filled with luxury cars. Millions of people follow him on social media platforms [. . .]

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Cancel Le Tote in No Time

Le Tote is a subscription service that allows you to rent clothing and accessories monthly. There are different membership plans, and you can choose to have your parcels insured. If you no longer wish to receive Le Tote fashion shipments, you can cancel your subscription in various ways. How Do You [. . .]

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Cancel SendGrid Hassle-Free

SendGrid is a cloud-based email delivery service based in Denver, Colorado. It started operating in 2009 and is now a subsidiary of Twilio. The company offers a subscription for its email API capabilities that include analytics, templates, email validation, and other features. Canceling a SendGrid subscription [. . .]

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How To Cancel YesBackup

YesBackup is a cloud storage service based in Hampshire, UK. While it may provide the services it advertises, the company frequently commits fraud. The advertised price doesn’t match the bills that arrive at the end of the month, and users find it difficult to cancel their subscriptions. YesBackup [. . .]

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Cancel Moz Fuss-Free

Moz is a marketing and SEO company that offers software, educational content, and community advice to companies that want to improve their digital marketing strategies. Canceling the subscription can be a chore, which is why DoNotPay offers to get rid of it in your stead. Our Find Hidden Money feature [. . .]

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How To Cancel Zombaio Fast!

Zombaio is a billing service for adult entertainment content. The company isn’t known for being a reliable biller and often withholds funds and cancels accounts on a whim. Their subscription service is much like a zombie—it doesn’t stay dead when you kill it. Users continue to receive bills even [. . .]

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How To Cancel is an online image converter and viewer that handles PDF, DNG, CR2, NEF, ARW, ORF, and other file types. The company offers a subscription for their service, which can be difficult to cancel. Use our Find Hidden Money feature to get rid of recurring payments. DoNotPay can take [. . .]

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How To Cancel Golf Magazine

Golf Magazine is a monthly magazine focusing on golf tips and tricks for all players of all levels. It was founded in 1959, and it is now owned by Howard Milstein. Keep Your Subscriptions in Order With DoNotPay If you can’t seem to keep track of all of your subscriptions, you can count on DoNotPay [. . .]

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Get the Info To Cancel InfoTracer

InfoTracer is a company that enables users to perform background checks on people and access public records. This service is useful for big and small businesses during the employee recruitment process. Unfortunately, some customer reviews state that InfoTracer isn’t as great as it sounds. If you have [. . .]

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How To Cancel Mvelopes Subscription

Mvelopes is a budgeting tool to help you work with your money better. You can dedicate 25 digital envelopes to specific budget items, and the program provides monthly feedback on money management. Cancel Mvelopes on Your Own You can cancel your Mvelopes subscription by using these methods : You Can [. . .]

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Learn How To Cancel Barnes and Noble

Barnes & Noble is an American bookseller and one of the Fortune 1000 companies. Apart from books, you can shop for movies, music, toys, games, and more. Subscribing to their online store allows you to get discounts and free shipping, as well as other benefits. If you no longer want the subscription, [. . .]

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How To Cancel Hunt a Killer Subscription

Hunt a Killer is a murder mystery game subscription that features monthly boxes of clues and evidence. One game is played over six episodes, with one box sent to the player or players every month. If you subscribed to the game and feel that the novelty has worn off, you might be thinking about switching [. . .]

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How To Cancel VidAngel With DoNotPay

VidAngel is a video streaming company with a catch—it allows users to block any distasteful content, including profanity, nudity, and violence. While it may be useful for keeping movies and TV shows clean, it also removes a significant chunk of content from them. If you’re no longer interested in [. . .]

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