How to Cancel a Brainable Subscription

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Canceling a Brainable Subscription Has Never Been Easier

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Today, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Brainable, and how to cancel a membership with the service. Let’s start with a look at the service.

Is Brainable a Genuine IQ Test? Or Is It a Waste of Time and Money?

Brainable is meant for entertainment. While online IQ tests like have elements of genuine tests, there is a reason why they're advertised as "fun" or "entertaining." You also have to ask yourself: would you feel comfortable bragging about how high your online IQ score was?

According to Explorable: "A psychometrist is a professional skilled in the development, administration, and interpretation of tests of psychological constructs, including intelligence. Depending on their jurisdiction, psychometrists can be registered to work in different capacities, but invariably they are tasked with the ethical and accurate use of quantitative inventories such as personality or aptitude tests."

Ethics comes into play because "psychological and IQ tests can play an important part in criminal trials." Not only that, but it can have a direct effect on an individual's educational and career opportunities. A Brainable IQ test offers none of the above. Lastly, unlike Brainable, psychologists are held liable for how they administer IQ tests.

What Is an IQ Test?

There are various Intelligence Quotient (IQ) tests used by educators, employers, and psychologists. Some of the most popular IQ tests include Differential Ability Scales (DAS), the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test Fourth Edition (WIAT-4), Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS), the Peabody Individual Achievement Test, and several others.

  • Not only are these types of IQ tests typically intended for specific demographics, but are also designed to determine specific things about an individual.
  • IQ tests are typically comprehensive and designed to evaluate different abilities via various kinds of tasks.

For example, as the name suggests, the WAIS IQ test was developed to measure intelligence and cognitive abilities in older adolescent-young adults (the age range is considered to be 15 to 29 years of age). Published in 1955, it is a revision of the Wechsler–Bellevue Intelligence Scale published in 1939.

For the most part, IQ tests are created by psychologists who are highly regarded in their fields of expertise. They're regularly updated and revised according to the "Flynn Effect." According to the Flynn Effect hypothesis, tests should be revised whenever there is a noticeable prolonged rise in raw IQ test scores.

IQ tests are viewed as scientific tools, administered by highly trained professionals in controlled environments. As a result, genuine IQ tests are quite costly, with some of the most expensive ones costing between $200 and $550.

Are There Alternatives to Brainable?

Absolutely. If you enjoy Brainable, you might like some of the services in the table below. And remember, if you’d like to sign up for a risk-free trial with them, use a virtual credit card from DoNotPay. That way, you won’t need to pay for the service when the trial ends.

Services like Brainable include these.

Brainable AlternativePrice
Luminosity$11.99 per month
IQ TestsResults cost $19.99
IQ Test AcademyThere is a premium plan, but it is unclear how much it costs.

How to Use DoNotPay to Cancel Brainable

We at DoNotPay will figure it out for you. We'll guide you through an easy set of questions to cancel your Brainable subscription—either immediately or at a date of your choice in the future. All you have to do is:

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  3. Answer a few questions about your subscription.

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