How to Cancel Medishare (Medi-Share) the Easy Way

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How to Cancel Medi-Share Hassle-Free

Are you thinking about , but you’re unsure how to go about it? We can help! Medi-Share can be an excellent solution for some people, but it can actually be more expensive than other types of insurance or medical savings accounts.

For instance, The Penny Hoarder reports that "The ideal candidate for Medi-Share is in excellent health and also has a robust savings account to pay out of pocket for routine medical care." If that doesn't sound like you, there's no better time than now to cancel.

So, You have two options. You can go through the steps yourself, or enlist DoNotPay to cancel your membership for you. DoNotPay is much quicker and easier. As a plus, our Cancel Any Service or Subscription product can also assist in cancellations such as Epoch, Sirius XM, Massage Envy, CVS CarePass, Xbox Live, and Planet Fitness.

What is Medi-Share Exactly?

Medi-Share isn't like your typical health insurance. It is a non-profit Christian healthcare sharing ministry designed to offer customers a place to share the brunt of medical expenses.

While it has similar qualities as traditional health insurance — such as premium, deductible, and monthly payments — it is not always considered a proper substitution for health insurance required by law. That means you might have Medi-Share coverage, but still pay a penalty on your taxes for being uninsured, during years that legislation is in effect.

How does the sharing process work?

Since Medi-Share is not health insurance, you do not go through the standard procedure for filling out a claim. Instead, you will present your member I.D. card, receive associated discounts, and get the bill sent to the organization. There, they will try to negotiate billing further, determine if your bill is eligible for sharing and if so — funds are paid directly from another Medi-Share member.

Are There Alternatives to Medi-Share?

Yes. Some alternatives are displayed below.

Other medical cost sharing programs: Finding them is like finding health insurance. You’ll need to visit some websites, fill in your personal information, and receive quotes.Traditional health insurance: You can access this through your employer or through your state’s health insurance marketplace.Health Savings Accounts: These are not insurance, but they allow you to put away money for healthcare situations and get tax benefits.

How to Cancel Medi-Share

by yourself will involve contacting the non-profit in one or more of the following ways:

Cancel by mailSend a cancellation request to:


PO Box 120099

Weste Melbourne, FL 32912-0099

Be sure to include:

  • Your account number
  • A reason for canceling
  • Your signature
  • Your complete address
  • An effective date
Cancel by phoneCall 1-800-264-2562, wait on hold, leave messages, wait for a response.
Cancel by emailSend a cancelation letter to

Be sure to include:

  • Your account number
  • A reason for canceling
  • Your signature
  • Your complete address
  • An effective date
By faxFax your letter to 1-321-308-7779

However, all of these methods can present you with stressful challenges, especially if you already have a lot on your plate and have more services to cancel. The challenge with contacting Medi-Share by mail is you have no real insight into if it ever made it to the organization.

The problem with phones is you may experience long wait times when trying to connect with a representative. On the other hand, an email can easily get lost in spam, and not everyone has easy access to a fax machine to fax over a cancellation notice.

Potential Problems You Can Run Into

While there aren't many problems you'll run into while canceling your Medi-Share, there are a few worth noting ahead of time. Knowing these before you cancel may help you avoid any potential problems.

Some of the most important include:

  • Know how far in advance you have to cancel — although you can 'cancel at any time,' there is a 15-day minimum notice required when canceling your membership. Canceling the very day you start your new coverage plan could leave you paying for two separate health insurance coverage plans simultaneously.
  • Have a good alternative in place before making your cancellation — if your start date for your new insurance coverage isn't the same day as your end-date for Medi-Share, you risk being uncovered for a certain amount of time. This is particularly dangerous if something happened between those dates because neither organization would cover the costs.
  • Know when changes are effective — No matter when in the month you cancel, it does not become effective until the first of the month. Combined with the requirement to give a 15-day or more notice before canceling, this fact can leave you paying for an additional month that you did not anticipate.

How to Cancel Medi-Share Through DoNotPay

There can be a lot of strings involved when canceling Medi-Share or any other subscription and membership. This is especially true if you come across several services you want to cancel over the year and keep having to do the same run-around to get it done.

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3 Steps And You're Ready to Go

  1. Log-in to DoNotPay and search for the Manage Subscriptions product.

  2. Provide the name of the subscription service you want to cancel.

  3. Provide your account details such as email address and username.

Using the information you provide, we'll move forward with the cancellation process and notify you when it is completed.

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