How to Easily Cancel Your GeoGuessr Pro Subscription

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Cancel Your GeoGuessr Pro Subscription Without the Hassle

is a popular game that has entertained people since 2013. Using Google Maps, over 30 million players pay for the privilege of being virtually dropped into a random geographic spot and figuring out where they are.

Current pricing plans range from $1.99 monthly (single player prepaid annually) up to $200 monthly for a 100-member group.

It may bring months or years of enjoyment, but what happens when you do not wish to continue playing?

Figuring out how to end your membership can be a tiresome and tricky endeavor – let us do the work for you and help get that subscription ended on your behalf.

How Do I Stop GeoGuessr Pro From Charging Me?

You may attempt to cancel your subscription by following these steps:

  1. Visit the GeoGuessr Login page
  2. Enter the “Email Address” you used when you signed up for the subscription
  3. Enter your “Password”
  4. Click the “Login” button
  5. Navigate to “Settings”
  6. Scroll down until you reach the “Your Subscription” section
  7. Choose the option to cancel your current subscription or restart a previously-canceled membership

Can I Get Help From GeoGuessr?

To find assistance from this service:


  1. Visit the GeoGuessr Support Forum
  2. Browse through the help categories (such as “Common Questions”)
  3. Click any topic listed under a category for topic details


  1. Visit the GeoGuessr Support Forum
  2. Click in the “Search For Answers Here” box
  3. Type a description of the help you need
  4. Click the magnifying glass icon to search for help

Contact via Online Form

  1. Visit the GeoGuessr Support Forum
  2. Click the “Ask Us” box with a pencil icon
  3. Enter the subject of your question or problem in the “What is your question about?” Box
  4. Describe your issue in the “Describe your question in more detail” box
  5. Click the arrow on the right side of the box below and choose which category best fits your problem or request
  6. Enter your name and email address in the corresponding boxes
  7. Click your agreement to the “Personal Data and Content” policy
  8. Click the “Post” box

Contact via Email

  1. Write an email describing your cancellation request, question, or problem
  2. Send it to:
Can You Cancel GeoGuessr Pro ViaYes/No
Company Website/ Support Form (or another alternative method)Yes

Is There Some Simpler Way to Get This Done?

Yes! Simply use our product to get this accomplished for you. Researching a cancellation procedure can be difficult and eat up a large chunk of your personal time. We can handle your and we are confident you will find our method to be:

  • Speedy - You will not need to waste time figuring out how to cancel
  • Successful – We believe you will be happy with our results
  • Easy – You will not have to dig through complicated forms or key information into multiple web pages

We offer cancellation help for everything from Xbox Live to Massage Envy. Let us simplify the hassle for you.

How Can DoNotPay End My GeoGuessr Pro Membership for Me?

DoNotPay can manage the cancellation for you. You can open DoNotPay in your . DoNotPay is always the best and easiest option.

Tell us which service you want to cancel: log-in click on "Manage Subscriptions", enter the name of the service, provide account details/information that will help us locate your account, and submit.

DoNotPay will notify you once the service has been canceled.

How to cancel in 3 steps:

  1. Log in to DoNotPay and search for the Manage Subscriptions product.

  2. Provide the name of the subscription service you want to cancel.

  3. Provide your account details such as email address and username.

Once you submit the details, we'll work on canceling your subscription! We'll even try to get a refund on your behalf.

What if GeoGuessr Fails to Cancel My Subscription?

If you feel that GeoGuessr has not canceled your membership after your reasonable efforts to do so, we can help you send demand letters to the company to get results.

If GeoGuessr has wronged you, and you're having trouble getting the resolution you deserve, you may need to escalate. DoNotPay makes it super easy to send demand letters to companies in small claims court, and it has been recognized by the American Bar Association's Louis M. Brown Award for Access.

Download the app now and use the world's first AI Consumer Champion to fight back against bureaucracy and get the justice you deserve.

For more details about this process, take a look at our article: Small Claims Court

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