How to Cancel One Medical Membership Easily

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How to Cancel One Medical Membership With Ease

Medical memberships under One Medical provide primary care services including 24/7 on-demand virtual care or same/next day appointments. One Medical provides these services in the office and virtually to all their members. However, some members feel the service isn't worth the money and decide to opt for a different service. If you are one of these customers, you may want to know how to . The next step is to find out the right channel to cancel your subscription. The downside is that many find the cancellation process a bit tiresome and time-consuming.

Luckily, there’s DoNotPay to guide you through the process. Better yet, you can save yourself from any trouble and entrust the cancellation to the world’s first ever AI Consumer Champion.

You probably even have more subscriptions that you would like to ditch. DoNotPay can help you cut on these unnecessary subscriptions from any company with no hassles whatsoever. We can assist you with canceling:

No matter what type of membership it is that you need to terminate, DoNotPay can assist. Keep reading for more in-depth details about canceling your One Medical membership.

How Do I Cancel My One Medical Membership?

If you wish to by yourself, there are several methods that you can use. Find different options you can choose from below:

Cancel Your Subscription via the One Medical Website

You can cancel your subscription from One Medical through the official website.

  1. Start by visiting the One Medical site
  2. Log into your account
  3. Next, go to your account page or profile
  4. Tap on the 'Subscriptions' or 'Billings' or other similar options
  5. Finally, click on 'cancel' your subscription

Cancel One Medical Through Email

Another way of canceling your subscription is by directly contacting the One Medical team via email. Follow the below process to request a cancellation.

  1. Write an email via your email app asking the support team to cancel your account
  2. Ensure you provide all the necessary details about your subscription
  3. Give a reason for your cancellation
  4. Send the email to

Cancel One Medical via Your Android Phone

  1. Start by launching the Play store application on your phone's home screen
  2. Click the hamburger menu icon on the left side of your screen beside the search bar
  3. Select 'subscriptions' from the list that appears
  4. Click on 'One Medical' and select 'cancel' subscription
  5. The app will ask you why you chose to cancel your subscription. You can pick any option or decline to provide an answer.
  6. There will be an automatic cancellation of your One Medical subscription

Cancel One Medical via Your Apple Phone

  1. Go to your App store application, then select your profile
  2. Tap on subscriptions on your accounts page
  3. Choose the active subscription that you would want to terminate
  4. Tap on the 'cancel subscription' option

Note that if you wish to cancel your One Medical membership, you must do so before it renews to avoid getting charged for the following year.

You can check the contact details below for requests and other inquiries to One Medical:

Phone Number1-888-ONEMED1 (1-888-663-6331
Contact FormOne Medical (Requires member to be logged in)

Use DoNotPay to Cancel Your Membership and Subscription

Do you want to end some of your subscriptions but find the process a little bit long and complex? Many people have realized they spend a considerable amount of money on different subscriptions, including health, fitness, and recreational facilities, and they would want to channel this money elsewhere. DoNotPay is here to help you manage these cancellations on your behalf. Many people have started using DoNotPay because of its ease of use and faster cancellation process.

The below procedure shows the three simple steps of canceling your subscription on DoNotPay:

  1. Log-in to DoNotPay and search for the Manage Subscriptions product.

  2. Provide the name of the subscription service you want to cancel.

  3. Provide your account details such as email address and username.

That's it. After submitting these details, DoNotPay will work on the entire cancellation process of your subscription.

Any Other Subscription Services That DoNotPay Can Cancel?

If you have other subscriptions you want to cancel, such as streaming services or gym memberships, you can also do it via DoNotPay. Other services can include:

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

With DoNotPay, there are several other issues that you can solve besides canceling your subscription. You can use DoNotPay in other ways, including:

Need more details on how we can help you cancel your subscription or on the other services we mentioned above? Reach out to DoNotPay today for more assistance.

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