How to Cancel Aetna Insurance the Easy Way

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How to Cancel Aetna Insurance Hassle-Free

Having health insurance coverage is important for helping the insured person pay for a medical, prescription, and other healthcare expenses. Many individuals carry insurance through their employer or their spouse's employer. Some people may have private insurance, or perhaps they obtained coverage through a government program (such as Medicaid). Whatever the case, it sometimes becomes necessary to cancel or change insurance plans. Maybe you have decided to join your spouse's insurance, maybe you qualify for government insurance, or you have another reason to cancel your current insurance policy. If you are in this position and are wondering , DoNotPay is here to help you understand the process.

Canceling Your Aetna Insurance Plan

In general, there are two times when you can change your health insurance plan or .

  1. Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is the period when you can change or cancel your insurance plan for the next calendar year. Your employer will notify you ahead of time, but open enrollment is generally in the fall.

  1. Life Changes

Outside of open enrollment, changing your insurance plan is typically only allowed under life changes or specific circumstances. You can generally make changes when:

  • you get married
  • you get a divorce or a separation
  • you have a baby or adopt a child
  • you lose health coverage due to your spouse or domestic partner losing his or her job
  • you lose health coverage due to your spouse or domestic partner passing away

You will need to go through your employer to change or cancel your plan. It is your responsibility to contact Human Resources, your benefits administrator, or the department or personnel that handles employee benefits. They will walk you through the process and should be able to answer any questions you may have.

Contacting Aetna with Questions

Can You Cancel Aetna ViaYes/No
Company Website/ Support Form (or another alternative method)Yes

If for any reason, you need to contact Aetna with questions or concerns regarding the cancellation of your plan, you can contact them in a few different ways.

  1. Log in to your member account
  • Send an email
  • Chat online
  1. Contact by phone - the number is on your ID card

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