How To Create a Homeschool Curriculum Hassle-Free

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Learn How To Create a Homeschool Curriculum With DoNotPay

Homeschooling your child might be the best decision you’ve made, but it is a bumpy road if you’re not well informed. The process is straightforward once you get familiar with the cost, regulations, and other requirements you need to meet.

You should learn how to create a homeschool curriculum in case you don’t find an adequate program among available plans. offers practical tips and an efficient tool to deal with the related paperwork.

Should You Create Your Own Homeschool Curriculum?

Homeschool parents who have started homeschooling their child by choosing a pre-packaged curriculum often realize that these programs are not appropriate for their child. Keep in mind that commercial study plans are a starting point rather than a ready-made solution.

While many parents believe that only seasoned homeschool teachers and educational experts can design a syllabus, that cannot be further from the truth.

You can use available curriculums and tailor a program to fit your child’s needs. By creating a unique syllabus, you will:

  • Make your educational experience more creative and meaningful
  • Save the money you’d otherwise need for purchasing a pre-packed curriculum

How To Create Your Own Homeschool Curriculum

To create a homeschool curriculum, you should take the following steps:

Steps To FollowDetails
Review available curriculumsYou should:
  1. Find out what subjects you must cover
  2. Explore what programs public and private schools use per grade
  3. Ensure your child covers a similar level of coursework and material
Select topicsOnce you get familiar with subjects, you should decide what:
  1. Skills your child needs to acquire
  2. Concepts your homeschooled student must learn and adopt

You should also consult your child on topics they’re interested in and organize the chosen topics into units

Find relevant resourcesWhen you determine what subjects, concepts, and topics you want to cover, you should:
  1. Collect relevant books and other material
  2. Get up to date on areas and topics you need to provide instruction on

Depending on your child’s age, you can find relevant material using:

  • Movies
  • Textbooks
  • Toys and games
  • Videos and DVDs
  • Books and comics
  • Online resources and apps
Join homeschool organizationsYou should become a member of a homeschool association, co-op, or group to:
  1. Keep track of the latest changes to state laws
  2. Get support and advice on curriculums and resources
  3. Join their events, field trips, and other activities to improve the way you teach at home and enable your child to socialize

Research Different Homeschool Curriculums

Before creating a good homeschool curriculum, you should analyze a few available ones to understand what’s required.

The following table presents some popular homeschool study programs:

MontessoriCharlotte MasonKindergarten
PreschoolElementaryHigh School
IndependentCommon CoreCharacter Training
Special NeedsAutismSign Language
GiftedKinesthetic LearnersAfrican American
Literature-BasedAccreditedHomeschooling Without Curriculum

DIY Homeschool Curriculum

When creating a homeschool curriculum, you should also:

  1. Make a schedule—Try to estimate how long you and your kid need to spend on a specific topic and unit. You can decide to cut down or increase hours spent on particular topics, depending on your child’s interest
  2. Plan related activities—You shouldn’t stick to theory but incorporate the topics you’re covering into context. To make the learning process efficient yet fun, you can visit:
    1. Galleries
    2. Museums
    3. Field trips
    4. Community events
    5. Open public school activities
    6. College lectures (dual enrollment could help with this)
  3. Carry out creative assessments—Taking standardized tests is a standard way to assess knowledge and progress, but you can make it more exciting with:
    1. Plays
    2. Artwork
    3. Presentations
    4. Research projects
    5. Essays and stories

How To Make a Homeschool Curriculum Easily

If you’d like to create a homeschool curriculum quickly and easily, you should:

  • Start small—If you’re making a homeschool curriculum for the first time, you should focus on single subjects or even units
  • Be flexible—You don’t have to make detailed plans since they can prove challenging to stick to. Instead, you could:
    • Select some topics you’d like to touch on
    • Skip the ones that don’t work for your child
    • Widen and prolong the units your student shows interest in

DoNotPay Generates Letters of Intent to Homeschool in a Flash

Before creating a homeschool curriculum, you should find out how to withdraw your child from their current school. While the steps might vary depending on the location, here’s a list of requirements you need to fulfill in most U.S. states:

  1. Prepare a letter of intent to homeschool
  2. File the letter of intent with your school district
  3. Notify the principal of your child’s current school of your intent to homeschool

Register for DoNotPay to create a letter of intent to homeschool according to state laws.

Here’s how we work:

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You can also explore our learning center to learn more about home-based education. We offer numerous practical guides to help with teaching at home.

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