Sign Language Homeschool Curriculum—The Best Options

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The Ultimate Guide to Sign Language Homeschool Curriculum

Sign language can be a fantastic subject to teach a homeschooled student. It’s complicated, but learning it brings so much joy and a valuable skill. The problem arises when parents have to find an appropriate curriculum. There are various resources, but not all of them are reliable or provide quality materials.

DoNotPay helps you find the best sign language homeschool curriculum. Not only do we offer a list of great homeschool curriculum providers, but we also teach you all about effective sign language learning.

How Can Your Child Learn Sign Language Within Their Homeschool Program?

There are several options for finding the adequate sign language learning routine when homeschooling your child:

  1. Taking up classes in the local deaf community—Learning languages from native speakers is the best option, so there’s no better way to learn sign language than from teachers who cannot talk or hear. Deaf community members often give free classes, which is an excellent chance to adopt the language
  2. Letting your child attend deaf community events—These activities can be a part of their sign language curriculum. You can get all the necessary information from the local communities, such as the exact dates when specific events occur. They usually include casual hangouts, dinners, coffee time, or other forms of socializing. These events would be a perfect opportunity for your child to practice sign language and make new friends
  3. Learning sign language at church—Google nearby churches that have an ASL interpreter. Many of them also offer sign language classes separately or as a part of the congregation program
  4. Taking online sign language courses from home—Learning from books is great but sometimes lacks important language aspects, such as the opportunity to see the formation of the signs. That’s why digital courses are an excellent teaching resource
  5. Start teaching your child yourself—If you are deaf or know how to use sign language, you can create your child’s curriculum and homeschool them at your place

What Are Some Reliable ASL Homeschool Curriculum Providers?

Whether you want to create a sign language curriculum for your child or fuel up their learning resources, the materials below can make a huge change:

BooksDigital Courses and Resources
  • “My First Book of Sign Language”—Joan Holub
  • “Sign Language for Everyone”—Cathy Rice
  • “Signing Illustrated”—Mickey Flodin
  • “You Can Learn Sign Language”—Jackie Kramer
  • “Don’t Just Sign… Communicate!”—Michelle Jay
  • “The American Sign Language Phrase Book”—Barbara Bernstein Fant and Lou Fant
  • “Talking with Your Hands, Listening with Your Eyes: A Complete Photographic Guide to American Sign Language”—Gabriel Grayson
  • Lifeprint
  • Handspeak
  • Signing Time
  • Sign It! ASL
  • Living Language
  • Rocket Languages online courses
  • ASL for Homeschoolers by Mr. D Math
  • ASL Adventure Homeschool Sign Language Course
  • ASL Virtual Academy

What Else You Must Know About Homeschooling

Taking up sign language classes as part of home-based education is fantastic, but you should first check if you meet specific homeschool requirements. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. If you haven’t taken your child out from a public school to start homeschooling yet, do it on time. This process usually requires submitting a letter of intent to the homeschool district to notify them about the change
  2. Most states have laws that regulate the necessary homeschooling hours. You should calculate how much time you will spend on core subjects and how much time is left for sign language as it’s usually a secondary or facultative subject
  3. You should also consider the costs of various learning materials, such as books, magazines, online courses, and other resources. They are pretty accessible but can be too pricey, so make sure you plan ahead
  4. Since you may not be familiar with sign language or other subjects, someone else may need to teach your child. It’s crucial to get familiar with the available ways of learning and decide which one fits your kid’s needs
  5. Choose whether you want to create your child’s curriculum or entrust it to professionals, such as teachers or the providers/organizations offering ready-made syllabi

How Can DoNotPay Assist You in Creating Your Notice of Intent?

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