The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Secular Homeschool Curriculum

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What Is a Secular Homeschool Curriculum, and Where Can You Get One?

Starting to homeschool your child will require you to make many decisions. The most important one you’ll have to make is deciding on the right curriculum.

If you’re looking for a secular homeschool curriculum, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll dissect this type of curriculum and help you find one in no time!

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What Is a Secular Homeschooling Curriculum?

A secular homeschooling curriculum is not written from a religious worldview and it:

  • Only contains religious discussions from an anthropological perspective
  • Isn’t faith neutral in subjects such as science and history
  • Doesn’t present religious and biblical beliefs as historical fact

Who Is a Non-Religious Homeschool Curriculum For?

Non-religious homeschool curriculums are for parents (religious or not) whose beliefs don’t fit a specific doctrine or they:

  • Believe most religious curriculums are biased and make the teaching about other cultures or beliefs difficult
  • Want a secular curriculum because they want to teach religion as a separate subject from academics
  • Want to use a free homeschool curriculum provided by publicly funded charter schools, and these curriculums don’t have religious materials

Secular Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

To help you pick a secular homeschool curriculum, we’ve taken some of the most popular curriculums and reviewed them by category. Check out the list below:

  1. Complete secular homeschool curriculum
  2. Secular science homeschool curriculum
  3. Secular high school homeschool curriculum
  4. Secular language arts homeschool curriculum
  5. Secular math homeschool curriculum
  6. Secular arts homeschool curriculum

Complete Secular Homeschool Curriculum

The most commonly used complete secular homeschool curriculums are:

Secular Science Homeschool Curriculum

If you’re looking for a reliable secular science homeschool curriculum, check out the following ones:

  • Scientific Connections Through Inquiry (SCI)—SCI is an interactive science curriculum that makes it easy for students to learn by providing pictures, activities, book lists, and more
  • Real Science Odyssey—This is a perfect science curriculum if you don’t have any certifications or a science background
  • Mr. Q Science—Mr. Q is your go-to curriculum if you want materials that are easy to explain and have loads of experiments and science-related notes

Secular High School Homeschool Curriculum

Need a secular high school-level homeschool curriculum? Here are some that you might find useful:

  • Bozeman Science—This curriculum was created by Paul Anderson, an educational consultant who’s been teaching science for 20 years. He provided hundreds of science resources for high schoolers on various topics such as biology, physics, earth science, and more
  • CK12—CK12 is a foundation that provides a vast library of online textbooks, videos, flashcards, and more for high school homeschoolers

Secular Language Arts Homeschool Curriculum

Check out the following curriculums if you want to teach your child language arts:

  • Literary adventures for kids—This curriculum is for you if you want to provide your child with countless easy-to-follow online literary lessons
  • All about reading—This is a program that covers phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension through 20-minute lessons over the required span of homeschool hours
  • Brave writer—Brave writer offers user-friendly materials and online classes to help you turn your child into an expert writer

What Else Do You Need Besides a Curriculum To Start Homeschooling?

Once you decide to homeschool your kid and find the best curriculum, you will also need to obtain a letter of intent to homeschool. Filing this document to the superintendent of your school district will notify them of your wish to homeschool your child. You have several methods of getting one, including:

Hire a lawyerIf you want to hire a professional to draw up the letter for you, be prepared to spend a lot of money on their expensive fees
Write one yourselfWriting one yourself is a viable option, but it’s incredibly time-consuming, especially if you haven’t written a similar document before
Our AI-powered app can create this crucial document for you in a snap, and we can even send it in your stead

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Need more help? We’ll break down the homeschool laws for you and help you start homeschooling, even if it’s the middle of the year!

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