How the Florida Homeschooling Convention Can Help You—DoNotPay Has the Lowdown

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Birds of a Feather at the Florida Homeschooling Convention

Whether you are starting with homeschooling or an experienced homeschool parent and teacher, you can never have enough knowledge.

Conventions allow you to meet like-minded people, gain from their experience and get to know the latest trends in homeschooling. One of the most popular conventions is the annual event in Florida.

DoNotPay takes you through the highlights of the Florida homeschooling convention and shows you what support is available to you as a homeschooler!

What Is Homeschooling All About?

Homeschooling involves taking your child out of the traditional school system and teaching them at home—whether as a teacher yourself or with the help of others.

All states allow you to do this with varying degrees of ease, and most parents who choose this route do so for reasons of:

Homeschooling is becoming ever more popular, but taking the plunge can be daunting—the requirements of homeschooling can be stringent, although some states are easier to homeschool in than others.

Gatherings such as the Florida homeschooling convention are a great way to find out how other parents got through the barriers you are facing and took their children out of traditional schooling.

What Does the Florida Homeschool Convention Deal With?

The Florida homeschool convention ranks as one of the premier events in the calendar and attracts delegates from across the nation.

The convention program includes:

  1. Speakers
  2. Workshops
  3. A trade fair
  4. A children’s conference
  5. Special events


The convention hosts a variety of high-profile speakers from across the world of home education, including:

  • Pedagogical experts
  • Child psychologists
  • Curriculum design specialists
  • Parenting experts


The convention offers workshops on a broad range of topics related to homeschooling, including sessions on teaching methods and the various curricula available, such as:

High school curriculumSpecial needs curriculumAutism curriculum
African American curriculumKindergarten curriculumElementary curriculum
Kinesthetic learner curriculumNature-based curriculumSign language curriculum
Secular curriculumChristian curriculumCommon core curriculum
Literature-based curriculumGifted learner curriculumMontessori curriculum
Charlotte Mason curriculumPreschool curriculumCatholic curriculum

Trade Fair

The convention trade fair features exhibitors from across the world of homeschooling, including:

Children’s Conference

The Florida convention also hosts a dedicated set of events for homeschooled students, allowing them to experience various innovations in teaching hands-on.

This also gives you—the parent—a bit more freedom to get the most out of the mainstream convention program.

Special Events

Special events on the program include a comedy night, appearances by known celebrity educators, and keynote speeches by known homeschool education personalities.

What Other Support Is Available to You?

Conventions are one-off events that can send you away full of inspiration and excitement for the idea of homeschooling.

The reality of everyday homeschooling can soon return, though, so you may need ongoing support to make sure you don’t become overwhelmed by the responsibility of teaching your child on your own.

Most states have support organizations in the form of homeschooling associations or co-ops you may be able to join.

These voluntary groups offer day-to-day support with areas such as:

DoNotPay has a wide range of info on various state homeschooling associations—here are some examples:

IndianaGeorgiaTennesseeNorth Carolina
MontanaMississippiSouth CarolinaPennsylvania

How Can You Get Started in Homeschooling?

You have attended the Florida convention and joined your local homeschooling association, and now you are ready to take the plunge.

Your first step in most states is to let your school authorities know of your plans by sending a letter of intent within your state’s required timeframe.

Most states allow you to begin homeschooling at any time but usually require around 15 days’ notice before you take your child out of school. If you fail to observe your state’s laws, your child may end up being accused of truancy.

Your letter of intent normally needs to include:

  • The name, address, and school grade of the child to be homeschooled
  • Your name and contact details, as well as your relationship to the child
  • The proposed start date of homeschooling

Your school district may need additional details, so it is best to check what is required.

You don’t need to do the legwork of writing your letter of intent, though—DoNotPay can make your life easier by !

DoNotPay Helps You Turn Your Enthusiasm Into Homeschooling Reality!

DoNotPay can help you turn your passion into a homeschooling reality!

We can cover the all-important first step on your road to homeschooling by generating the perfect letter of intent to your school district—you can concentrate on the more important areas of the task!

Here’s what you need to do to get your letter ready:

  1. in your web browser
  2. Click on our Notice of Intent to Homeschool feature
  3. Answer a few questions so we can capture your details

That’s all you need to do—your letter will be ready in an instant, and you can choose to print it or have it sent automatically!

You may need to have it notarized in your state, but this can also be done quickly and easily with DoNotPay’s online notarization service!

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