Mississippi Homeschool Association Support Structures Examined by DoNotPay

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Looking for a Mississippi Homeschool Association? DoNotPay Has the Info You Need!

Deciding to homeschool and then trying to figure out how to do it can be a lonely and overwhelming prospect.

As a parent and teacher, you are in danger of burning out as you try to juggle the demands of your child, working to a curriculum, and staying within homeschooling laws all at once.

Help is available in Mississippi, though, with a support network of like-minded people.

DoNotPay looks at the Mississippi homeschool association setup and shows how it can help you cope with the demands of homeschooling!

What Is a Homeschooling Association, and What Does Mississippi Offer?

Homeschooling associations are volunteer groups that aim to help homeschooling families with:

  • Clarification of state homeschooling laws
  • Startup help
  • Events, forums, and meetings
  • Interaction with state lawmakers

In Mississippi, the largest such group is the Mississippi Home Educators Association (MHEA), which offers a wealth of advice and support for homeschoolers in the Magnolia State.

The MHEA is a faith-based organization, but it does not exclude families that are homeschooling for non-religious reasons.

Among its services, the MHEA offers:

  1. An annual homeschooling conference
  2. A Capitol Day event at the state capitol building
  3. Local affiliated support groups covering 36 of the state’s counties

What Are the Mississippi Laws on Homeschooling?

Mississippi is an easy state to homeschool your kids in.

Whereas many states regulate homeschooling heavily, the Magnolia State imposes few limitations on:

  1. Teaching qualifications
  2. Record keeping
  3. Graduation criteria

Teaching Qualifications

As a parent intending to homeschool your child, you do not have to have any formal teaching qualifications in Mississippi.

If you feel confident in your subject knowledge and teaching ability, you can teach your homeschooled child with no certification necessary.

Record Keeping

Mississippi does not require you to keep formal records of your child’s schooling, achievements, or attendance.

It is a good idea to keep track of your child’s progress with a yearly portfolio, though, as this will enable you to:

  • Spot any education gaps and close them
  • Re-enroll in public schooling if necessary
  • Apply to college more easily after high school graduation

Graduation Criteria

Although your child must attend school—either a recognized schooling facility or a homeschool—up to the age of 17, you can determine your own criteria for graduation.

You should align your graduation requirements to the public school system and your school district’s expectations, though. By doing this, you can make sure your child can fulfill the entry requirements of the college they plan to attend.

How Can You Choose a Curriculum?

The MHEA offers a wealth of resources for choosing and planning a curriculum for:

  • Elementary schooling
  • High school
  • Special needs education

Your choice of curriculum should depend on your:

  • Child’s learning preferences
  • Experience and ability as a teacher
  • Budget

To set up a curriculum, you need to understand the Mississippi educational framework and the requirements of the state Subject Area Testing Program (SATP). Once you are clear on what needs to be taught, your curriculum choices are:

Curriculum OptionsExplanation
Designing your own curriculumIf you are confident in your abilities as an educator, you can design your own curriculum and lesson plans, with the advantage that you:
  • Are free to choose the subject matter you want
  • Can mix teaching styles and methods to suit your child
  • Can engage outside help on subjects you don’t feel comfortable teaching
  • Have the freedom to plan timetables according to your availability
Purchasing a curriculum packageNumerous suppliers offer curriculum packages for every school grade and many special circumstances. A pre-designed curriculum package means that you:
  • Can be certain that the required subjects are covered adequately for your child’s grade
  • Have all the resources and support material you need to teach

Pre-packaged curriculum teaching does limit you to a specific learning approach, though, so you should be careful that the educational methods you choose will get the best out of your child

How Do You Start the Homeschooling Process in Mississippi?

You can start homeschooling in MS at any time of the school year, but you need to make sure you comply with state laws on homeschooling.

Before you take your child out of school, you need to signal your intent to homeschool by sending a certificate of enrollment—effectively a letter of intent—to your school district or private school.

The deadline for sending the certificate is September 15 each year, but you can also send it at any time during the school year. If you neglect to send the notification, you will be given ten days to rectify the situation, after which your child may be deemed guilty of truancy.

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