Is the North Carolina Homeschool Association for You? DoNotPay Answers!

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Should You Join the North Carolina Homeschool Association?

Do you intend to homeschool your child in North Carolina? If so, you’re in luck because NC is one of the easiest states to homeschool due to various support groups and the North Carolina homeschool association.

DoNotPay will tell you all about them and help you decide whether you should become a member or not. We can also help you figure out what your homeschool hours should be, which subjects you should pick, and how to excel at teaching. Check out our knowledge base to learn whether someone else can homeschool your child, when you can start homeschooling, how many homeschooled children end up going to college, and whether you need a teaching certificate.

What Is the NC Homeschool Association?

Founded in 1984, the North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE) has been advancing legislation and making it easier for families to homeschool without heavy government involvement. The association provides resources for families, helps them get started, and turns their homeschool journey into a breeze. Their mission is to:

  • Encourage families to homeschool by providing them with essential info
  • Connect homeschooling families and groups all over the States
  • Protect North Carolina citizens’ homeschool rights

Does the NC Homeschool Association Have a Curriculum?

The NCHE doesn’t have a specific curriculum or methodology for homeschooling. Instead, they encourage their members to share their curriculums and methods with other teachers and parents.

What Does the NC Homeschool Association Offer?

The North Carolina homeschool association provides various activities and features, such as:

What the NCHE OffersDetails
Annual conferenceThe NCHE organizes an annual conference called ‘The Thrive!,’ which occurs in Winston-Salem in late May. It features:
  • National and regional speakers
  • Workshops
  • Activities for teens and alums
  • Children programs
  • Book fair of over 45,000 ft
Flagship magazineThe association has been publishing the Greenhouse magazine for 37 years. In the magazine, you can read about homeschooling methods, success stories, and important news for students and parents. It’s available in:
  1. Print—mailed to the NCHE members and gifted to NC legislators
  2. PDF—available for download on the NCHE website
  3. Online—published weekly on the official website
Legislative watchThe NCHE monitors state and national legislation for any changes that may restrict people’s right to homeschool. They also support any positive legislation
Athletic commissionThe NCHE athletic commission offers various sports, such as:
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cross country
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Fencing
Graduation servicesThe association hosts a state-wide graduation ceremony for high school seniors. They also print a distinctive homeschool diploma
Social media pagesYou can find the NCHE on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest, and participate in homeschool-related conversations
Field tripsThe NCHE organizes state-wide field trips once a month in different parts of North Carolina

How Much Does It Cost To Be an NC Homeschool Association Member?

Anyone who wants to join the NCHE can do so by paying $5 or more. The only requirement for joining families is to abide by North Carolina’s homeschool laws.

Are There Any Homeschool Groups in NC?

There are various homeschool groups in North Carolina, including:

As Facebook is the primary platform for these groups, you should create an account if you don’t have one already.

The main benefits of joining a homeschool group in NC are:

  • Field trips
  • Park days
  • Geography, robotics, 4H, and other similar clubs
  • Curriculum and book exchanges
  • Email loops and Facebook groups for information sharing
  • Organized athletic events
  • Opportunity to socialize and meet new people

Whether you decide to join the NCHE or one of the homeschool groups in NC or not, you will need a letter of intent to homeschool your child. With it, you notify your school district’s superintendent of your wish to take your child out of a public or private school to homeschool. If you , obtaining and forwarding this letter is a piece of cake.

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