Fill Your Tank and Your Wallet With DoNotPay’s Tips on How To Check Your Shell Gift Card Balance

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How To Check the Shell Gift Card Balance the Easy Way

Fueling up is an expensive chore only made less onerous when somebody else is paying for it.

Shell gift cards are used by friends, family, and employers as a reward or thank you but quickly get depleted to the point that they lie forgotten in a drawer.

If you know this scenario, DoNotPay can help—here are our tips on how to check the Shell gift card balance and use any money left!

Shell Gift Cards Give You the Freedom of the Open Road

Shell gift cards are available at any of the over 14,000 Shell filling stations nationwide. They can be used to buy the following at Shell outlets:

  • Fuel
  • Goods
  • Services

Shell offers two types of a gift card, namely:

  1. Single-use cards
  2. Refillable cards

Single-Use Cards

A shell single-use gift card can be used multiple times until its value is depleted. If you are using a single-use card for payment at the gas station, it may not work if its value dips below $1. Once its value is spent, the card cannot be reused.

Single-use Shell gift cards are available in denominations between $10 and $300.

Refillable Cards

Shell Refillable gift cards can be reloaded as often as you need and personalized with your photo. There is no expiry date, and the cards incur no charges if they are unused for an extended time.

You can reload a Shell refillable card with up to $300 worth of credit on several vendors’ websites.

Where Can I Check My Shell Gift Card Balance?

Here are the options to check a Shell gas gift card balance:

In storeEvery time you use your gift card at a Shell filling station, your remaining card balance appears on your receipt
OnlineYou can check your remaining balance online by entering the 19-digit number on your card
By phoneShell has a balance inquiry line on (800) 300-8113 that guides you through the process with voice prompts

The worst-case scenario is that you check your balance and realize you have almost nothing left on your card. If it is refillable, you can reload, but many single-use cards are thrown away or forgotten once the balance is nearly depleted.

DoNotPay has a solution, though—we can help you put your remaining balance to good use!

What Can I Do With a Few Dollars Left on My Single-Use Shell Card?

If you have a small amount left on your single-use Shell gift card, you don’t need to consign it to a drawer and forget about it.

There are several ways to redeem cash for unspent money on your used gift card, as follows:

  1. Card kiosks
  2. Card exchanges
  3. Online card purchasers
  4. Direct from the vendor

Card Kiosks

You can find card kiosks in many grocery and department stores. All you need to do is insert your gift card, and the machine will make you an instant cash offer for it. Bear in mind, though, that the offer may be significantly below the true balance on the gift card.

Card Exchanges

Online card exchanges will swap your Shell gift card for a card from another vendor. While this sounds like a good way to get something you would prefer, you may find your options limited and your Shell gift card undervalued.

Online Card Purchasers

There are several websites that offer to buy your Shell gift card. Similar to the above services, you should only expect to get between 85 and 90% of the true value of your card, though—this is how such sites make their money.

Direct From the Vendor

In a few states in the U.S., you can get cash back from the vendor on small amounts remaining on gift cards.

The states that have such a cash back policy are:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • New Jersey
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Connecticut
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont

This option is also available in Puerto Rico.

Most of these states limit you to a maximum of $5 that you can redeem as your cash back—if the residual value on your card is higher, the vendor is not obliged to pay you.

The bad news regarding this method is that you have to claim your cash back by:

  1. Being in one of the states that have a cash back policy
  2. Going to the nearest Shell outlet
  3. Explaining the law to the cashier

The good news is that DoNotPay has a way to wherever you live!

How Can DoNotPay Help Me Convert My Card Balance to Cash?

As always, using DoNotPay is fast and effective—we are the experts at making your life as simple as possible!

Getting cash back on your Shell gift card is as easy as filling your tank—here’s what you need to do:

  1. in your web browser
  2. Go to our Cash Back on Gift Cards feature
  3. Give us your card details

We will check where you are located. If you are in a state with a cash back policy, we will forward your request to Shell for them to process. If you are somewhere else, we will find a Shell station in a cash back state and send your request there.

You should receive your money within 14 days.

Is Shell the Only Company DoNotPay Can Help Me With?

We can assist you with a fast-growing list of gift card vendors, and we can even show you how to get free gift cards from some of them. Here are some of the gift cards we can help you redeem for cash:

SubwayStarbucksOld NavyVictoria’s Secret
Dunkin DonutsiTunesBloomingdalesPetsmart
Office DepotIkeaWendysRoblox
Papa JohnsDairy QueenTaco BellPublix
WalmartTGI FridaysBanana RepublicAutozone
CostcoStaplesSearsForever 21

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