Wisconsin Notary Services From A to Z

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All You Should Know About Wisconsin Notary Services

Notarizing a document means confirming the validity of the signature by a notary. Their signature and seal are essential for various procedures.

Before you start searching for a suitable notary in the Badger State, you should learn how these public officials operate. We will explain all about Wisconsin notary services and give you special tips for drafting and notarizing your contracts in a snap!

What Notarial Acts Can Wisconsin Notary Publics Perform?

The primary responsibilities of Wisconsin notary publics are:

How Much Can a Wisconsin Notary Public Charge?

Section 140.02(9) of Wisconsin Statutes defines the maximum fee for notary services in this state. These costs are listed in the table below:

Notary ServiceMaximum Fee
Oaths and affirmations$5
Promissory notes$5
Witness or attest a signature$5
Oath or affirmation verification$5
Copies$0.12 per folio

Where Can You Look for a Wisconsin Notary Public?

Before finding a notary in Wisconsin, you should determine what notary services you need. Depending on circumstances, you can opt for:

  1. Regular notaries who perform notarial acts within various companies and financial institutions or run an independent business. Having your document notarized by them requires an in-person meeting in their office
  2. Mobile notaries who travel to their clients’ locations, which means you can meet them at your home, office, cafe, or in any other venue. In most cases, you must pay their travel fees
  3. Electronic notaries who require your presence in their office but only notarize digital documents using a digital signature and stamp
  4. Online notaries offer their services via video meetings. Wisconsin is one of 28 states allowing online (remote) notarization. The signer doesn’t need to show up at the notary office because everything is done in a virtual environment

Once you decide on the service type, check out the following research methods:

  • Determine if banks, insurance companies, law offices, or real estate companies near you offer notary services
  • Google the notary category you need, i.e., mobile notary Wisconsin, online notarization Wisconsin, Wisconsin electronic notary, etc.
  • Use notary locators on online platforms—123notary, Notary Public Stamps, the official website of the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, etc.
  • Comb through local yellow pages

What Does the Notarization Procedure in Wisconsin Entail?

Here are the phases you must go through during the standard notarization procedure in Wisconsin:

  1. Booking an appointment with the chosen notary
  2. Verifying your identity by providing a valid identification document, such as an ID or passport, and answering specific questions
  3. Confirming that you are signing the document voluntarily and that no one forced or intimidated you into doing it
  4. Confirming that you aren’t under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medications and that you are mentally stable
  5. Signing the document in the presence of the notary
  6. Obtaining a notary’s signature and seal

Even though Wisconsin Statutes don’t impose notarial journal entries, it’s recommendable for a notary to keep records of all signed documents.

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In case you need notary services outside Wisconsin, here are some useful guides from our vast knowledge base:

City-Specific Notary GuidesState-Specific Notary Guides

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