How To Notarize Any Document With a Notary in Austin, TX

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Book an Appointment With a Notary in Austin, TX Without Hassle

Getting your documents notarized can be time-consuming and complicated. Many states impose different rules and procedures.

To know what to expect of a notary in Austin, TX, use DoNotPay as your guide. We offer explanations of various notary services you can pick.

Our app can also schedule your appointment with an Austin notary and help you get your documents notarized!

What Documents Can You Get Notarized?

You are legally required to notarize specific documents, especially the ones defining rights or containing financial transactions. Check out what documents you can and cannot get notarized:

Can Be Notarized (Non-Exclusive)Cannot Get Notarized
  • Photographs
  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Copied or faxed signatures
  • Documents that are not complete and have blanks
  • Documents with names not matching the name on the ID

Although not all documents need to be notarized, it is advisable to do it since notarization confirms the signature’s authenticity on documents.

Prepare for a Visit to a Notary in Austin

Notaries are people appointed by the government to perform the notarization process. They:

  1. Ensure signature authentication
  2. Defer fraud by verifying and confirming who the signer of documents is

A notary cannot notarize your documents if:

  • The signer is absent
  • The notarial certificate is not complete or is blank
  • The document includes missing pages or blank spaces
  • The signer seems confused or under the influence of substances
  • The signer cannot be identified using a valid government-issued ID
  • The document is not original or does not have the original signature of the signer

You should not expect notaries to provide advice on how to complete or create a contract or any other document. If you need advice on this matter, to use our feature or get in touch with an attorney.

Common Fees of a Notary Public in Austin, TX

The state sets maximum fees a Texas notary public can charge you. We provide an example of some general notary services and fees:

Notary Service

Possible Fee

  • Protesting a bill or note
  • Protesting in additional cases
  • Certified copy
  • First signature per person
  • Administering an affirmation or oath
  • Swearing a witness to a deposition
  • Apostille first document
  • Single loan closing (including a 15-mile journey)

If you would like a notary public to come to your office or home to provide a notary signature, you should make an appointment with a mobile notary.

How Much Does a Mobile Notary in Austin Charge?

You can expect the following prices if you ask a mobile notary to show up at a convenient place to notarize your documentation:

  • Travel
  • After business hours or over weekends
  • Emergency events
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Airport
  • Prisons
  • Detention centers

Notary fees may vary, so to avoid any surprises, you should inquire about the precise fees before you make an appointment.

Go on a Search for a Notary in Austin, TX

If you are looking for a notary in Austin, you can use various platforms to locate one that is suitable for your needs:

  1. The Texas Secretary of State Notary Search feature—Enter the ZIP code, county, or any other suggested piece of information and click the Search Active Notaries Only button
  2. 123Notary—Type in Austin in the search box
  3. American Society of Notaries—Enter the ZIP code
  4. Notary Public Stamps—Type in Austin or the ZIP code

You can opt for other ways to find a notary in Austin, TX, including:

  • Visiting a nearby bank, financial institution, or law office
  • Going to a branch of AAA or UPS
  • Choosing DoNotPay to handle the entire notary procedure for you

DoNotPay Locates a Remote Notary Public in Austin, TX

Isn’t it frustrating when you have to waste time in traffic rushing from a law office with a stack of documents to an appointment with a notary public? You do not have to do that any longer!

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