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How To Find an Oklahoma Notary as Soon as Possible in the Sooner State

If you’re required to get a document notarized, such as an affidavit or power of attorney, you should get familiar with what types of notaries there are and how much they charge. The most convenient method of notarizing documents is remotely, but does Oklahoma allow remote online notarization? Get your Oklahoma notary answers and in a flash!

What an Oklahoma Notary Public Does

When notarizing documents, Oklahoma notaries can do the following:

  • Attest copies
  • Execute protests
  • Witness or attest signatures
  • Certify an oath or affirmation
  • Administer oaths and affirmations
  • Take acknowledgments and proofs

Oklahoma notaries can perform notarial acts anywhere across Oklahoma. They should keep a detailed record of performed notarizations. This is especially important if they need to testify or prove they notarized your document.

The notary record should contain the following:

  • Date when notarization took place
  • Type of the notarial act
  • Document type
  • Name and address of each signer
  • Signer’s identification type (e.g., a passport or a government-issued photo ID)
  • Section for notes and charged fees

How Much Does Notary Service in Oklahoma Cost?

In Oklahoma, notaries cannot charge more than the set notary fee. Here are the prices you can expect:

Notarial ActNotary Fee
JuratsUp to $5 per signature
AcknowledgmentsUp to $5 per signature
Verbal oaths and affirmationsUp to $5 per signature
Remote online notarization$25
Official absentee ballot affidavitNo charge

If you want a mobile notary, you will probably need to pay more because they can also charge for their travel expenses.

What Types of Notaries Are There?

You can find various notaries in Oklahoma, such as:

  1. Regular notaries—offering in-person notary service
  2. Electronic notaries—performing in-person notarial acts with electronic documents
  3. Mobile notaries—visiting their clients to perform a notarization
  4. Online notaries—notarizing documents remotely using an online platform and video calls

There are also notary signing agents, but they typically only notarize loan documents.

Can a Notary Public in Oklahoma Perform Remote Online Notarization?

Yes, they can, with certain requirements. Not every notary can perform an online notary service, but they have to apply to become one. Once the Secretary of State grants the authorization, they can start notarizing online.

Besides a computer, webcam, and an internet connection, an online notary needs to have a digital certificate with their electronic signature, a digital seal, and a journal. Oklahoma online notaries must be in OK, whereas the client can be anywhere in the world.

What Does Online Notarization Look Like?

During remote online notarization (RON), the signer needs to be present. The notary and the signer should see and hear each other in real-time via a video call. One of the most important parts of online notarization is identity verification. The notary can identify the signer by:

  • Personal knowledge
  • ID
  • Oath of affirmation from a credible witness
  • Multi-factor authentication—credential analysis and identity proofing methods available on the RON platform

Once everything is in order, the notary can notarize a document and add their digital signature and seal.

How Can I Find a Notary on My Own?

You can google or use various websites, such as 123notary,, and Notary Public Stamps, to locate a notary in your area. You can also ask around or check whether the following places offer notary services:

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