How To Get a Proper Michigan Notary Service

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Follow a Few Simple Steps To Get the Best Michigan Notary Service Fast

Michigan notary service is available to you online at any point because Michigan is one of the U.S. states that has made remote online notarization permanent. Finding the right notary and platform for this can be tricky, and this is why we came up with the best solution.

You can use DoNotPay to get a notary stamp and signature in a few minutes, and our app will do almost all the work. DoNotPay will help you learn how to notarize documents, including wills, diplomas, affidavits, car titles, and many others.

Why You Should Notarize a Document

Notarization of documents is not a requirement, but it helps validate your document or a copy of one. Document notarization rules aren’t the same for every state, so before going to a notary, you should contact them and check whether they can notarize the contract you have.

Some of the documents that you might want to notarize include:

  • Trusts
  • High school diplomas
  • High school transcripts
  • Real estate deeds
  • Wills
  • Affidavits

Why Is Online Notarization a Better Option Than the In-Person One?

If you’ve never been to a notary’s office, then you probably aren’t familiar with all the bureaucratic hassle that comes with notarizing documents in person. The process takes more than a few days, and it requires a lot of energy-consuming errands. You can also opt for a mobile notary, but for some people, it's an unnecessary cost.

The steps you need to take to notarize a document in person involve:

  1. Finding a local notary public’s office, a AAA branch, a bank, or a UPS office
  2. Making an appointment several days ahead
  3. Collecting all the necessary documentation
  4. Going to your in-person appointment
  5. Proving your identity using any type of government-issued ID
  6. Confirming that you’re in the right state of mind and aware of the content in the documents you need notarized
  7. Paying the notary fees
  8. Signing the documents in front of the notary public
  9. Waiting to get the notary’s stamp and signature

How Much Can a Michigan Notary Service Cost You?

Notary fees will depend on whether you’ll be visiting an office, opting for a mobile notary, or doing everything online. Check out the fees in the table below:

Notary ServiceCharges
Notarial act$10
Mobile notarizationN/A

How To Get the Michigan Notary Service by Yourself Online

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, online notarization was made possible by the following states:

In Michigan, online notary services are available to you through various platforms, but how can you be certain that they won’t burn a hole in your pocket? Although the process is super quick when you use such platforms, they will cost you a fortune. The steps to notarizing your documents online in Michigan are:

  1. Sign up for the service
  2. Connect with a notary and schedule a live video call
  3. Confirm your identity during the video call and follow the notary’s instructions
  4. Download the notarized document or send it to another party via email

How To Avoid Administrative Hurdles With DoNotPay and Notarize a Document Quickly

DoNotPay has created the quickest, simplest, and most user-friendly product that will help you notarize any document. If you want to get your documents notarized in a flash, all you need to do is and do the following:

  1. Find our Notarize Any Document product by typing the keyword into the search box
  2. Upload the document you need notarized
  3. Provide an email address
  4. Tap on Continue and wait for DoNotPay to do the work

We will send you an email containing a link that you can use to schedule an appointment with your online notary. The notary will verify your identity during the online video appointment. Once they do that, they will seal your document with their stamp and signature.

As you can see, DoNotPay will guide you through this process in the least time- and energy-consuming way. Our platform is also cost-effective—for a small monthly fee, you get access to all of our features!

DoNotPay’s Another Fantastic Service You’ll Love

We have another product that you might find useful—. Since you need to create a document before notarizing it, you should use our nifty tool after you .

To generate any of the contracts we offer, you need to provide us with some basic information about yourself. After that, our AI-powered app will get to work, and you will get a tailor-made document in the blink of an eye!

Here are some of the contracts and agreements DoNotPay can create for you:

  • Operating Agreement
  • Lease Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Non-compete Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Bill of Sale Document

After you’ve created the document, DoNotPay will help you notarize it. You can do all of these administrative errands from the comfort of your home, thanks to our revolutionary app.

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